Top Thick hair styles

Thick hairs have both merits and demerits, and some men will find this type of locks hard to style. Any barber and hairstylist, however, will tell you that having this kind of hair is a blessing because there are so many things you can do with it. Thick hair is very easy to style, and you wont spend five minutes on it when you get a good cut. The challenge for most people is finding a good mane hairstyle. If youre such a man, then this list will be very helpful as 80 hairstyles for thick hair will be provided. The good thing is you can get even more combinations from the models, so youll never have trouble finding the right hairstyle for your thick hair.

Facial hair Textured Wavy Top

Adding texture to your hair makes it look firmer than normal hair strands. And so if its dark and thick, its going to be more appealing. The cut in this style is quite simple because the maneis has been trimmed to a uniform length, which also matches the facial hair level. After the cut hair is given some texture and for an eye-catching look is styled towards the forehead. You can wear this style to the beach or chill out with friends.

Standard Textured TopsThe modern haircut top texture includes a messy and spiky top textured with front pomade and styled. It should be shaped with the fingers, though, so that the manecans messy and spiky look is maintained. The sides are supposed to be short but not too short, so you can even trim them to match the level of your short facial hair.

The Beard Combover

For this hairstyle, the only thing youll need is a comb and a quality hair product to keep the look and maintain good hair safety, as all else is organic. This style is worn on a hair of medium size and beard that is fully grown. After the gel or pomade is applied, the hair is then combed back. This looks particularly appealing to men whose thick hair changes color due to age, but you can dye your hair with one or several colors to get the same effect.

All Grown Out

Obviously letting your thick maneuver out gives you a lot of styling choices. You should also keep a big beard as your hair grows to a medium length so you can wear the all grown-out look. Except for minor trimming to level the skin, this style requires almost no cut at all. Then you can style the side of the locksby and push a portion of it to one side.

Spiky Perfection

All types of locks can be textured and made spiky, but of course thick hair has an advantage over the rest because it keeps the spikes much better than other types of hair even without using any cream. In this cut, the tops spiky maneat is paired with well-shaped facial hairs that go with hairstyle very well.

front waves with a beard

When paired with a beard, a beautifully styled wavy hair looks great. This style maintains a wavy mane of medium size, and the front locks are curled in front to cover the front. The other locks should flow naturally with some flowing towards the ear and the others flowing backwards. having a beard is an integral part of this fashion, so you cant ignore it.

Spiky hawk with Bald Sides

Men are fascinated by spiky strings, particularly those who like to wear casual hairstyles, so this one attracts most mens attention. The medium length and spiky hairs are left on the middle part of the head in this style, while the sides close to the Mohawk are closely shaved like the center hair. Nevertheless, the hairs are quickly reduced to a bald point as you step further from the spiky middle locks.
Extra high and Straight Top

This cut requires some skill, experience and vision to get it right because it has very straight angles that are not easy to shave. That makes this cut more appealing is the straight lines on the head and the extra high and flat edge. To get it right, the barber must have spent a lot of minutes. Nonetheless, holding this cut could be tricky because it will take a lot of combing every morning.

Eclipse Cut

This hairstyle is intended for confident men ready to go the extra mile and play with their mane. This cut is not yet as extreme as others, however, and involves thick hair at the top that is trimmed to about inches, styled and slightly swept to the side. The sides are then blurred, but the distinct line added just a few inches before the ear is what gives it individuality. It looks like a dividing line, but it is created in a small hair area, so the line itself is the center of attraction and not what it does to the hair.


Textured Curly Top

Thick and curly strandshold form well and so when you choose a haircut you should go for one like this one with sleek edges. With this style, for a natural everyday look, all you need to do is texture the longer curly top in pomade or wax. You should keep the sides short to make shaping much simpler, just make sure they are not rasped too close to revealing the scalp as this will ruin the appearance.

Messy with Side Sweep

This thick mens hairstyle incorporates a long, messy, side-swept top and a slight side-sweep. The side part of the maneon (just below it) is then trimmed and combed back with a scissor. In this style, though, the core of attraction is the long side swept wavy hair at the end. When side swept, the wavy strands should be long enough to cover the ear and a man looks better with a cleanly shaved face in this style because all attention should be focused on the beautiful top locks.

