Types of roofs for terraces

Types of roofs for terraces - different models with photos

Nowadays we all know that a house cannot start with the roof, but in order to build a house, the material and type of roof to be used must be taken into account in order to create a resistant structure according to our needs. personal. The same happens with the terraces of our home, for example, if you are going to put a roof on it, it is also an important part of the construction and you will have to know how you want it and what exactly you want.

And it is that currently you do not have to settle for a simple and classic wooden roof for your terrace. Today there are many new materials that can make your life easier both in maintenance and in the simplicity of installation and, in addition, ensure that your pocket is not too damaged. You will have to think about the most affordable options for you taking into account your budget and, above all, keeping in mind what you want to achieve in this part of your house. If you want to know some durable, inexpensive materials that also stand out from the rest of your neighbors’ terraces, do not miss the details of this oneHOWTO article about the different types of roofs for terraces.

Roofing for terraces made of wood fiber

If you want to have a feeling similar to wood on the roof of your terrace but without the need to use real wood, or that you have to spend so much money on this material and its installation, you can take advantage of wood fiber, a composite made of small wood fibers and resin that is very stronger, stronger and more durable than wood.

These fiber boards are fire resistant and also resistant to moisture, and to top it off they are cheaper than real wood, something your budget will greatly appreciate. Fiberboard planks can be heavier and are not held together with screws like real wood. But this fiber comes in many different colors, thicknesses and textures, something that will be great for you so that you can choose the one that best suits you taking into account your construction needs.

Types of roofs for terraces - different models with photos - Roofs for terraces made of wood fiber

Rubber roofing for terraces

If you want a light, resistant and also cheap material you cannot stop thinking about rubber as a possibility to put on the roof of your terrace. Think of rubber as a final material on the outside surface of your roof. The rubber roof it can allow you to obtain a surface that is easier to install and also easier to maintain.

The rubber is stainless and weather resistant, and to top it off it is also very resistant to daily wear and tear. For the construction of a terrace roof you can find many types of rubber, different types of texture and with excellent handling. Also, if you are one of the people who want to take care of the environment, then you can opt for this purchase because you can get rubber from recycled products.

Metal roofs for the terrace

There are several reasons why you may be considering installing a roof using sheet metal. Yes the roof of your terrace It is not covered, you may need a sturdy material to withstand rain, snow, sun and other natural forces. The metal it is a resistant element and hardly needs maintenance. Corrugated sheet metal is also easy to purchase, easy to install, and inexpensive. Remember that you will have to choose one that is stainless, otherwise you will have to pay more attention to its maintenance.

Types of roofs for terraces - different models with photos - Metal roofs for the terrace

Polycarbonate deck roofs

Polycarbonate It is a material that is increasingly used for outdoor structures, such as roofs for terraces or porches. The advantages of this material are that it is easy to install, some are already prefabricated and you only have to install the entire roof structure and that, in addition, they are like glass but more resistant, so they let light pass through and see through they heaven.

Which of these four types of roofs for the terrace do you like the most? So from now on you can think of an affordable option for your pocket, suitable for your home and that also has excellent results. Do you know any other type of material that you want to share with us?

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