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Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Vulnerable to Remote HackingIn addition to locking the M365 scooter, an attacker may deploy full-control malware via a fake firmware upgrade package or send a brake or suddenly accelerate command. Obviously this could lead to serious accidents and life-threatening situations for the owners of the scooters when they unexpectedly get stuck in the middle of the road or accelerate while the traffic light is still red are simple yet effective ways to get someone killed. That’s why the actual proof of concept code was not released to the public as Xiaomi is currently working on the update that will plug the vulnerabilities to security. Xiaomi replied by acknowledging the problem on January 28 stating that they will need more time than usual to fix the vulnerability because the product is the result of third party cooperation. The issue has not yet been disclosed since the update that will fix the problem. If you’re an owner of an M365 e-scooter you might want to park it in your garage for a while. That’s until you get the firmware update, and you’re free to hit the road again.