The World Cup Allows Domestic Violence to Surge and This Country Is Doing Everything to Fight BackNatalie Shoemaker August 28, 2015 7/7.850 7/7.850 Source: Thinkstock Women make up 48% of the Entertainment Software Association’s gaming population, but playable female characters are still overwhelmingly underrepresented in contrast to their male counterparts. When you think only a handful of playable female characters stand out from history, “perhaps more if you include non-playable protagonists. Discussions over what expectations the industry will set and how women should be treated in the gaming community have ramped up. Ubisoft came under fire in an interview with the company’s creative director Alex Amancio following his remarks at E3 2014. Especially because we have assassins that can be customised. It was a lot of extra production work, actually.

1. Metroid Samus Aran

7/7.851 7/7.851 Source: Nintendo

2. Chell Source: Valve

3 from Portal

7/7.852 7/7.852 FemShep From Mass Effect

7/7.853 7/7.853 Source: Microsoft Game Studios This character had her fair share of ups and downs (and unrealistic ‘ bordering on Barbie ‘ proportions). It wasn’t until recently that Lara Croft emerged from her role as an Indiana Jones sexualized into a woman with the new franchise reboot. Her recent comeback was split into two: the strong, seasoned Tomb Raider in the top-down arcade shooters and the young Lara who, through her grueling experiences, is becoming the Tomb Raider. 5.

April Ryan From The Longest Journey

7/7.855 April Ryan is more of a realistic female protagonist than one of the most memorable female characters in video games. She has feminine features, but she’s not overly sexual in nature, “she just looks nice. April Ryan has an outspoken personality but not so overwhelming that throughout the entire game she is standing on a soap box. Her interactions are engaging with other characters and have a dry humor that endears the player to her. She’s related, “you still know you’re worried about paying bills and dreams that need to be interpreted. 6.

Jade From Beyond Good Evil

7/7.856 Photojournalist and caretaker of children, you start to wonder what Jade does not do. In Beyond Good Evil Jade and her uncle’s team up to bring down and expose corruption in government. Although questing Jade’s look is much better for adventure than a sports bra and tight pants, “baggy jeans and a coat” are quite practical. It makes you wonder how Lara Croft has scabs all over her arms waist and legs when she’s in short-shorts and a tank top parkouring everywhere. 7.

Clementine From Walking Dead Season 2

7/7.857 Players in Telltale s Walking Dead Season 1 took care of little Clementine while playing as Lee mentoring her and showing her how to live in this new world. Participants are now taking control of Clementine’s adolescent as she navigates an environment that has changed the way people interact with each other; the peaceful world is gone. Her young age means she can’t depend on strength alone to survive she has to be resourceful to maneuver through the plague of zombies and the people she encounters along the way.

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Paul wrote on his mind

7/7.860 7/7.860 ‘ When I’m Sixty-Four ‘ with Sinatra Everyone familiar with the Beatles catalog knows how diverse Paul’s performance was with the band. Although he could go full “granny music” with songs like “Maxwell’s Silver HammerHelter Skelter,” he explained in Anthology. “There’s a huge spectrum from pop to serious blues players” “There were records that were significant to me, other than rock ‘ n’ roll. And that would come out in the Beatles performing songs like ‘ Till There Was You. ‘ “In the Sgt. Pepper era, Paul was still at it. “As I composed, I felt I was writing a song for Sinatra when I was sixty-four,” he said. “I wrote [ that ] when I was sixteen — it was rather tongue-in-cheek — and I never forgot it.” Paul resurrected the song for the forthcoming Beatles album eight years later (1966). Paul almost used the song exactly as he had intended. “I wrote ‘ When I am Sixty-Four ‘ loosely hoping that a musical comedy or something would come in handy,” he said. It wasn’t far off with the audience laughter and other influences on Sgt. Pepper’s.

7/7.861 7/7.861 Figure 2 The Beatles ‘ Paul McCartney plays an acoustic guitar as John Lennon sits behind him in the summer of 1967. Mark and Colleen Hayward / Redferns Though Paul was able to go “When I’m Sixty-Four” whenever there was a particular cause before the chagrin of his old pal John Paul made sure the song had a spot on his seminal album Fab Four. As with other music-hall tunes by Paul, John did not want any part of the score. “I’d never think of writing such a song” John said in 1980. “There are some stuff I never talk about and that’s one of them.” Nevertheless, John
collaborated on the album to support vocals and a part of the guitar. Lennon-McCartney’s Best


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