Tom Hardy’s Dreadful Daredevil’s Beard Styles


The beard of Tom Hardy is a legend to come. We saw Tom Hardy in Black Hawk Down from the first time we knew he would be a star. He is not only a great actor and director, but also a fashion icon. Tom has his own unique, slightly rebellious style and is great playing the bad boy. He’s a beautiful man and different styles suit him when it comes to facial hair, but he can wear exceptionally well a full beard let’s see some of his styles:

1 Rugged facial hair

Here Tom wears a full beard and moustache that looks slightly rough. That’s because with razor lines, the growth on the face was not well defined. His moustache extends just above the top of his lip and has become a mustache.

2 Period Style

This picture shows a medium length, full beard that goes on just below the chin. With just a small patch of bare skin around the soul patch, the hair covers the lower portion of his head.

3 Hunky Hardy

Beards look very beautiful when combined with Tom’s close razor cut hairstyle. You can tell that his beard is well-maintained and soft, with only a few gray hairs on the chin.
4 Sculpted and Sensual

Here Tom wears his moustache slightly shorter than in the pictures above and helps to attract his lips ‘ attention. The majority of his beard is well developed along the bottom, allowing him to grow into the neck area.

5 Busy Beard

It keeps him busy as an actor and producer, which is why Tom enjoys classic no-fuss style. His beard is neatly trimmed to a standard length in this image, with the moustache simply hugging the lip. With a sleek slicked back hairstyle, he has teamed up this look.

6 ComeHither Hardy

This picture shows Tom’s possibly the beginning of something fuller with a short stubble beard. To him, it is a terribly attractive look and tends to accentuate his best characteristics; kissable lips and high cheekbones. He also kept the lines straight and off the lips the moustache.


Adventure Style Doesn’t this look make him look ready for an adventure? Or that he just came back from one? Either way, without it seeming scruffy at all, Tom can wear a bushy beard like this. The secret is routine treatment and conditioning.

8 Red Carpet Glamor

In this picture, a stubble-length beard is worn along the sides with more chin and moustache hair volume. Both were snipped to the same length and a rounded shape just below the chin was given to the beard.

9 Point Moustache

Is there a look that can not be pulled off by Tom Hardy? It doesn’t seem like that! Here we see him completely bald with his face and head, with only one developed moustache left. To have pointy ends, the moustache was combed and twisted.

10 Romantic style

Again, for maximum effect, Hardy combined an existing beard with a simple sliced back hairstyle. His beard looks soft and conditioned and has a romantic and laid back feel while it hasn’t been neatly trimmed.

11 Rebel With A Cause

Long or short facial hair suits Tom but he can really smooth in such longer styles. Here he is wearing a moustache handlebar and a full beard with a slightly larger volume towards the chin area.

12 Hot for Hardy

This picture gives us a fantastic view of Hardy’s styling of the beard. The sides here are full of stubble and the skin of the moustache and chin was grown out. Notice how the neck is kept clear for definition purposes.

13 Tempting Tom

Try to imagine Tom with a baseball cap and a t-shirt without a mustache in this photo. It’s not the same, isn’t it? His signature beard leads to giving an edgy feel to his bad boy image.

14 Shaggy and Sexy

Beards do not always have to be cut perfectly as we can see here. His beard is long and shaggy, but you can see that to shape the look, the neck has been shaved.

15 Working Man

This look is ultra masculine and slightly unkept, adding to the sex appeal only. The hair is luxurious and has an all-encompassing texture that makes it look like working outside or engaging in physical activity.

16 Hardy’s Hip Look

Here’s a trendy hipster look from Tom Hardy. His hair is styled to have a slight lift and he has clipped his facial hair. He wears a full moustache covering only the top lip and a patch of soul.

17 Warm handlebar

Not everyone can wear a handlebar moustache, but Tom does wear it. He has kept the rest of his facial hair at a long length of stubble, enabling the hair above his lip to spread just across the sides. The lips ‘ underside was shaved clean.

18 Beard Love

In this look, the beard is beautiful and full of moustache feeding into it all around. He has allowed some hair to grow under the lip, but has kept a patch underneath that.

19 Gentleman

Tom started with a handlebar moustache extending down to join the beard in this style. The beard is limited to the chin area with a patch of soul while the rest of his facial hair is length of stubble.


Smart and fashionable

In this photo, Tom’s beard is very curly and fully grown, then formed. The moustache was neatly combed and covered the top lip again.

Through his understanding of what makes a beard sexy, Tom Hardy pulls off a beard well. He knows what it feels like and sticks to it. Although his beard isn’t always neatly cut, the hair is always vibrant and well-conditioned, which adds greatly to his appeal. So why not take Tom’s tips and integrate them into your own style of beard?