Haircut Traditional Hard Part Ideas

Textured Messy

Two things that make it stand out are the perfect texture of this style and its messy appearance, but astyle would not look as good without outline below the top hairs. Although it is not quite large astripestill succeeds in bringing out the contrast between the two hair grades.

Sleek Doubled

This hairstyle features two amazing double lines, one of which is shallow or gentle while the other is deep. The first oneis held on top just after the crown hairs while the other line was rasped about two inches from the ear on the sides.

Waves Part

The wavy maneuver is easy to style because it looks beautiful in its natural state, but the part made in this style helps make the waves look more amazing. The side’s dark stripeon also helps distinguish the waves from the fading sides and back.

Low FadeExcellence

Low fade is one of the most common short haircuts for men and although they all look the same, one side will make yours special. Since the hair is very short, the line has to be very deep for it to be visible and to maintain the look, it will be necessary to redo it regularly.

Blurry Fade

Blurry fade haircuts look good for African American children due to their hair and skin tone texture, but it can also be worn by adults with similar tone and hair. Although it looks beautiful as it is, adding the sides of a strong stripeon makes it a sophisticated hairstyle.

Wavy High Bangs

Texture and intensity are the two aspects in this haircut that make bangs stand out. They are very long and thus form a high wavy top when bangs are styled while the sides are trimmed but not very similar. A parting line about three inches from the front is then placed on one side to differentiate two layers of hair.


Classic haircuts are amazing especially when done by a skilled and experienced barber and this one with a rough sideline shows this. Even though in this cut the size, style, and hair product are important, ahard part is probably the most important thing to get this designright.

Bangs Line

It’s a brilliant idea to give bangs a part to make them more awesome. The bangs are kept in the top section in this look while the rest of the head is tapered. Then a rough stripeis between the bangs and the tapered sides and back was added.

Mohawk Freestyle Part

Mohawks always make a great haircut and can be worn on nearly any hair type, but the biggest weakness is that they look almost the same. However, by introducing two freestyle curvy part lines on the side, the particular haircut attempts to make this popular style unique.

11Doubled Traditional Contour

Modern haircuts often try to do things differently and are quite experimental as well. In this slice, two lines are razor-shaved in a unique way as they are not identical as they do not begin or finish in the same place, unlike in other cuts. They create a unique pattern that can give to a very slow haircut some energy.

Extra High Pump

The pompadour in this style may not be as high as other high-top cuts, but in comparison with other pompadours it has an extra height. The other thing that makes ahairstyle fantastic, apart from nice styling, is acreately shaved curvy sideline.

Clean Line

Pompadour has some undercuts in this haircut, but equally good accurate and long contouris. Unlike in the traditional parting, the line extends all the way to the back of the head, making it a beautiful deign as well as separating the pump from the rest of the head.

Curly Top Beard

This style of hair is easy to work with when it comes to shaving and grooming. In this style, curls are held at the top and a deep contouron on the side is given to the maneis. Below it, there are fading streaks and there is also a long beard to complete an amazing look.


It is not always important to use the razor to produce a beautiful side as this design demonstrates that the same look can be accomplished with the braid. Long hairs are left on top in this fashion and are then braided into a long Viking braid. The braiding makes the haircut look more beautiful and produces a circle around the top hairs.

Crew Cut

In this crew cut, the hair is longer than the traditional cut, but this is not the only thing that makes the haircut unique. Nearly in the middle there is a deep sideline, and apart from making the cut unique, it also makes styling after the shave easier.

High Parted Faux Hawk

To create this hairstyle, there are so many styles that come into play. The idea behind it is to make a unique slick back faux hawk, which is achieved by using a high sideline stretching from the front to the crown. This haircut is a good example of how versatile haircut sidelines can be.
When it comes to hard part haircut, men have almost unlimited choices, especially if they get their hair done by a professional. And as more and more designs start to enter the market, there are also some popular ways to improve these new hairstyles, and this hairdo is top of the list. Itis rasped with the razor. Although most people think that the solid line is a minor part of a haircut, it would seem very dull to the look without it. And as more men discover on their manet the beauty of this hairstyle, there are more ways to cut it now than any other time. The 85 below are perfect examples of how you can have it on your own.

