Modern haircuts for champignons

The mushroom haircut for men is making a big comeback in 2017, famous in the 60TMs and 70TMs. ItTMs a style that, depending on the man, can be produced to look professional or laid back! ItTM is very suitable for younger men and can be tailored to reflect the wearer’s personality. It is created by shortening the sides and leaving the long top. The longer hair curls over or against the shorter hair is highlighted, giving the style a round mushroom shape hence the name!

Dark Razor Cut Golden Highlights

Here we see the œbowl edition of the mushroom cut again. The top hair was used to cover the undercut below for quite a long time.

Icy White Hair with Close Undercut

Here we see a classic version of this style the œbowl form of his pearl white hair (same length all around, with short sides) was cut. The color is pleasing to the eye and draws attention to the theme.

Curly and Neat Mushroom Cut

Men’s mushroom haircut is versatile, so it works well on straight and curly hair, as you can see here. The style shows to perfection glossy, soothing black hair.

Ebony and Sleek Style

Once considered an informal cut, the mushroom style shows how it can be adjusted to fit the workplace environment. The trick to this more professional look is to keep the hair above the ears and eyebrows.

Sleek and Lovely Cut with Shine

Straight hair has the downside of sometimes looking straight, but this cut gives the form and volume of the skin. The result is sultry and mature!

Black and Blunt Cut with Razorcut Underneath

A severe haircut requires serious confidence to be removed, and this is a good example. All around the hair was trimmed to the same length and a razor was used to make the undercut.
Ron Rocks

This style makes Rupert Grint look relaxed and relaxed. The slightly longer cut frames his face, flattering his golden curly tresses.

RazorCut Sides Textured Bowl Cut

This style is close with a high blunt cut all around. The sides have been shaved and there is plenty of volume on top, even though the hair is straight.

New, Open Style Frames Face

This style beautifully frames the face of the young manTM and shows its characteristics. His sandy brown hair was left on the sides a little longer than usual, adding a fringe.

Longer style to frame the eyes

In this 60TMs version of the mushroom cut, the hair extends slightly further downwards and the face and eyes are framed. ItTM is an informal style, suitable for a youth.

Geometric style

This eye-catching, geometric mushroom cut was made by cutting the hair higher than usual and cleaning the hair on the sides.

Choppy Fringe Textured Mushroom Cut

This thicker, choppy fringe fits well on a long face and the hair is cut to cover the ears. The cut adds to his dark brown hair length and texture.

One of the Kind Mushroom Cut

Here we see some longer stretching locks that make the cut very unique. The hair was cut across the forehead and back texture bluntly, and adding bold blue highlights adds drama.

Close Cut Mushroom Style with Shaved Sides

The hair was bluntly cut, quite high up, but it still fits well with the face. There was some texture on the top of the straight hair and the sides were closely trimmed with a razor.

Thick Auburn Hair in Bowl Cut

This sweet brown hair has tons of thickness and texture, but still looks neat. The cut line is just above the ears and eyebrows and is not as blunt as the traditional style.

Quirky Purple Hair with Volume Loads

The hair was cut into a smooth, almost straight line on the forehead that works well with a slightly longer face. HeTMs chose a reddish-purple color and adds height to the look with his wavy hair.

High Bowl Cut with Tight Sides

In this œbowl-shaped version, the hair was trimmed to the top with a razor cut on the sides. The result is a tight, textured haircut.

Extra Green Hairstyle

This young manTM’s haircut is made even more striking by the color he has chosen: a very light mint. HeTMs walked away with a longer and choppier cut, leaving his ears open but dropping onto the eyebrows.

Looking Professional with Feathered, Textured Cut

Here again we see how a more professional look can be adapted to the mushroom style. On the front and sides, the hair was feathered and dropped just above the eyebrows.

Bowl Shape Hazelnut Brown Hair

This style has chiseled features and dead straight hair. Again, with a fringe on top, we see the hair cut to a short length and shaved on the sides.

Black and Blue

This guy has the confidence to wear this style! The sides were cut quite short along the sides and a bold electric blue colored on the hair, with just a hint of black underneath. The effect is spectacular and original.

Shiny and Modern Mushroom Cut

With his sleek and shiny jet black hair, this young guy rocks this style. ItTMs have been cut to frame his head a little shorter and the sides cover the undercut.

Mid-length locks with center parting

In this version of the mushroom cut, the hair was split in the middle and left to hold the face longer. The hair is falling over the ears and the undercut is covered. The highlights are giving the look of Brad Pitt.

Dark Sides with Choppy Blonde Locks

This look has a lot of drama due to the contrast between platinum blonde hair on top and brown on the undercut. With feathering along the bottom, this design has been given a softer look.

As you saw, the haircut of the mushroom is flexible and can be used on curly or straight hair and almost any face shape. It can be designed to look professional or casual and can make it stand out by adding color and texture. So gentlemen, why not ask your stylist to try this cut if you need a haircut? It’s sure to look great!

Short look That flatters the face

Another shot shows the shaved sides of the higher, closer and tighter cut. On the side, the top is black.