Undercut Hairstyle Men Ideas 55+

Casual Undercut

As far as the back is concerned, it relies on how your hair grows and how it looks. To make the hairline look more natural, some people prefer a bit of a taper. Others want a straight line to be easy.

Colorful Spring Undercut

Talking about artistic colors, this is a spring-festive blend and match. It is a mixture of yellow daffodil and purple violet in lively colors that speaks of joy and being positive.

Comb Over Disconnect

This is an undercut comb, as the name indicates. You’ll need some item to make your hair last through the day, such as hair wax and additional hairspray. Don’t miss the comb.

Contemporary Chic Disconnect

You can also use them to create yourself look more contemporary and trendy when talking about accessories. Study catwalks as well as Instagram accounts and renowned trendsetters to see how they wear and style themselves.

Copper Red Undercut with Short Beard

Copper is the color that for the first moment in a few decades has been able to push rose gold off its high chair. In everything, from clothing to shoes to hair colors and accessories, we had to see it shine.

Curly Undercut

The same logic applies if you coiled curly hair on a daily basis but don’t want the trouble to deal with the long version of it. This sort of haircut makes the best of both worlds possible for you.

Thin Hair Disconnected Haircut

This hair masks the issue that most people of a certain era seem to experience. Shave or trim the sides and back as much hair as you can.

French braided haircut

Here’s a trend we enjoy and we’re looking forward to trying ourselves. It’s an undercut with a French braid colored with some teal insertions in an amazing metallic platinum blonde. It can readily be the color of your summertime.


Undercut for Boys

If your little kid likes to sport this trend, then you’re lucky because it’s very simple to make this haircut fit for kids. Set the childish mood by using his favourite colors as well as a set of chunky spikes.

Blonde Highlights

One of the most innovative ways to update your hairstyle is by adding some blonde highlights. However, we must urge you once again to leave this to a professional’s hands and not to do it at home yourself.

Undercut with Dreads

This haircut requires that the bottom half should not have a fade. In other words, a brief haircut, not tapered, should be the reduced component. If you want, you can choose a two, a three, or even a bald shave, as long as it is on all sides. Here’s one for afro-texture:

Afro-Textured Undercut with Man Bun

The man bun was previously mentioned in this article, so here it is. In its moment, the classic guy bun has seen a lot of discussion, making it the decade’s most famous hairstyle. That didn’t stop people wearing it anywhere, though.

Blue Undercut

Non-natural colors are a large hit and with a disconnect they work incredibly well. By now, funky colors are a significant trend, it’s no secret to anyone. In reality, so much so that cosmetic companies from the drugstore have come up with fresh alternatives to kill your hair at home.

Brush Top

Another resurgence, this time from the s, emerges in the form of the top of the brush. If you dye your hair and add a disconnected haircut to it in a non-conventional color, you can really pass it off for a contemporary hairstyle.

Disconnected Undercut with Finger Waves

Finger waves in the s have been common among men’s hairstyles, and have stayed so to this day. They are sleek and classy, which implies that with an elegant suit you can wear this haircut version.

Dreamy Undercut

If you have a traditionally beautiful face with a chiseled jaw and square characteristics, this is the haircut for you without issue. It’ll make you look completely balanced, making you look nice and innocent.

Elegant and slick Undercut

This is evidence that this haircut can be worn anywhere, including at the office or for company conferences. Not to mention that if you’re the groom or for a similar special event, it can be your choice.

Green and Graffiti Decal Undercut

If you want to give it some edge, you can have something in the bottom half of this haircut. For instance, this is a mix of green hair on top and some old-fashioned lines of graffiti on the bottom.

Green Disconnected Undercut

Don’t be scared to use your hair to demonstrate off your creative side. Like your clothes and accessories, it can say a lot about you and your story as well as send a message. Choose a color of the hair that best represents you.

Hard Section Disconnected Undercut

A difficult section is a sort of hairline that your stylist or barber can offer you using a razor. On the correct side of that beautiful clump of spikes you can see it, which is also a very interesting take on the disconnected undercut.

