Shades of the Grey Hair Trend

by> The EditorsUpdated on April 2017 The epic battle between blond and brunette has always been acute, but there’s a new player making waves in the hair game. The gray hair phenomenon has been storming the internet. Below you’ll find 20 ways to achieve the so-called granny hair look and enter the new takeover.

The Grey Hair Trend

Trend unravels through a variety of coloring jobs such as solid gray gray shadow blonde and gray blend scanning and others. To young girls and brave men, these hair color ideas are. There’s the riskiest age to try gray hair because you might look older than you are. If you’re over and want to accept and strengthen your gray hair, you can also beautifully rock the trend.

Ombre Flair

A great shadow or shadow effect is nothing more pleasing to the eye. Here, with this exquisite coloring, the silver hair trend is given great life. Fill your lips with a pigment pop and you’re good to go!


Dance Floor Ready

Loose waves add a visually interesting aspect to gray tresses. The gray hair trend looks exceptionally awesome on longer locks. The waves produce an engaging light and dark contrast that varies with the lighting and motion of the hair.

Retro Blend

With retro style and new hair trends, you can’t often go wrong. So why not add to the style your own flavor? A blue and purple highlight mix adds an extra personal touch to the bob cut.


Curly Pixie

Give the new trend a run for your money and get your trusted stylist to help you pull it off. Or better yet set the look overnight and go to bed with some rollers. Who says you can’t pull off your total grandma?


Quick Silver Curls

Shape tight ringlets with a hair spray flat iron spriz and allle the curls slightly for a fluffy look that still retains the tight curl.


Blue Gray Madness

Tired of the monotonous look of your blunt cut? Fly the silver hair trend train and jazz up with loose waves. Take things a step further and highlight with a touch of blue.


Banging Bangs

The current trend is not empty of hair styles for those sporting bangs. This glamorous style is perfect for a lady with bangs who wants to rock perfectly colored free-flowing locks with silver light ash brown and blue highlights.


Gothic Gray

Black and silver rendezvous on the dark side of the gray hair trend to punk this blunt bob up. With the hair barely grazing the shoulder and the gray color softly and easily blended with the dark strands this style will set you apart from the others rocking the latest color trend. Great for a night-out or cuddle-time interview. Not only is the style full of hair, it also has a feminine charm.


Arctic Layers

Dying hair gray brings an irresistible mystery charm to any female brave enough to attempt it. Complemented with dark roots and layered front, this style produces a mysterious and magical look


Pretty Grey Plait

It’s a fantastic gray hair trend for a sad up-do. It makes any simple design, like this loose curly plait, look intricate and complex. Just apply a wave from the front to your hair plait and tuck the end at the nape.

Raven Goddess

Going grey doesn’t have to be full on project adding a touch of gray highlights to your raven locks makes it easy for you to trend. Gray and blue shadow hints pull the eye down to the hair tips so make sure you don’t have any split ends.

Bold Purple-Gray Balayage

Go big or go home if you’re going to follow along on the latest trend. Purple is a powerful color that complements this hair style. Complete your look beyond the sea by adding to your tresses a soft ocean wave.


Neutral Gray

Light blue streaks running over salt and pepper hair would be perfect at any time and in any setting. One of the benefits of the gray hair trend is how it works for a neutral base color that can take on other more pronounced shades.


When you’re going to an event, feel free to look like the beautiful queen you’re on your special day and have your hair stand out.

Bob Cut with Bangs

The new hair trend can indeed be host to any regular old fashion. Beware that some cuts will age you but dark roots easily and elegantly work that out. It’s a look that continues to give as your hair also grows!


Silver Spice

As the wave lengthens and loosens throughout the day a subtle aesthetic is born a bonus for style. The gray hair trend version accompanied by a streak of red enhances this already beautiful edgy

The stronger the more it is. This style is a gift that continues to give in a glorious shadow with voluminous soft curls and a beautiful fishtail-esque knot. 1195.jpg” />

Blue Steel Waves

As you walk down the street, put on your best smile, this style is a looker. It will be the focus of attention as it draws all eyes to its beauty. They are going to come for shine but stay for the blue-green highlights that are seamless.


Titanium White Spikes

You don’t just enter the granny hair arena without having an idea of how to do it. This faux-hawk pixie cut isn’t just a haircut it’s a statement piece. It says you don’t just follow the trends you set them.

> You can go along with trendsetters leading the movement of gray hair and know there’s a lot more hair styles out there. Why don’t you join the club and see what you can do? Everything you do is your own! Related Posts> Long Silver Hair Ideas and My Journey to Embrace Gray Locks> Icy Silver Hair Transformation Is the Coolest Trend of 2019> Gorgeous Gray Hair> Best Damaged Hair Styling Tools Tried and Tested> How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps> Gray Hair Communities to Support and Inspire Silver Sisters Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Regardless of what your hair type is, we will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> > Home> Hair> Braided