Top Box Braids Updo Hairstyles

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Box Braids Updos

Asymmetric side-ups that slide to one side look very suitable in the office or any other setting where you need to look very presentable. The easiest way to do this is to braid an upside-down braid that fixes it sideways and tucks its ends inside. A different story of braided updos is large bulky buns. Some girls like to mount them really high, almost raising them to the hair growth line, although a large bun on the crown looks fantastic as well. You may play with its shape which makes it tighter or messier taller or flatter. A good idea is to split your braids into vertical rows and twist them before a statement bun is shaped. Highlighted box braids spark the simplest braided updos box as they accentuate every twist or curve that attracts even greater attention to your braided mane. The most popular colors for box braids are blacks and dark browns that suit the hue of your natural color, but you can also look very flattering when you see lighter box braids.

Box Braids Half Top Knot

This is a quick and easy way to look in a second. The half top knot style works on most hair types, but due to all that volume it is especially cute on big braids. Separate the top hair segment in the temples twist into a knot and lock with a single owner of a pony.


Pulled Back Box Braids with Beads

Braid updos don’t have to be high and complicated. You can also find a simple way to get hair off your face and out of the way. Take the front braids and pull them back either by loosely securing them with a pony holder or by creating a big braid. Then take the bottom hair and put it on one side.


High Bun Updo

Big braided beads make any extra special hairstyle. Cute beads pop up here and there randomly in a tightly twisted egg. To get this look, flip your head upside down and collect all the braids, then twist them into one big chunk at the very end, putting them in a small pony holder (this makes wrapping easier). Clip the bun on the spot.


Silver Crown Updo

We love box braids in unique colors and silver is a definite highlight. This look will take a little practice but it’s easier than you think. Start near one ear and create a french braid that stretches across your hairline. Keep walking around your head tucking in pieces and grabbing new sections and then hide the end. Begin by cutting hair down the middle perfectly to create pigtails. Then create two thick braids to make sure the hair in the front is stylized. Halfway down, stop the braid and wrap the ends through the braid.


Box Braids in Twisted Crown

Highlighted braids are a sure way to look amazing. To try the side twist, simply twist the braids of your top section and drape the twist on one side of the head pinning it behind the ear.


But looking sassy and stylish couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is make three buns! The trick is to make them the same size, so be careful when you brush your hair.


Box Braids Fantasy Side Braid

Braid updos are extra beautiful when made in fun modern colors. This side twist braid (which looks pretty simple on naturally colored hair) becomes a wonderful Throne-inspired moment. White or gray hair is a perfect opportunity to experiment with new accessories such as hair chains, for example. This girl doesn’t worry about color and we love it. If you’re the party life, consider candy colored shades for box braids (Festival not needed). This highly imperfect side ponytail adds even more to the fun-free style.

Pompadour braids box

High updo styles can be created with long braids. This retro pompadour will expose your inner hipster and add to just about any outfit loads of personality. All you need to do is gather all your hair and braid it backwards (from back to front rather than back to front). Then fold over the braid and shield the end from the edges. 1207.jpg” />

Elegant Swirl Updo

You may be tempted to do a big bun to recreate this updo braids. Don’t! (You won’t get that fabulous swirl.) Create a bun with half of your hair left on the bottom to do it right. Then wrap around the bun and tie the bottom braids.


Vibrant Box Braids Top Knot

With braids in beautiful vibrant colors you don’t have to do much to stand out in the styling department. Purple to fuchsia ombre creates Insta-envy! To get this look put hair in a high ponytail then separate into braiding sections. Next wrap the braids around each other to make the biggest bun ever. Here at the hairline, tiny buns are shaped to create a crown. This super fun look is a quick way to get ready for an event like a concert or a night out. But on a simple day you can certainly rock it too.


Box Braids Faux Hawk

Long braids look beautiful when left down so why not experiment with a box braids updo that gives you the best of both worlds? This style has volume and visual interest coupled with long flowing braids. To make it a half-up french braid by pulling strands up and down so the braid pops up. We’re all about hairstyles without trying too hard (but we also love the complicated ones). All you need to do is match your mood. Simply do a quick ponytail to show off your features and get your braids off your face. Duh!


Twisted Croissant Updo

Croissant (in all its variations) is a favorite updo for girls with box braids. This is basically just a loose twist that has been looped across the forehead.


Box Braids Pigtail Buns

The best updos for box braids have a fun attitude about them. This simple style will instantly raise your confidence. You get to flip long hair and play with the buns in addition to volume. All you have to do is part hair down the middle and wrap the top two sections with a pony holder (or two) to secure each bun.


Half Up Corn Rows and Box Braids

Here’s a crazy look to ask your braider for the next time you go in. You get a fun half up faux hawk with corn rows on the head sides instead of all over.


Electric Blue Updo

Lovely! That’s a big blue shade right? This hairstyle involves some twisting and deliberate splitting, so you can play around and see how it works best. In the front you can create a twisted pompadour and then wrap the hair back and forth from the side.


Box Braids Waterfall Bun

For a braids updo that looks much harder than it really is to try a waterfall bun that just means you’re clipping the ends of the hair and letting the middle part of the braids cascade loosely down.

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