Clear Blurry Cut

Simplicity brings sophistication to haircuts so you dont have to exaggerate cuts to look good at all times. The gel used to finish the styledoes most of the work in this thick hairstyle for men because the cut is very straightforward. To give a blurry appearance, the sides and back of this cut are faded, and a longer top is maintained. To finish a simple but elegant hairstyle, the styling gel is then added to the top bangs and the hairs combed in front.

Side Parted Grooming hairstyles

This style is for thick hairy guys who value style over anything else because its a very classy cut. The maneis side divided in this fashion, and the sides faded doubly with more strandsleft along the dividing line. Then the longer and voluminous top hairs are well groomed and back-slicked. Until combing it home, you need to use a small amount of smooth product and something to make your bangsa shine. Owing to the disconnection produced by the fading sides, Neat medium size facial hairs also complement this theme.

Medium Long Spiky Quiff

Men with round, oval and square shapes look good with a quiff, but in order to make things even better, the quiff should be spiked for thick hair. The medium-length quiff at the top of the head is very attractive, and the spikes make it more informative because it can sometimes be a bit dull. Then the sides should be blurred to blend in with the hairs of the head. Making the top hairs textured is also a good idea.

The Thick Slicked-Back hawk

This hairstyle spices the hawk and turns it into a style that even a man who doesnt like it would wear with pride. While being very similar to the false hawk, the thick maneseems to make it quite different, and some people may have trouble figuring out this form. It consists of sides which are shaved with the facial hairs to a uniform level while a thick portion of the locks isleft in the middle. Then the thick hair in the head center is cut back to complete an impressive hairstyle.

Laid-back look

Medium-length hairstyles with thick bangs look good on people, particularly those with wavy, back-sweeping hair. In this style, the sides and back and top left medium were trimmed by the wavy maneis scissor. The longer hair to complete the laid back look is then back-swept. Without a beard, a laid back look wouldnt be complete and you should have a short trimmed beard to wear this look.

Long Blonde Locks and Beard

This is the right style for you if you prefer to keep long, thick hair. The maneis is very natural in this style and no cut is needed at all, and you can let it flow freely in its natural locks or pull it in a man bun together. Nonetheless, it looks best if the hair is blonde, so if your maneis is not naturally blonde, you might need some paint. A bearded face has a long hair, so its a good idea to leave your beard unshaved to wear this look for a while.

Simple but elegant thick hair

This hairstyles elegance is the product of only two factors, the thickness of the hair and the skill of the barber. This style fits well for people in the form of a round and oval head, and the thicker the mane, the better they will look because the right coloring will be easier to get. The hairstyle also shows that if you select a skilled and experienced barber to work on your strands, you can never go wrong.

Skin tapered and Blowdry

hair tapering is a great alternative for men who dont want to cut their maneshort on either side or back to get a haircut. A longer top is maintained in this cut and then the strands are gradually tapered towards the neck and ears to create incredible hair layers. Then the hair should be blow-dried and finished with pomade of good quality.

Long Bangs Styled Backward

Many people are used to styling their long bangs, but thats not the only way to make them look good. You can have the long bangs styled backwards to cover the head to the crown for a unique look. To get the best out of this style, however, you should leave the bangs longer than youd do when youre going to style them forward. Undercuts also combine well with this style, so it would be an added benefit for you to have them.

Side Sweep with a side braid

With the addition of a simple side braid, a comfortable side swept front hair will look more stylish. The style begins with a top section trimmed and the sides closely shaved. Then a side part is given to lengthier top hairs to create a base hair. Then the base hair should be weaved into a single braid extending to the crown. Some of the base hairs arent going to be long enough to weave into the braid, so you should blend them in with the short sides.

Scruffy Waves and Beard

Waves make mens hair perfect, but they look especially attractive with thick maneas that theyre easier to style, and they also hold for longer. The scruffy waves are then combed back to medium length in this style. Brushing the back of the hair helps to expose the hairs of the face and, most importantly, the large, neat beard. The combination of scruffy locksand a beard works very well, and a man with thick and wavy hair can wear its also a simple everyday look.

