Tom Hardy Haircut styles 2019 – 101+ styles

Here 20+ haircuts Styles if you want to look like Hardy. You can also follow tom hardy on Instagram or Facebook to get updated.

1. Tom Hardy Classic Hairstyle with Tapered Sides

The Classic Tom Hardy Haircut

This is a sleek classic style haircut with tapered sides that Tom Hardy wears when
he was acting in the Inception movie. The side hair is parted with a hairline
and combed to the back making it the most prominent part of the formal

2. Tom Hardy Spiky Hairstyle with Tapered Sides

The Spiked and Tapered Tom Hardy Hairstylev

The long top is styled to spikes and the sides are taper faded. The hairstyle is
accompanied with a messy moustache and beard.

3. Medium Top with High Undercut

High Fade Hot Fashion Hairstyle

This is a high undercut hairstyle with the sides and back completely shaved short.
The only area that has hair is the top which features medium hair that is
finger combed to one side.

4. Mohawk and High Undercut Hairstyle

The Tom Hardy Dapper Hairstyle

The sides and back feature a high undercut style. It leaves only a pile of medium
hair in the middle which looks like mohawk hairstyle. A shaved beard
accompanies the haircut.

5. Tom Hardy Spiky Hairstyle

The Hipster Tom Hardy Haircut

This is a spiky hairstyle with the front comb in a slant manner to one side. A few
strands of hair have been combed out of the top to appear as spikes. It is easy
to style your hair to this sleek haircut.

6. Spiky Tom Hardy Haircut

The Spiky Locks Tom Hardy Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, all the hair is cut short but the sides are cut to even shorter
length. The top has been styled with a product to look like standing spikes.
The messy spiky look adds a wild look.

7. Tom Hardy Hairstyle for Balding Men

The Near Bald Haircut Tom Hardy

The entire head is shaved to near bald. There’ stubble of hair remaining on the
head. The bald hairstyle is designed to outline the shape of his hair.

8. Old Fashioned Gentlemen Hairstyle

The Perfect Gentleman Haircut

Tom Hardy seldom wear this hairstyle in films. However, when he is not acting, he
often keeps this gentlemen hairstyle. The hair is first cut short and then cut
to layer to a messy texture.

Tutorial how to make Taboo Hair

Amazing tutorial how can make it own tom hardy haircut style.

How To Cut Your Hair to Tom Hardy Hairstyle

If you want to look attractive in a Tom Hardy hairstyle, you must instruct your
barber to cut the sides to 0.5 to 0 and the back must be heavy blended.

First Step – The heavy blend allows the top to be parted from the sides. It will make it easy
for the barber to cut the top to a messy texture.

Second Step – To make your hair look polished, you can apply pomade or matte clay.

Third Step – After having a haircut, make sure you take a shower and dry your hair with a

Now, you must check out yourself in the mirror and see if it has messy top and short
sides like Tom Hardy hairstyle.

The following is a list of 20 Tom Hardy hairstyles that will give you a masculine

9. Tom Hardy Short Haircut with Locks

The Tom Hardy Locks Hairstyle

When Tom is having this short haircut, he always likes to style the locks to hang
down on one side on the front. You only need to use your fingers to style the
locks forward. The sides and back are shaved down to stubble length in the

10. Tom Hardy Buzzed Haircut with Faded Sides

The Buzz Cut Mid Part Hairstyle


The entire head of hair is buzzed short with the sides shaved to as short as
possible and the top having slightly longer hair. There is a middle part on the
chin that is without hair. The moustache and beard complement with the haircut.

11. Tom Hardy Brush Forward Hairstyle

Fashion Forward Tom Hardy Hairstyle

Tom always like to promote his latest hairstyle including this hairstyle. A brush
is used to comb the thick hair forward. The hairstyle does not require you to
cut the sides and back. The hairstyle looks great with a beard.

12. Messy Tousled Haircut

The Relaxed and Stylish Haircut

The hair is tousled messily to give a relaxed look. The short sides parted from the
top is combed neatly with some hair coming out of the air to look spiky. The
hairstyle features a soft texture.

13. Short Haircut with Buzzed Sides

Double Buzz Cut Hairstyle

This is a short haircut that features slightly buzzed sides. The medium top falls
down on the forehead as locks. The hairstyle is simple and can add a macho

14. Tom Hardy Spiky Tapered Hairstyle

The Bad Boy Tom Hardy Haircut

Tom Hardy always take on the role of the bad boy in the film and this hairstyle
compliment with his acting role. The crown has been styled to spiky forms to
add some height. The tapered hairstyle offers a carefree look.

