66 Mens crop haircut

Many men decide to leave one hair strand longer than the rest to further boost the edge of their haircut.

French Arched Crop

Don’t you know if you’re up to a mohawk? Rest assured–you have your back on the arched French crop. Go for a rounded approach instead of tapering your hair down to a V-shaped back. It’s very similar to cutting a bowl, but without the long tips all around.

Asian French Crop Haircut

Whatever your cultural background, we guarantee that the French crop will look devilishly good. Do not hesitate to leave your bangs longer if you have finer hair. Alternatively, to complement their features. Asian men with thick hair can opt for a shorter cut.

Basic Crop with Taper’


Caesar Cut

Caesar’s world-famous cut is almost the French crop’s little brother. Sure, it’s been around for a long time, but the overall length of it stands out, like the Roman ruler from whom it was inspired. If you want a little maintenance-free haircut, you should choose the Caesar cut.

Caesar Cut Crop with Short Beard and Descent Cheek Line

Casual Haircut

You can rock a low-key haircut and still be the person everybody turns their heads to see when they walk into a room. It’s all about how confidently you carry yourself, and that could just come from a casual haircut. When you watch an online tutorial, you can even pull this one off at home.

Close Cropped Haircut

A close-cropped haircut will always prove you’re a fine grooming guy who knows something or two. We insist that you work with the top barber in your area to get the beautiful result presented in the image below. It may cost you a pretty penny, but in the end you’re going to look spectacular.

Colorful French crop

We’re all about avant-garde hairstyles, especially if the bearer has artistic tendencies. Choose an unexpected color for your hairstyle, such as steel blue, if you feel creative. Moreover, to complete the look, you can add a shaved design and even an asymmetric detail.

Fade Crimson Hair Crop

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Crop Cut with Brow Length Fringe

Cropped Mohawk

Mohawk hair is funny, edgy, and honestly much more functional than most guys initially thought. If you set the stereotype of the freedom spikes to the side, you will see that even if you have short hair, you can rock a mohawk. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having a hairstyle that may come off in some situations as inappropriate.

Curled Up French Crop

Do you fall into the exact category opposite? Skip the side sweeping in favor of curled up bangs is an alternative for you. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, it helps, of course, at least at the tips. If so, you’re going to have a much easier time getting ready for the morning day.

Curly French crop

Curly hair is remarkably versatile, contrary to what some might think. In fact, in terms of styling options, they are probably even more generous than those for straight hair. A slightly longer yet layered top with the French crop will allow your natural curls to style themselves basically.

Fauxhawk Curved Crop

Dapper Haircut

A dapper haircut is never too early or too late. You’re sure to be the most stylish person in your friends group once you do that. The secret lies in the design to get that dapper charisma. Set aside a few more minutes each day to ensure all of your locks are swept into place methodically.

Disconnected French Crop Undercut

Few haircuts have a higher visual effect than the undercut disconnected. Just look at it, come on! We can’t deny that it’s certainly a declaration that can be used to express themselves by unconventional boys. If you’re a real rebel in your core, begin demonstrating it with your hairstyle too!

Dyed French Crop Haircut

Extra Wavy Hair Fringe with Side Descending Crop

Focused Bangs

Using a wide-tooth comb and a small quantity of product, rake the front and center of your bangs towards the center of your forehead.

French Older Men’s Crop

All in all, your age should never prevent you from wild with the haircuts you’ve always wanted. We support it readily as one of the most fashionable hairs as far as the French crop is concerned. If your natural patterns of graying look like those pictured below, the cropped cut will look even colder.

French Crop Haircut for Black Men

‘ While afro-textured hair may often be restricted in terms of haircuts and styles, this is not the case for French crops. Getting the haircut with a near crop looks great on textured hair, particularly if you want to end up with a box fade impact.

French Crop Haircut for Boys

It’s all about attitude with boys haircuts. And what better way to allow them to express it than a crazy cool haircut? Remember that spiky hair is most probable on their list of styling preferences when selecting the correct cut for a kid.

French Crop Haircut with Long Bangs

On the other side, if you are looking for an edgier look, you can choose longer bangs. They will not only make you look more mysterious, they will also add contrast and definition to your entire hairstyle. They’re also a clever way to hide a big forehead.

French Crop Tapered Haircut

If a fade appears to be too much, take a more conservative strategy with a tapered haircut. The cropped top falls into a flattering silhouette for any face form by trimming down the sides. Before deciding precisely how far to go with your taper cut, consult your barber.

French beard crop

Another reason the French crop is sought-after is its capacity to work with any beard shape. Whether you’re looking for finely-cut stubble or a full-on biker beard, we guarantee the haircut will look great with it. A short, full beard like the one presented below is a style with which you can’t go wrong.

French Crop with goatee

Full beards are not the only facial hair types that supplement French harvest haircuts. With your fresh’ do, you can look into a variety of goatee that looks just as amazing. For some, a chin strap may be enough, while others with an elaborate Van Dyke goatee would love to rock theirs.

French crop with highlights

If you’re ever bored with your French crop or want to spice it up from the start, highlights are a good concept to remember. You can either choose natural colors such as blonde or caramel, or use neon green to go over the top. The selection of color is yours, and we understand that you will nail it.

Low Taper French Crop

Sometimes all you need is a low taper to really squeeze your whole look together. It’s even more discreet than the low fade, because you’re not going to totally shave down your sides.

French Crop with Parted Bangs

The French crop haircut’s beauty lies in the multitude of styling options available to you. While some people prefer to be straight and combed, others look much better in one manner or another with their bangs divided. Go for parted for a rebellious atmosphere.

