Do you admire the boys of the navy when they show off their very close cuts? The crew cut bears armed forces origin and has since found a tremendous place among the modern men. Sometimes cut close or long, it brings out the finest form of masculinity. If youve been wondering what the best style would be for you, heres of the best and youre not going to miss one that works for you.

Forwards Bloom

Combined in front to a smooth finish and waning at the bottom of the ear. You cant deny this to the cool guy.

Smooth Side Sweep

Undercut deceiving

This is an undercut deception. The drop starts at the front making a move backwards as well as sliding to the sides. It wanes as it goes down to create an undercut impression.

Faux hawk with Line Part

Initial hawk look in crew fashion. The sides are small and short straight lines are painted. The middle part remains long but is brought to the top of a canopy formation.

hawk Finesse

Its a long time, but theres an effort to make it lying to the back forming a front cliff. The sides are shortened and brushed backwards, and it is a beauty that is complete.

Thin, tightly compacted

Coming from the 70s, the hair is shaved to a straight sided thickness. Its big on all sides and what a perfect way to look for the party packed.

Thorny Back Flow

This is a slide back but comes around the middle patch with a thorny effect. This runs in a not-so-smooth-flow backwards. The sides have a fade that moves downwards and is cleaned up close to the level of the ear.

Ram Mop

In the middle it is thick, long and wavy and in the back. The sides were trimmed to less than one inch in length and then painted with a line of contouring. Its a creative demonstration and its worthy of attention.


Only the sides on the middle top are cleared and the nape remains thick. The hair is combed, shaved to medium length, but all the roughness is not lost.

True Military

To keep it short and modest is the reality of the boys in uniform. You get a military look, short on the upper end and combed to flatness. The skins sides are clean.

Classic Guy

This is for the classic guy who wants it to be short. The top is short, finely combed, and cleanly shaved back and sides are good.


The middle of the strings is drawn to form a flat pad. A little growing bump is given on the front and the rest is shaved to the hair.

Wavy Partition

Left wavy and combed backwards, heres a crazy creation youd like to see on your head. For add beauty, it is separated at the front hairline corner. The front remains in the clear display of great cheekbones and jaws.

Close Cut

The crew should be near the skin. This look here maintains that tradition as the top patch is only slightly longer than the side buzz cut. Their perfect match is for the guys who dont have the time to keep their hair here.
Long waves

Because of its source, it does not have to be short. In a long decorative look, the sides are combed downwards and the upper part is designed to face slightly to the left.

Thin medium

If youve got a thick side and a lower chin mustache, youd need a head cut to suit. The clean shaved sides tend to a thickness on the heads mid-high.

Spiky Look

Great appearance and smooth sides of the cliff on the middle center section. Its such a scenic appearance attached to sideburns and thick under the chin that spells your trend in boldness.

Long Slide Back

This is popular with guys because the hair is pulled from the front line to the long back. It ends with the head falling back. Its surrounded by bareness on the sides and back.

Sideface Mohawk

Maybe its not a true Mohawk, but you can tell the purpose. It is left in the middle for a long time, but then combed to a mild side drop separated by a straight groovy line on one end.

Slanting Crown

It is high on the forehead side, but then it falls backwards. It then fades into the sides and the napes extreme shortness.

Smooth turbulence

While the hair creates tidal vibrations, it is blended to a natural smooth finesse. The front makes a wavy groove to keep your heads eyes on.

Midget Front Sweep

The sides are typically faded while the upper patch is trimmed and combed. A small part of the front is divided and a side sweep is provided.

Classical Flattop

The flatbed head style makes its way into this military cut and in every strand its all greatness. It is combined into extreme smoothness and a flawless low-lying mat brushed the short sides.

Compact Side Sweep

The amazing scene youre seeing here can never be ignored. Long middle section is swept to one side and combed to a smoothness of the scenery.


It is thick and adjusted to a touching flatness in the middle. It is then surrounded at all corners by bareness and you have the appearance of a fashionable guy.


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