15. Comb Over Men Haircut with Spikes

The Spiky Combover Hairstyle

The long top is combed to one side. Some hair is combed up to create some spikes.
There are a beard and moustache that matches with the haircut.

16. Slick Tom Hardy Haircut with Tapered Sides

The Tom Hardy Dapper Hairstyle

The smart hairstyle features tapered sides and the top combed up. A product is used
to slick the front hair up ensuring that no hair falls out.

17. Old School Dapper Haircut

The Serious Old School Hairstyle

The haircut features a messy parting hairline. The top is swept to one side with
hand and the brush is used to gently comb to another side. A well-trimmed beard
compliment with the hairstyle.

18. Buzz Haircut with Parting Line

Buzz Cut With Heavy Parting Hairstyle

The hair is trimmed short and a parting line in the middle is made by a razor. The
sides feature high undercut and a beard that joins the shaved sideburns
compliment with the haircut.

19. Messy Top with Short Sides

The Messy Top Short Sides Hairstyle

The top has been tousled to a messy way. The sides are trimmed short and taper
faded towards the ear. The shaved beard compliments with the hairstyle.

20. Slick Classic Tom Hardy Haircut

The Slick Back Tom Hardy Hairstyle

The hair on top and sides are slicked back using wax or gel. It is a classic
the hairstyle that can offer a masculine look.

Tom with beard…


The Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy may not have a perfect face in the eyes of science, but in our hearts it is the rugged, sexy package we just want to replicate in our everyday fashion. He really should advocate more for a part for James Bond, particularly with the low fade haircut. ‘

Tom Hardy Men’s Goatee Styles

are characterized by… not careful at all. Including his goatee. Give your goatee a nonchalant shape to get that enticing rugged allure and miss shaving your cheeks.

Fashionable Elegant Side Swept Undercut Variations

Short Boxed Beard This casual look highlights the natural boxiness of the beard by keeping the moustache and beard attached to long sides.

Tom Hardy’s Full Beard It’s a long yet well-groomed beard style that’s dry, even around it. Since the ends of the mustache are fully grown out, the mustache region is especially defined. However, with one of his trendy and seductive hairstyles, you are likely to gain not only the appeal of Hardy, but also his confidence and popularity.


Buzz Cut With Goatee

Tom Hardy beard is always on target. The film star experiments with different styles that range from the beard of a Viking to the goatee. The latter fits perfectly on the sides with Tom Hardy bald high fade and on the top side buzz cut.

Medium and Wavy Tom HardyHairstyle

simple Men’s

style from the hand of Tom Hardy. All around, the hair is very short. He could brush it to one side or let it stand up all over his face. It’s becoming very popular all over the world. It requires minimal maintenance in this model. He may choose to refresh it by adding additional pomade from time to time, but this hair is short enough not to need such a step. Tom’s hair will look exactly the same at the end of the day as it did in the morning when he stepped out. With this look, the hardest maintenance detail is the need for regular trims. See how one of his ultra-manly looks can be pulled off with our Tom Hardy hairstyles series below!

Most Iconic Hairstyles

Short Boxed Beard This casual appearance highlights the natural boxiness of the beard by keeping the moustache and the beard attached to long sides.

Tom Hardy’s Full Beard It’s a long yet well-groomed beard style that’s dry, even around it. Since the ends of the mustache are fully grown out, the mustache area is particularly defined.

Messy Imperial Beard from Tom Hardy This extremely shaggy beard is a marked change from the other styles of Tom. The overgrown moustache and rough hair actually do not hold the beard!

Tom Hardy Hairstyle

Slicked Back Undercut

A detached undercut is one of the most common features of Tom Hardy hair style. This helps balance his relatively long hair on top, which Tom likes to slick back in order to suit a formal environment.

Occasion for Tom Hardy Haircut

Regular haircut

To explore Tom Hardy hairstyles, you don’t have to hit the haircut. You can really get a normal haircut and still have the charm of Hardy. It’s all about how you’re handling yourself.

Tom HardyHaircut

hairstyle is a dapper man’s dream come true. It is slicked back and to the side cleanly, with a boost of edginess due to the fade of the skin of the mid-taper.


Slick Comb Over

Edgy comb overs usually come to mind when talking about Tom Hardy hairstyles. Nonetheless, even the slickest comb over looks sexy, the Hollywood hunk succeeds.

Messy Curtain Bangs

Eventually, if everything else fails, you can go for a good ol’ messy hairstyle bangs. It’s one of the least complicated hairstyles that you can try out for Tom Hardy, so you won’t even have to fix it on a daily basis.

Well-groomed Allure

The quintessential Tom Hardy beard is a combination of facial hair types that are neither too small nor too big. The trick is to be confident and desirable for any occasion. Although his beard is indeed well-groomed, manage to convey manhood, but not machismo. The look also packs big rebel vibes with a discreet goatee and a finely cut face.