High Asymmetric Mohawk Disconnect Undercut

Asymmetric haircuts are in and this coiled mohawk disconnect is amazing. Simply amazing!

High Top Pompadour Disconnect

This is an optimal hairwist on the pompadour with a very wild backward-looking fringe, forming an especially acute and edgy-looking angle with the back of the hair.

High Top Slick Back

This disconnect version is maintenance-wise on the other hand of the range. It will take quite some time in the morning to build that elevated hair wall, but when you walk down the road, it will all be worth it, and everyone will notice you.

Hipster Messy Long Undercut

Leave it to the hipster subculture for hairstyle and creativity. With this one, it’s all in the accessories. Notice the wonderful earrings, the ring of the lip and the sunglasses that finish the appearance.

Icy Blue Haircut

Hello, summer hairstyle. This icy blue hair color reminds you of a warm summer day Slurpee with additional ice on top. Get any shade or flavor you’d like and don’t forget to remain cool!

Layered Disconnected Undercut

Long and Messy Top

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, don’t be scared to demonstrate off and use this wonderful haircut as much as you can. Grow your hair and dye it like this flower in a lovely pastel color.

Long Hair Disconnected Haircut

As earlier mentioned, this haircut does not have a predefined hair length. You can grow it out as much as you want without worrying that it will no longer be considered a haircut disconnected.

Magenta Undercut

Vibrant colors are not always simple to get by yourself at home. They are the result of mixing one or more shades more often than not. Therefore, if your heart is set on it, it’s best to leave this one in your stylist’s hands.


Sometimes less is more, especially if the sweet, boy-next-door look is what you plan to achieve. All you need is a casual undercut with a messy top and that’s nice for you to go.

Messy Undercut

The same applies to messy tops. All you need is some hair wax. Take it in your hands ‘ palm, spread it by rubbing your hands together and passing your fingers casually through your hair until the required outcome is achieved.

Front Curl Undercut Middle Row

This one comes to you directly from the Wackowski brothers ‘ fresh film. If you have piercings, bonus points!

Mohawk Disconnected Undercut

As far as the ear is concerned, most people wearing Mohawks recommend you to ask your barber to lift your hair around the ears to prevent it from growing and covering them. However, it’s not a rule. When it grows out, it just doesn’t look nice.

Pineapple Texture

This is what occurs when boys with their hair become really creative. Here’s how you can turn your undercut separated into an apple. Drag lines and patterns throughout your scalp with your stylist and then shape the top like a fruit.

Platinum Blonde Disconnected Undercut Straight Hair Forward Sweep

This platinum blonde undercut is amazing and as additional as possible. The contrast of the disconnect looks is even more improved because the hair is straight and sweeping forward.

Platinum Sideswept Undercut

You can choose any color you want, whether natural, non-traditional or evenbraided, length or haircut style you want. The simple rule is that if there is no product, the long part overlaps the short half.


Cool as it gets cool. I enjoy the way the top portion moves so much across the sides. The sunglasses from Ray Ban just finish the look a lot more.


Slick Back Haircut

This is an absolute trend right now if you’re in low-maintenance hair slick back.

Slick Swept Back Undercut

If you have that luster on your hair, the casual swept-back undercut works wonderfully. As Ash Stymest (pictured) has some sort of a diamond face, it really helps to bring out that cool disconnect.

Spiky Undercut

All sections of the lower half, left, right and back must be the same size. It must begin where your sideburns end, next to your ear, and stop where lengthy hair begins. All hair here has to be of the same size and spiky, of course.

Stormy Waves Undercut

Sometimes the details are all about the design. If you have red spiked chestnut hair and blue eyes through it, make sure you wear as much blue as you can. Both your hair and your eyes will be highlighted.


The top part must be significantly longer than the bottom part. Again, there’s no way to tell how long. This is up to you. However, if the hair has no product in it, the brief bottom half can be reached and covered. That’s it, you’ve got a teen disconnect now.

Textured Disconnected Haircut

It is not difficult to add a certain texture to your hair, particularly if you have thick locks. Just remember to ask your barber to leave for a smooth transition between the two components some longer strands in the back.

