Types of beard according to the face

Types of beard according to the face

For many men, the beard is a safe bet when it comes to looking more attractive and healthy. In fact, this is supported by a scientific research from 2013 whose most curious conclusion is that, both women and men, perceive that a man with a beard will be a better father than one without it.

However, not just any type of beard blends well with all face shapes. For this reason, from UNCOMO, we want to help you correctly identify the structure of your face so that you enhance your attractiveness to the maximum. Ready to discover the best types of beard according to the face? Take note!

How to know my face type

Determining the type of face is essential to know which beard suits you best. To do this, you will only need a tape measure or a thin cord and a ruler, a paper and a pencil. You can do it yourself in front of the mirror or ask someone to take your face measurements.

  1. First, measure the vertical length of the face from the center of the hairline to the most protruding part of the chin. Write down the measurement.
  2. Now, locate the highest point of one eyebrow and measure from there to the same point on the other eyebrow.
  3. Touch your face and feel the bones of your cheekbones. They are usually below the corner of the eyes. Now extend the tape from one bone to the other.
  4. Finally, measure the jaw from the chin, at its most protruding part, to the angle of the lower jaw bone. This is located under the ear, approximately.

With these simple measurements you can determine perfectly what kind of face do you have And if, in your case, it is better to opt for some type of long beard or for types of short beards that are more suited to your style and your measurements.

Triangular shaped face

If the line of your jaw is greater than that of the cheekbones and the latter greater than that of the forehead, you have a triangular face. They are almost always distinguished by a prominent chin, so it should not be difficult to identify this type of face.

The best type of beard for a triangular face

What is the best beard for a man’s long face? Because the chin is much wider than the rest of the face, the best in these cases is prefer profiled beards. Accompanying the beard with a neat mustache will help you balance your face. You can also use a cropped or stubble style, that is, a fairly trim beard without a mustache; do not forget to cut it every two to five days to keep it in perfect condition.

If you are looking for the best types of beard for young people, you should know that this is one of the most ideal, because in addition to offering a casual and attractive style, it is very easy to care for. On the other hand, the trimmed beard is also a success if you are looking for the best types of beard for bald men.

What to avoid

If the shape of your face is triangular, from UNCOMO we advise you to avoid unkempt hair on the cheeks and a very long beard.

Types of beard according to the face - Triangular shaped face

Square face

Square faces have measures quite similar to each other, although not necessarily the same. Your jaw may look angular, but your chin will never be very long. It is the most common face type among male Hollywood stars who are considered attractive; Brad Pitt, Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer, Robert Downey Jr., etc.

Square face – short beard types

A face like this goes with almost every type of beard; however, the ideal is to try to soften the angles of the face with the help of facial hair. To do this, you can bet on a rounded beard with goatee and / or mustaches or on a balbo or anchor beard, that is, a beard with a very well trimmed mustache that does not come together.

What to avoid

If you have a square face, avoid getting very thick or hairy square beards that can further harden your features.

Types of beard according to the face - Square face

Heart shape face

This shape is just the opposite of the triangular face; the forehead is larger than the cheekbones and jaw, and the chin is often pointed.

Heart-shaped face – long beard types

Just as in women the eyes and the mouth are symbols of femininity, the eyebrows and the chin are symbols of masculinity in men. To firm the chin and make its shape more attractive, facial hair can become your best ally; Go for long and dense beards that can add volume to your face and, if you dare, add a mustache to your style.

What to avoid

In this case, you should avoid small or very thin beards that emphasize the shape of your face and do not add drama to the chin.

Types of beards according to the face - Heart-shaped face

Oval shaped face

In this case, the length of the face is longer than the cheekbones measurement and the forehead is longer than the jaw. Keep in mind that the angle of the chin, in these cases, is usually round.

Beard type for an oval face

The oval face is quite harmonious, so you can try almost any style of beard with little risk of resulting in an asymmetrical or heavy face. For example, a thick beard on the sides and short at the bottom will suit you just as well as the opposite style. Do you want to know how you will look? Adam Levine is a good example of a man with an oval face who can safely sport any type of beard.

What to avoid

The only thing you should avoid in this case are very long knobs, since they would visually lengthen the shape of the face a lot.

Types of beard according to the face - Oval face

Round shaped face

In a round face, the length of the face and the cheekbones are almost the same and are greater than the forehead and the jaw. Also, round faces often have a poorly defined jaw and its angle is very soft, so it is common for these men to want to enhance the lower part of their face more.

Type of beard for a round face

Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron are good examples when looking for representatives with round faces. Because the chins on these faces are quite weak, choosing styles that emphasize this area is an excellent idea. Also, in this way you will look more adult and you’ll lose that boyish effect of round faces.

Bet on growing a goatee and a mustache, either with short beard types or with more populated examples. It can also be a good option to leave the hair around your chin longer than the rest of your beard. If you are looking for the best types of beard for young people, this style is the most suitable.

What to avoid

Wear the three-day beard all over your face as a personal style. Round faces gain a lot from thicker beards, so avoid a uniform beard.

Types of beard according to the face - Round face

Diamond shaped face

It is easy to identify a diamond-shaped face: the measurement of the cheekbones is longer than that of the forehead and the jaw, and the latter are almost symmetrical.

Type of beard for a diamond face

The very shape of the face tells you what to do: to avoid drawing more attention to the cheekbones, make your beard circle around your chin. As Ryan Reynolds shows us, it’s a good face for use profiled beards and keep the hairs away from the cheeks. He, like many other artists, has experimented with his beard, but almost always maintaining a thin or profiled base on the cheekbones. In this article on How to trim the beard you will find a large number of useful tips.

What to avoid

If you have a diamond-shaped face, avoid wearing pointed beards that can further accentuate the shape of your face.

Types of beard according to the face - Diamond-shaped face

Rectangular shaped face

In men with rectangular-shaped faces, the longest measurement is always the length of the face, while the rest of the measurements are similar to each other.

Types of beard for a rectangular face

The thick beards on the cheekbones to subtract length and increase face width They are the best option for long men’s faces, although the truth is that it is a way that a large number of beards can be worn safely. Idris Elba is a good example of a rectangular face, as it shows that also with this shape you can experiment and bet on mustaches in profiled beards.

If you have this face shape but feel that your facial hair is not abundant, this article on How to grow a beard faster will help you find the right remedies.

What to avoid

As it is one of the longest faces that exist, from UNCOMO we recommend avoiding very long and thin beards, as they would create a clear disproportion in the face.

Now that you know which are the best types of beard according to the faceWe recommend you take a look at this article on How to care for your beard, where you will find great tips to show off hydrated and well-groomed facial hair.

Types of beard according to the face - Rectangular face

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