Curvy IncompleteLine

The best hairstyles are hairstyles that do not stick to abnormally or conventionally. In this haircut, in contrast to the traditional straight line, ahard line is not only incomplete but also curvy. The incompleteness brings to the haircut some freshness and individuality.

34Short Double Designs

There’s little fancy about the comb over hairstyle since it’s plain and simple but what makes it an interesting hairstyle is the two shaved lines on the side. They are strong but very short and on the low fade section of the haircut they create a nice pattern.

Crisp Pomp Line

Pompadours are traditional haircuts that have been around for decades, but most of them always look the same. Through adding a crisp contour around the pump, you can make yours special. When separating it from the shorter side and back hairs, the sideline helps ensure that the pompadour is the main focus of astyle.

Part Fade

In this haircut there are so many things that look fantastic but what most people’s eyes are likely to catch is the shaved line. The side part stretches from the front to the crown, distinguishing the high wavy top from the fading sides. The contouris is very detailed, and this shows a professional was doing it.

Midnight Silver with Side Braids

To destroy the hair is a simple way to make it look amazing, but most people still struggle to choose the color. This haircut shows how charming a man can look with a perfect choice of color since the silver at midnight looks perfect on the longer hair. Then the long maneis twisted into a man’s bun, then split into two side braids.

Sliced Short Haircut

A large quantity of a premium hair product must have been used to make it as good as it is finished. The deep side stripe adds an important dimension to the style apart from the well-done slick, and finishing the look is crucial.

Messy High Top with Short Beard

You’ll hardly find any other hairstyle as eye-catching as this professional cut. In the top section there is a long messy and voluminous body, while the rest of the head is blurred to the same degree as the perfectly trimmed facial hair. To add a modern touch to an already stunning haircut, a small in length but deep contouris also shaved on one side.

9Shaved Perfection

Everything is perfect in this hairstyle and the neatly trimmed facial hairs also seem to add to perfection. Also given a hard sideto separate it from the beautifully done fade.


Try something new with your hair to get a hairstyle that works best for you. The diagonal parting and the facial hairs that are symmetrically shaved combine very well in this cut and make the messy top look more attractive. Remember that the diagonal portion is shaved far below the top hair in this fashion, but there is another shallow line above it as well.

Disconnected pump

The disconnected pompadour is one of those types that will make you stand out and never go out of the fashion if you get it right. It is improved in this particular hairstyle by giving on the near shaved sides some hard lines. Unlike many other styles, it is not a simple line stretching from the front to the crown, but rather an intrinsic pattern of many deep razor shavedcontours.

Hipster Trim Pump

This is a great hair style that anybody would like to wear, but it couldn’t look good without the side line. The hard line allows the hipster pompadour to be formed and also helps to differentiate between the two strand grades. The contour also makes it possible to sweep the hair in two different directions.
Deep Crown Bun

Crown man bun is a unique idea that should be pursued by people who like to hold buns. Instead of pulling longer top hairs into a bun, however, you can make the look more appealing with a line running around the crown hairs to distinguish them from the shorter hairs below.

Styling of

32Sharp Like the Arrow

This haircut is very basic but still stands out and can be compared to a solid line that has been cleanly shaved. In the long top of the lookthe is cut like hairstyle in an almost pompadour and the rest of the hair after the portion is tapered.

Solid line pattern

This haircut pompadour is perfectly finished and enhanced by a hi-low fade. It’s the solid line patterns on the sides, however, that make this look remarkable. Two straight lines are shaved on both sides and go all the way back to create a stunning pattern where they are joined together.

Sleek Spiky

Spiky haircuts are always beautiful, but the beauty of this particular haircut proves you can take this popular look to a whole new level with a little creativity. Long shavedline stretching all the way back makes all the difference, making the fade look more cute as well.

Thin Parting

Although it is thinner than what you would find in other hairstyles, the sideline in this haircut is still very detailed and visible. It’s suitable for people who want the hard part but don’t want a very long line on their hairstyle.


You don’t always have to be straight to look good on a haircut. You can also look great and special with a curved line extending from the middle of the hairline to the crown. This style of parting looks great, especially on short haircuts.

Voluminous Top

Skin fades are used to complement other hairstyles, but they steal the show as they are perfectly done in this deep contourhaircut. Although the high and voluminous crown hairs look great, many people will focus their attention on the skin which fades below the surface.