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Google is Giving Out Free Titan Keys to Activists But Not To All of themByBill Toulas-April 27, 2019.739 Activists from around the globe are pleased to be sitting behind superior hardware security 2Fa but not Syrian or Iranian ones. Use sanctions and export controls, tech giants like Google refrained from defending at-risk people. There are still some alternatives, like the Android 2Sv and the YubiKeys, that could work for them. Google allows groups of activists from around the world keep their Gmail account safe and above all private against oppressive governments. Such hardware security tokens operate by offering an encrypted security key as a form of two-factor authentication through the device’s Usb input that hackers can’t circumvent unless they actually steal it. Titan keys are no longer only used as more outlets to protect Google accounts and even Twitter has extended support for them to make them particularly valuable for activists. However, Google is not as generous to all activists out there as they exclude several groups leaving them in a risky situation, according to a Motherboard report. More precisely, activists focused on Iran Sudan Syria Cuba Crimea (formerly annexed to Ukraine) and North Korea can not get a Titan Key. Google is even actively preventing the word from reaching certain organizations about the very existence of Titan keys and instructing activists from other places not to share this information with people from the “blacklisted” countries and regions. Weird as this may sound it is all a matter of the rule of Us. Although we can’t confirm that the 2Sv Android device is operating in North Korea we’d presume it’s a reliable alternative to a Titan key. The SoloKeysYubiKey could be another choice for activists in blocked countries; both Fido2 certified and compatible with Google Facebook and other common platforms and services.