Is a MoviePass account going to remain active after cancellation? What you need to know about canceling the serviceSam BeckerGoogle+ More Articles 7/7.1049 7/7.1049 Liberation of bodybuilding and muscle building while weight lifting in a gymnasium Keystone features / Getty Images Building muscle needs many key ingredients of a weight lifting program and one that, if closely followed, will be ha A lot of people struggle to get to bed on time or just stick to a proper diet. Others are having difficult times going to the gym and doing their workout. But if you’re freaked out about weight lifting or like you can’t put up a few large numbers a new study will help ease your mind. The research published in theJournal of Applied Physiologyas The Cheat Sheet has explained before — you can build muscle and get stronger and see the results you’re looking for by doing more with less. To make up the difference, it is as easy as doing a larger number of reps. Further reps: Key to muscle building when lifting weight

7/7.1050 7/7.1050 A man building muscle by lifting less weight iStock If you can get into a serious workout with lighter loads it will free you up in the gym a little bit. For example, you can work without a spotter, or using dumbbells instead of barbells if your equipment choices are minimal. Scientists say you can still hit the planned trajectories if you don’t have access to a fully stocked weight room — with plates bumping the entire nine yards. Ultimately, the researchers concluded that you can use lighter weight loads to achieve the same results with heavy lifting loads. You just need to wear the muscles to the point where you’ve broken down the old fibers and replace them with new, stronger tissues. That’s where the muscle-building magic takes place because you get enough rest and nutrients.

A good bodybuilding approach

7/7.1051 Dumbbells as part of a muscle building weight lifting exercise iStock If you’re looking to really see some muscle growth and achieve your goals you don’t have to think about gaining as much weight as possible or even buying any kinds of equipment to get you there. You really only have to go for additional reps or focus on certain muscles before they shake and flap during your session. The ultimate goal is to tire the muscles, and heavier weight loads really only help to tire more quickly than lighter muscles. So if you’re training with lighter weights adding extra sets or reps until you get to the point of exhaustion or collapse you will land right where you need to be. But keeping in mind the muscle-building process only works if you cover all of your bases. As stated, your body needs the materials to repair itself after you have fatigued your muscles during a workout to the point of failure. Recovery requires nutrients. If you don’t consume enough calories, or don’t get enough nutrients, you’ll run into trouble. The same goes for sleep — the muscles are actually engaged in healing while you sleep and your body recovers from previous workout. If you don’t give yourself time to recover and you’re only going to set yourself back for that cycle to complete itself entirely.


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