Undercut back slicked designs

Cute Choppy Bangs

They look very cute with the fancy styling design of the top locks on the haircut. They also have an incredible texture on the sides and a subtle skin fade.

Classy and layered V-cut

V-shaped cuts are very adorable, but this one takes things a little further with a simple brush back to create a layered look and a smooth, bald shave on the sides.

V-Shape Crop Cut

If you want to replicate this adorable haircut, click your strand to create a V-shape on the back. The thick bangs on the crown should be swept back and then trimmed to form a V-shape and a skin fade below them as well.

Feathered Clipper Cut

An undercut also makes every hairstyle look amazing and has a beautiful skin fading and a hard part line in this model. And you’ll have a fantastic headdress if you combine this with the feathered clipper cut bangs on the crown.

Sexy Man Bun

Man buns are as beautiful as any hairdo to make you stand out. You only need to leave a few long locks on the crown to create a fancy one like this, pull them to the center of the head and tie them in a tight bun.

Sexy Blonde Top

The only negative thing about hair slicing is that most people look the same. But if you spice up yours with a blonde hue on the crown and a smooth tapering on the arms, you can be sure to look special.

Finger Combed Layers

If you’re not sure what to do with your long, bulky and dark hair, just give them a high taper on the sides and leave a few long locks on the crown. And to finish the look, you only need to comb the strands on top with your fingers and push them back into layers.

Scruffy Brunette Pompadour

A brunette pompadour such as this one can not be noticed because it looks majestic. It has a scruffy look that comes from pushing back and slightly layering the long textured bangs on the crown. Also on the edges, you should have a smooth fade as it helps spice up the overall look.

High and tight Brush Back

Instead of having a traditional high and tight look, you can make yours special by brushing the strands back and spicing them with a beautiful fading skin on the sides.

Neat and tapered

Anyone capable of replicating this haircut and styling can be sure of a refined look and top notch. It involves leaving on the crown some smooth and chic strands to style with a front upsweep and brush back. Then you should finish the look on the sides with a simple skin taper.

Easy Brush Back and Taper

This hairstyle can be easily replicated by anyone. This involves leaving on the crown a patch of thick, textured strands and tapering the edges. And if you combine this with the big beard, you’ll look beautiful.

Effortless Faux Hawk

This beautiful false hawk hairdo doesn’t have to be created much. It’s enough to have a simple undercut on each side in a small portion and leave some long strands in the middle. But with a simple brush back, you also need to style the long strands.
A sliced undercut back is a modern haircut that combines short tapered or faded sides on the crown with some brushed back strands. You can add some texture or color to the top strands to spice them up or on the undercut portion you can also add some razor line and pattern. For all face shapes and hair types, this funky hairdo works. Below is a picture gallery of this amazing style with variations.

Undercut and Tuck Back Slick

Modern men’s haircuts are all about imagination, a perfect example. It has a smooth undercut, but the design highlight is the long straight and brushed back strands with a simple tuck back.

Wavy Top and Tapered Sides

On the front of this haircut the upswept wavy locks look incredible. But without the side parts and the skillful tapering on the sides, the style wouldn’t be complete.

Skillful tapping and layering

This haircut is a typical undercut sliced back design, but it looks very distinct. Its distinct appearance comes from inventively tapering the strands on the sides and leaving a few longer ones on the crown that you should style by pushing back into subtle layers.

Fancy and Modern Pompadour

It’s hard to think it’s a pompadour because it doesn’t look like the traditional one. This one has a few long textured strands on the crown that should be brushed with a back brush and finished on the sides and back with a bald fade.

Fashionable Disconnected Undercut

This is one of the main reasons why it is so famous. This particular one involves leaving on the crown some beautiful blonde locks and then tapering the sides to create a disconnected look.

Soft and loose Summer Bangs

The first thing that will catch your eye is the golden blonde highlights on this haircut as they give the strands a beautiful shade. Such loose bangs, however, also have an innovative style of the brush back and a stunning fade on the sides that makes them look sexy.
Magnificent Mane and Beard

This haircut has nothing to do with because it’s a plain smooth back with an undercut. The skin fade on the sides, however, provides an outstanding disconnection with the facial strands to create an appealing overall look.

Sleek and trendy

They look very cute with the wet look of the long locks on the crown. I also have a creative styling that includes sweeping some sides and back to the front and the rest. To create a disconnection with the facial whiskers, you should also give the undercut sections clean skin fades.

Zero Swept Back Undercut

Cool Silver Gray Bangs

Silver gray is a fresh, unique color that makes the hairdo look great. The look is a smooth undercut and the silver gray bangs you can style by sweeping over the undercut.

Zero Fade on Wavy and Messy Slicked Back Design

It’s easy to achieve zero fade, but if you can get it right, it will make a big difference to your style. This brings a little depth to the wavy and messy brushed back hairs on the crown in this haircut.

Undercut Blonde Bangs

You can never go wrong with blonde locks and they have a beautiful faded undercut and some textured bangs on the crown that you should style by sweeping back into messy layers.

Layered Side Locks

The layered bangs on the crown that look beautiful, particularly if your strands have a beautiful volume and texture, but you can be sure of an exquisite appearance if you give them a side part and a nice fade on the sides.

Finger Combed Waves

If you have a beautiful haircut like this, you do not need to use any finishing product. This involves leaving on the crown some wavy locks and tapering the edges. And you just need to finger the locks to the back to finish the look.

Tidy Skin Fade on a Slick Back

The undercut is not just about cutting short sides because if you want to look trendy, you also have to give them an inventive fade. In this design, it has a skin fade that also adds a fantastic hairdo to the brushed back blonde locks on the crown.

Gelled and Slicked

This hair’s performance gel makes all the difference because it makes it easy to sweep the strands diagonally and neatly back. This haircut also has a few tapered sides that combine to create a beautiful design with the brushed top.

High Bald Fade

Without a high bald fade, this hair would be a typical slick back, as there is no other fancy. This fade, however, gives it some class and makes it look very fashionable as well.

Golden Slick Back

Color can also make an enormous difference to your headdress, and this style proves that without doubt. Here the design preserves on the crown some wavy strands and on the sides an undercut. The addition to the strands of a stunning golden brown hue makes the haircut look very cute.

Fancy Brush Back Undercut

The fade on this undercut is incredible and it incorporates a very cute look with the feathered bangs on the top.

Blonde Bangs

This look is highlighted by the blonde shade of the bangs at the top. I also have an innovative style that not only sweeps them back but also slightly sweeps them.

Wavy Taper Cut

The best thing you can do is to have a long wavy top in many respects. It has a simple brush back design in this particular style and a smooth taper on the sides creating a very stylish look.

Trendy Slick Back and Taper

Not only has the hair brushed back, but it looks very trendy as well. There is also an elegant taper on the sides that makes the hairdo look quite trendy.

Light Locks with Buzzed Sides

You can spice it up with a unique buzz model like this headdress instead of giving your undercut the usual taper or fade. The top locks have a lovely, light feel as well as a basic layered back comb.