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Site Isolation in Google Chrome v67 Increases Ram Use by 13 per centByNitish Singh-July 12 2018.757 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Lam Sao Devao Charlie Reis from the Google Chrome Site Isolation team revealed “Site Isolationis a major change to Chrome’s architecture that restricts each renderer process to documents from a single site. As a result, Chrome will rely on the operating system to avoid process-to-process attacks, and thus between sites. Note that Chrome uses a different “location” concept which includes only the registered domain and the scheme. “The functionality was visually described by Google Chrome Security Head Justin Schuh in a Google Security blog describing how Site Isolation works. The functionality won’t soon make it into the app’s mobile version as Google has yet to figure out a way to prevent excessive use of memory on mobile phones and tablets. Google Chrome v67 was also found to contain the recently patched Download Bomb bug via a security update. Grip.