Types of exquisite rasped face

A shaved head is a perfect haircut for men who don’t have much time for their hair to spare. It is a style of zero maintenance and contrary to what most people think there are still many ways to improve its appearance. Having neat and stylish facial strands is the most efficient of all of them. So if you want a clean shave below, there are 25 types that will give you some ideas about how to pair it with a beard to create an elegant look.

1 Clean with Faded Beard

Probably this bald round head would still look good even without the beard. The faded beard in this design, however, spices the design up with sharp lines and will make a man look very masculine.

2 Extra Short Buzz Cut and Stubble

Extra Short Buzz Cut like this one gives you the chance to have some strands on your head as well as low maintenance of a clean shave. And you can be sure of a look that will make you stand out if you match it with your short stubble.

3 Round Bald Head

If you’d like to make your bald round head look cool, you should also have some neat full facial strands like this one. Besides this, the whiskers should also be made dark so that they can create a beautiful contrast with your light skin tone.
4 Square head and goatee

The perfect idea is to rasp your square head as it helps you to show off your symmetrical angles. Like in this model, you should also pair it with a small goatee as this will draw attention away from the fact that your head has no hair.

5 Sweet Ginger Look

Full facial whiskers like these will require a great deal of patience and consideration to grow them out, but once you’ve got them, you’ll look great. All you need in this style is to shave your head bald and then give a beautiful ginger hue to your whiskers to create a stylish look.

6 Neat and Buzzed

This style is perfect for a round-faced gentleman who likes to keep his hairdos smooth and plain. To make it very short, it involves buzzing the hair and also cutting your facial whiskers to the same level.

7 Classy Bald Fade

This cut is the only way to wear a bald head. You should leave some strands on the crown instead of just cutting the strands near the skull and then cut the sides and back to create a classy bald fade style.

8 Natural Balding Look

If you have a balding or receding hairline, it’s the look you’ll get when you give a clean shave to your strands. This cut always looks magnificent for an oblong face shape like this one, and by cutting your facial strands close to shaping the short stubble, you can intensify it.

9 Bald Cap

A round face shape like this would look nice in anything and even if you shave it clean you’ll always look nice. This style is as simple as it can be, and it will also need zero upkeep because on the head or face there is not even a single strand of hair.

10 Shiny Baldhead and Goatee

The shine on this oval baldhead can attract many people’s attention and it comes from spraying or other hair oil. It also has a lovely goatee with a full soul patch, though, and adds some beauty to the style as well.

11 Villain Bald Look

This villain look is very manly and you can be sure of a head-turning appearance if you can recreate it. This means shaving everything on your head and holding a long and full hair on your face because that’s what the villain looks like.

12 Rasped Head with Extended Chin Curtain

Facial strands are incredible and a true definition of masculinity as well. If you have perfect ones like this massive chin curtain, then it would be a good idea to have a clean shave on your head to make sure your adorable facial hair keeps all your attention.

13 Black and Bald

It may be difficult to work with an oblong face like this because only a few haircuts will make it look outstanding. However, as in this design, you can go with a smooth shave and pair it with an extended full facial hair to create a refined look for a gentleman.

14 Growing Out

This look is what you get after cleaning your head and face a few days after shaving. Although you can buzz the hair to this point as well, the best idea is to just shave it all and let it grow to get this look. It is a beautiful look that makes the face of the heart shape look amazing.

15 Sexy and bearded

This design combines a bald head with some chunky full facial hair to create a very sexy appearance. A design such as this one is perfect for hair thinning or receding, as it will help you get rid of it while maintaining a stylish look.

16 Geometric Beard and Clean Shave

If you have beautiful facial hairs like the geometric ones in this picture, you can always be sure of a stylish look. And you just need to give your head a clean shave to build an elegant look with such a beautiful beard.

17 Diamond-faced Stubble

Sometimes you don’t have to do much to build a trendy masculine look. Buzzing your facial whiskers in this style is enough to make your head of bald diamond look gorgeous.

18 Scruffy and Full Whiskers

This style is perfect for men with a round face and a receding hairline. And this is mainly because the full scruffy whiskers help attract attention from the receding hairline and make you look very bold as well.

19 Perfect Line Up

The level of accuracy in shaping these facial whiskers is amazing, and it helps to create a perfect line-up that will make any man look great. Nevertheless, due to the extended position on the chin, this style looks better with an oblong or oval nose.

20 Epic Bald Head and Bearded

In order to look fashionable, you don’t have to keep your hair on your head because a smooth shave like this on your round head will still make you look great. And if you pair it with smooth long stubble, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

21 Vintage Clean Shave

This haircut has an appealing vintage look that makes you look really distinctive. Although the hairline with a sleek trim and some gray streaks recedes the full facial hair, it produces a head-turning style.

22 Cool French look

Because you can still create one with a smooth shave and short stubble, a French look is not always about a moustache. This style can be worn by any man, but it looks best for those with a round or oval face shape.

23 Imperial Moustache and Bald Head

The first thing you’ll notice in this style is the beautiful handlebars. Furthermore, in producing this look, the clean shave of the head is also important because it ensures that all attention stays on your facial whiskers.

24 Great Villain Goatee

Villain looks really cool, but without the right facial hair you can’t get one. In fact, with a goatee beard like this and a smooth shave, you can create a fabulous villain look. And if you’ve got an oblong face like you just need to extend your goatee to create a trendy look.

25 Nice