French Crop with Shaved Design

An extensive haircut guide can not be approached without reminding you of shaved models. Even though they are subtle, shaved details are a great way to achieve a truly distinctive haircut. There is no limit to the opportunities!

French Crop Front Curl

Who believed rockabilly and Euro-chic could work together so well? Sporting your French crop with a lengthy front curl is another new experiment you could try out. The hairstyle mix is pumped with boldness and attitude, not to mention that it is on point aesthetically.

Full Bangs

The French crop is a look that is extremely adaptable to the needs of all individuals. You can choose to cut and style them as you like because of the longer bangs. For example, fuller bangs stretching from one temple to the other give you a grungy edge that you’ll love to show off.

High and narrow French crop

In fact, the traditional high and tight haircut is an essential component of the French crop. The haircut includes shaving everything until you reach the top parts of the head, as the name indicates. For males who want to accentuate the length of their face or generally produce an elongated illusion, it is a great option.

High French Crop Fade

You will see the French crop coupled with a fade nine times out of ten. We will show you several ways throughout our guide that you can integrate the component into your haircut, beginning with the heavy fade. It is certainly the way to go for a more spectacular appearance.

Intricate French crop

Show your character with a one-of-a-kind haircut as imaginatively as possible. Essentially, all about the hairstyle glows with originality in the image below. You can say how much the man wears it, and you will certainly not discover a precise replica on any other man.

Long French Crop

Do you appreciate being mysterious about yourself? By sporting a French crop with longer hair, amplify your enigmatic atmosphere even more. You can even go as far as casually dropping your bangs over your eyebrows. However, we suggest that the longer top be combined with a taper fade cut.

Low French Crop Fade

Fade with the French crop–as low as you’d like! If you’re drawn to a skin fade idea but don’t want to overdo it, it’s precisely what you need to have a small fade. It’s also a killer concept, like the model in the picture above, for boys with head tattoos.

Medium French Crop Fade

We have a balanced choice to satisfy the requirements of most males to continue our French crop fade thoughts. A medium fade just hits the correct mark–not too flashy or too subtle to notice. If you want to add a detail that’s going to create a big difference, it’s for you.

Messy Forward Swept, Faded Side Crop

Messy French Crop

Indeed, some of the coolest-looking ones are as chaotic as they can be. You should have no issue getting that irresistible chaotic allure every moment as long as yours is sprinkled with layers.


Peaky Blinders Haircut

Ah, Peaky Blinders, what an impressive historical drama (not to mention a stylish one as well). Tommy Shelby, the primary character, boasts a mean French crop and inspires people of all ages. It shows just how timeless the advanced haircut really is. Welcome to

Piecey Bangs Haircut

Piecey Bangs Haircut

A piece of haircut, based on the heavy use of layers, demonstrates you are not one to be messed with. When choosing piecey for the top portion of your hairstyle, feel free to combine it with the most enjoyable fade haircut.

Reverse Arch

We’re used to seeing the haircut we’ve raved about with the same length all around or getting longer towards the middle. However, the variation of the inverse arch is bound to impress you equally. Consider keeping your bangs shorter with an upside-down crescent moon contour in the center and longer on the sides.

Short BowlCut

We couldn’t have been ready for this year’s huge return. Fortunately, most contemporary assumptions do not include the painfully awkward shape that our parents put through us as children. Instead, a brief cut of the bowl will make you look like a hipster (the nice guy) who has together his life.

Short Crop with Decal

Short French Crop Haircut

Most people who intend to get a French crop have a comparatively small amount of French crops. However, in the first location, you will need a strong basis to work with your barber. We, therefore, suggest that you allow your locks to reach a few inches long before you make your appointment.

Side-Swept French Crop

Try the fundamental side-swept strategy if you are leaning to the quiff as a styling option but are not entirely persuaded. Rather than pushing your bangs all the way up, comb them softly to the side. Use tiny quantities of hair product to twist strands between your fingers into jagged shapes for an additional piecey look.

Simple Messy Crop with Stubble

Skin Fade French Crop Undercut

By now, we have covered an amount of undercut hair and fade haircuts for French plants. The skin undercut fade, however, is on an entirely distinct level. The best way to bring the spotlight on them if you have super dense locks is to go completely beaten down for the bottom of your hairstyle.

Slight Fringe Crop Haircut

Smoothly Styled French Crop

The importance of such haircut layers can not be stressed enough. Without them, apart from your standard hairstyle, you will have a relatively difficult time arranging your hair in any other manner. You can twist each piece of hair into the sleek place you want if you get plenty of layers.

Straight and Spiky French Crop

Take what you like and produce your own blend when life hits you with indecision. For instance, leave the lower portion directly and spike the top instead of selecting just one style. Ta-da!

Subtle Cropped Haircut

We understand how subtly many of you are when it comes to haircutting. As a consequence, we have an attractive and simple to keep discreet cropped haircut. The lavender dye is optional, of course, but it might add to your appearance a pleasant private touch.

Temp Fade French Crop

It is crystal clear that the temperature fade haircut flatters virtually any man, regardless of the shape or texture of his face. It’s clean, classy, and a sign that the way you show up is really important to you. Throw a French crop into the blend and you will certainly have an admiration-winning hairstyle.

Textured French Crop Quiff

Only one haircut has been made. You can only imagine what happens when a show-stopping hairstyle brings together the best of both worlds. Simply upward and side style your locks for the charming outcomes!

Textured FrenchCrop with Side Bangs

Overall, some of France’s most effective haircuts all have one element in common–texture. Using layering can slide your entire hairstyle into a whole fresh coolness category. The more layers in your haircut, the better as a rule of thumb!

Smiling Crop with Superb Fade