Brad Pitt

One of the first and best known males we’re here to dissect is Brad Pitt himself. He wore it in Fury’s film and made headlines completely. Around the globe, scores of males hurried to copy it.

Classic Undercut Disconnected

A classic undercut disconnected comprises of two components. As the name indicates, in order to qualify it must have a disconnect and an undercut. To ensure that you are on track with this trend and tell your barber precisely what you want, let’s deconstruct both components and see their requirements.

Undercut Gyllenhaal



Image CCO to Marlene Leppänen through ‘s Pexels Trending Content!

This style is one of today’s most popular undercuts. Sporting an epic-looking undercut back needs the hair of a man to be held long enough to smooth it back.

With a buzz cut on the sides and back with some clippers, this undercut look begins. The buzzing finishes at the temple level. The slicked back undercut’s classic version is flat while the more contemporary version has some volume. Some have mixed these two styles into a more exciting thing.

The next part is to make sure you have enough hair to start styling it backwards. We suggest using the correct hair products to keep an entirely polished look. Matte hair mousse or a thicker hair gel, respectively, will offer an old-school or contemporary look to a person.

Textured Brush Back Undercut with Long Beard

Image CCO via Pixabay Masculinity radiates throughout this mixture. The undercut’s stylish look is enough on its own, but the beard’s roughness produces a look that catches the attention of anyone.

The textured brush back is created to bring down that voluminous look with short layers on top. This is mostly used by the same clipper to trim the beard for a streamlined finish, but this mainly applies to a shorter undercut.

With this look, upkeep is definitely something to keep in mind, as the whole package may need one or two fixes. Wax or pomade hair may not always have to be styled, but any person with an ounce of grooming sense understands that beard and mustache wax will save beard health live. We can’t possibly stress how in the finished product this comes out alpha male.


Image CCO to RoyalAnwar via Pixabay When barbers begin to work on an undercut, they tend to search for a particular visual point around the top of the temple. That portion is called the haircut line disconnected, and this line marks the barber from where to clip. This undercut style is named after the absence of distinctly long to short hair, making the transition especially stylish.

To get a better concept of where to disconnect hair, it’s best to let the hair grow to about two inches. It is important to keep an eye on the line once the clippers start their work around the head so it stays even.

A good2-inch cut on top gives a very nice, uneven aesthetic to the undercut. Routine maintenance on the undercut is recommended so that the uneven lengths between the top and sides remain noticeable. If the hairstyles of pompadour and quiff meet in between somewhere, you will discover the undercut separated there.



Undercut Faux Hawk

Harry Styles

Undercut Faux Hawk


Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, an internationally renowned soccer player, is just one of the many well-known men around the world who embraced the undercut. With a slick back and a suit, he looks dapper and elegant.

Zayn Malik

Let’s end our thoughts list with two former members of the decade’s most beloved boyband. The first is Zayn Malik, who has always been a fan of the undercut disconnected because it matures his extremely finely sculpted characteristics a little bit.

Top Knot Disconnect

Nevertheless, even if the disconnect is now the season’s biggest star, that doesn’t imply you should forget other large hits from the past, like the top knot or the man paddle. Especially because when put together they look so nice.

Undercut with Braids

Man braids were one of the most notorious hair patterns to arise in the center of the s. They went right after the guy bun and the top knot, bringing the whole world into another heated discussion about their value for styling.

Viking Undercut

Warrior braids showed bravery and victory in the Viking fight. The longer and more sophisticated your braids, the more enemies you should have conquered. Alternatively, he lost an significant conflict when a Viking shaved his head.

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Wavy Disconnected Undercut

The word disconnected implies that the bottom half and top portion of this hairstyle must be of entirely distinct lengths.

Welcome to It doesn’t matter what lengths you choose, it’s up to you because there’s no predetermined hair length. To be deemed disconnected, they merely have to be distinct. Here’s a great idea for wavy hair kinds:

White Blonde Forward Sweep

Extreme blondes were the rage of the season. It’s been all about colors like arctic, milk, iceberg, and white platinum as the world waves goodbye to the ancient shades we’ve all been wearing.