Traditional Mohawk Fade Variations


Silky Copper Brown Hairs with Undercut

Silky hair like this one will make a man feel great and you can be sure that everywhere you go you’ll be the center of attraction. Besides the stylish brown copper strands, the design also has on the sides a beautiful and smooth fade that makes it a beautiful Mohawk.

Punk Spikes and Tapering

If you’re looking for a cool, punk look, try these spikes, but you’ll need a professional barber to get them right. And if you finish them on the sides with tapering, you’ll look beautiful.

Mid Fade Elegance

While this model has some beautiful natural curly textured strands in the centre, the mid fade on the sides makes it look cute as it helps to build a very trendy Mohawk.

Viking Look with Intricate Razor Lines

Viking looks not just about having a massive beard because you can still make a lovely one with such a great Mohawk. And you just need to introduce some intricate razor line patterns on the sides to make your hairdo trendy.
A Mohawk fade is the best style to make you look sleek and sophisticated when you want something. There are infinite styles you can have, and they work for all types of hair and if you’re not sure what to do, you can look for some inspiration through the above hairdos list.

Wavy and Tapered Hawk

Feather light locks on the top section of this hairdo have an exquisite texture and blonde hue that blends perfectly with the natural black tone. The style has an undercut on the side as well as a beautifully tapered cut that makes it look fabulous as well.

Side Swept Band and Undercut

You will also determine how refined you are to look at the long strands in the middle. This design has some long textured bangs to sweep them over the smoothly faded undercut that you should style by side.

Traditional Pompadour Fade Cut

You can also get a polished Mohawk fade from a pompadour, and it’s ideal if you want to maintain a gentleman look. This one also has two line-ups on the sides, but the design’s highlight is still the fade.

Great front sweep and taper

Such a head-turning hair would make a man stand out wherever he goes. The style means that some long textured and spiky strands are left on the crown and the sides are tapered. Then you should look by front sweeping the long strands.

Faded and Lined Up Curls

If you have a natural curly hair and want to wear a beautiful Mohawk, try this famous one. And you only need to have the curls in the middle of the head to create it, fading on the sides and finishing with a regular line-up.

Tall and Neat

This hairdo is a sleek, traditional, close haircut variant. This requires shortening the sides and leaving in the middle a long and tidy body. And you should also have a null fade on the sides to spice things up more.

Classic Tapered Fade

The beauty of this stunning haircut is fading on the sides in an impressive taper ending with an excellent line-up. Due to their front-sweep styling and dazzling dark tone, the silky strands in the middle are also beautiful.

Smooth and Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides

There are several ways of fading hair, and if you want to keep the size nearly uniform, you should go with a buzzed design like the one on the sides of this headdress. And if you pair this with sleek locks on the crown that are slightly stacked, you’ll look fantastic.

Voluminous Pompadour Bangs

A pompadour may be a traditional headdress, but if you sculpt the top locks and make them look voluminous, you’ll look amazing. And for style, all you need to do is coat the bangs slightly by moving them backwards then finish them with a high sides fade.

Few people would say no to a Mohawk as it offers them a simple way to look flawless, if at all. The Mohawk has been around for many decades, but it never seems to go out of trend, and this is due to regular updates, one of the most recent being the introduction of a fade design.

Blonde Hawk with side designs

Short Fancy Mohawk with Perfect Fade

It’s great to shine on this hairdo, and you can use the right hair tools. Besides this, the model also has some intricate short spikes on the sides and a sharp fade that helps create a beautiful Mohawk.

Edgy and Tapered Cut

Short and upswept bangs in the middle of the head have an incredible texture that makes them look beautiful, and if you pair them with some tapered sides, you’ll look amazing.

Crispy and Curly Two Toned Mohawk

Nothing beats natural hair as no haircut can ever go wrong unless you keep things simple. This style includes adding a smooth fade on the sides of a few full two-tone curly strands to create a surprising punk look.

Textured Hawk with Zero Fade

First things that will attract your eye are the size and texture of the long locks on the crown. However, without the zero fade undercuts on the sides and the messy styling of the strands on top, the style wouldn’t be complete.

Spiky and Fun

This headdress is fun and easy to create and can be used by anyone with a medium length. It only involves leaving in the middle some spiky strands and on the sides a zero fade.

Short natural curls with fade

This stunning haircut’s central section retains natural curls that are less than an inch long. Such curls are all the way from the neck’s nape to the hairline and you only need a skin fade on the sides to create the lovely Mohawk.

Exotic Frohawk

This style begins with an Afro textured hair and in order to create this look you should give the strands a classic tapering on the sides and finish with the long top messy.
If you want a funky look or a traditional gentlemen, with this fantastic hairdo you can still achieve it. And you’ll get some ideas on how to create this elegant hairstyle by looking through the gallery below.
Two Toned Mohawk

Some color may also help you to create such a refined look. Only a skin fade on the sides and afro textured middle are needed here to create a beautiful Mohawk. And you should put a brown shade on the lower section of the hawk to finish the style.

Mohawks with

Sponge curls are ideal for African American hair because of their texture. Although they are adorable, in order to look fashionable you still need a good cut and in this fashion, it comes from fading the sides to make a polished Mohawk.

Green Hawk

This hair has a stunning spiky and messy pattern on the crown’s long chunky locks. These strands also have a beautiful green pastel, but what makes this a unique haircut is the fade on the sides.

Textured V-Line with Zero Fade

The only way to create a fancy hairdo like this is by cutting the strands correctly. This style involves creating a backward v-line shape and then giving a beautiful zero fading to the sides.