Perfectly Messy Cut

There are many ways to get a messy look and just like this cut most of them include clean shaved sides and back to hold all the focus on top locks. Although the cut is identical to other messy haircut in this hairstyle, the styling may be what makes it unique and distinct. What is more fascinating is that to achieve this beautiful look, only pomade wax is used and no blow drying is required. This hairstyle is also accompanied by a clean shaved head.
Beckhams Short Slick-Back

The short slick-back style of David Beckham has been copied by men of all ages. This is probably because it is also a very easy style to wear apart from being very sleek and the cut is not very complicated. If your hair is flat, use a performance root boost spray to style your maneall. The sides and back of the cut should be clipped on grade two with the machine, while number one should be used along the hairline. The elongated top part should be squarely trimmed and slicked back to finish the look.

Winter Tapers

The layers in this cut are all about. To give it the distinct layers and make them more noticeable, some skillful tapering is done on the skin. To order to finish the look, undercuts are also performed on the sides and back of the head. Nonetheless, the most important part of wearing the winter tapers is tapering, so you should choose a professional barber. You can also apply some color to the top layers and front-style them to complete the look.

Neat Pomp with A Deep Sideline

This style is as neat as it gets, and just by looking at it youll know that the barber is doing a lot of work to get that cut right. Nonetheless, with the wide line on the side and the neatly styled pump at the top, its a pretty simple hairstyle that has been made more precise. The pump looks particularly good because it is best held in place by the thickness of the body. To complete this style, the sides below the part line should be faded.

The Classy Man Look

Its all about this hairstyle class that everything from the side parting to the sliced-back maneis is meant to give a man a touch of class. And the hairstyle is combined with a perfectly trimmed beard to ensure that the classy look intended is achieved. You should start with a medium-sized trimmed strands with a deep side part to wear this style. Use a smooth product on top of your hair and slick it back. It is then appropriate to comb the locks below the baseline created by the side part.

Short Elegant Curls

Curls on any hair look fabulous when properly styled, but somehow they seem to work much better with thick hair. Although most men have a thick and curly maneuver to keep it medium or long, with a short and smooth curly hair you can also look fantastic. In this style, one or a half inches of hair is shaved evenly, then some material is used to make the curls more precise and firm. A thin strip is then faded on the sides and back to complete this amazing look.

Polished curly hair

This hair style requires almost no makeup at all because the natural curls of the hair are pretty attractive. The curls should be uniform across the head, and some product should also be used to hold the curls. Pair this with fresh facial hair and youve got an all-natural curly hair.

The Disconnected Messy Top

This is another amazing hairstyle where most of the work is done by the gel or any other material. The top is longer than what youd find in medium and short messy hairstyles in this messy hairstyle. The front locks should be long enough to partially cover the front. You should then use a performance gel or pomade to style your hair forward. For cutting, by closely shaving these areas and also with a clean rasped neck, you can create a disconnection with the sides and back.

half Mohawk with Clean Shaved Sides

A Mohawk is a very typical mens hairstyle, but you dont have to go with the trend and shave the conventional Mohawk as you can make yours special by using your thick mane. The Mohawk is not going all the way back in this cut, but rather the long hair ends just below the crown. Then the maneis combed back, and cleanly shaved the sides and a small portion on the back to complete the look.

Short and Shaggy Top

Short and shaggy thick hair is trendy as well if the cut is right. In this process, while the shaggy maneis is left at the top section, the sides and back are shaved very closely. Especially when worn by African-Americans, no makeup is required for this cut because the texture of their hair is enough to give them a rough look.

Spiky Long Bangs

Bangs make the hair look bigger and more attractive, but you can make it look even better by making it longer and spiky. The spiky bangs should be long enough when styled in front to cover your forehead. The sides should be cut short and faded towards the neck and on the sides for this cut. This style often turns out to be one of the thick manes most common hairstyles.

Elongated Spiky Top with Beard

Men with thick hair are likely to be the happiest with their lockssince they can try anything they might think of. An example of an unusual hairstyle that appears distinctive when worn on thick hair is the elongated spiky top. Although the top is high, as one would expect in other similar styles, the sides are not closely shaved. Just trim the sides and back and join the fully grown facial hairs. The style looks better with some colors like brown or a red tone on thick strings.