Layered Comb Over Tom Hardy Hairstyles

, particularly attitude-exuding ones. Usually he adds to combovers his own twist, like the heavily layered method in the photo below.

High and tight haircut

Tom Hardy’s high and tight fade is another fantastic short hair style which needs low maintenance and practically no styling. It comes out, however, looking amazing.

Best Tom Hardy Beard Styles’

If Tom Hardy is the inspiration you need to experiment with different styles of facial hair, you’ll love our photo gallery below. There’s the best Tom Hardy beards worth growing this year, from stubble to lumberjack!

Shaggy Beard

Tom Hardy oozes husky masculinity, especially when a shaggy beard is given. His unkempt and scraggly style of beard here conveys, to say the least, complete nonchalance. Many beard fans call it the venture beard of Tom Hardy, as it looks like stunning Hardy just returned from a wild journey. It’s rough and it makes the ladies swoon.

High and tight Tom Hardy Hair

While the wide undercut is as beautiful as it comes, it is practical and simple to style the shorter edge.

Tom HardyHairstyle

Hardy slides into a Mma fighter’s skin were seen by the world. Although achieving such a physique may be a long hard road, anyone can copy Tom’s side swept bangs.

Tom Hardy Taboo Haircut

Tom Hardy Taboo haircut has rocked the grooming world, making it one of the most sought-after late hairstyles. Today, the theme of Tom Hardy Taboo is a true tonsorial staple.

Small Man Bun Tom Hardy Hairstyles

Full Scruffy

It is now clear that Tom Hardy hairstyles are all about tasteful negligence and confidence. First and foremost manliness comes from within, and it is proven by Tom’s absolute scruffy allure.

Slicked Back Hair

You can find a lot of Tom Hardy pictures where the actor wears a slicked back hairstyle, not for nothing. Hardy displays his manly features beautifully with his hair stripped from the head.

Bushy Beard

For years the big bushy beard craze has gone high. However, the full statement of Tom Hardy’s lumberjack deserves the spotlight.

Comb Over Beard Mustache

Beards are still strong for men in the know as the number one fashion accessory. A man who exudes manhood, charisma and sex appeal? We picked and highlighted our favorite Tom Hardy beard styles below.

Rugged Look

This Tom Hardy sexy hairstyle is endless in number of men and women. With a full rough beard and a thick moustache, his rugged and masculine appearance is enhanced.


Cancel the appointment for the barbershop! A stubble from the developer is super hunky. This suggests you’re either too tired or too cool to take care of the morning use of your razor. The subtle beard of Tom Hardy ranges from looks-like-he-did-nothing-at-all to what looks like a very carefully trimmed stubble with straight lines. That way, it exudes the manhood of his signature.

Full Beard

We all know Tom Hardy and we certainly enjoy full beard sports. He leaves it medium-long and comfortably groomed most of the time. It’s essentially his go-to look, perfect for a cover shoot of a magazine, a red carpet showcase in a smooth or general everyday life. Therefore, every day-to-day needs you may have will certainly be met.

Subtle Taper Tom Hardy Hairstyle

Speaking of tapering, if you think of Tom Hardy hairstyles, we have a perfect example of what comes to mind. The sides and back are tapered finely, leaving space for a flexible edge.

Jagged Top Tom HardyHairstyles

is that running your fingers through it can go a long way with a bit of gel at the tips.

Tom Hardy as a fashion icon

Tom Hardy himself is a trendy template. —you know that? Because when it comes to pants, I have a very clear line. Is my beard going to look better in the pants? How can I get them to run cleanly for the border?

Tom Hardy beard designs are evidently very useful not only for trendy, hirsute men all over the world (and lots of adoring women), but also for the actor and producer himself. Hollywood style, metrosexuals and manly, rough-around – the-edge dudes who couldn’t care less.


Venom Haircut

While he acted as a villain in Venom Tom Hardy, some liked his hairstyle. The top is disheveled and pushed sideways, and with a gradual mid-fade, the sides are cut clean.

 The Tom Hardy Buzz Cut

Some argued that there is nothing Tom Hardy could do wrong. And we tend to agree with that, including his hairstyles. There he wears a sleek buzz cut and a full beard on the red carpet. There’s also his trademark scowl.

> Tom Hardy’s

Indeed, even baddie Tom Hardy loves good haircut slick back. He’s wearing his in a ponytail, a top knot, or a beautiful low bun, more often than not. Paired with a very well-tailored beard, this is all summed up in the perfect picture we all know and love.

Tom Hardy Crop with Bald Fade Stubble


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