The wife of Eugenia

The wife of Eugenia Jones Jones Married LifeLike her husband Jerry JonesEugenia Jonesis quite a reserved woman. Mrs. Jones is a social activist and a voluntary worker who helps people in need. The power couple met through a blind date, and their love has never since grown apart.

The Couple First Met in College

Mrs. Jones first heard of Jerry through her friends, who spoke very loudly about him though all the right things. Having heard so many good things about Jerry Eugenia, she can’t stop going on a date her friends set up with him. During that time, Jerry played football, and also served as the captain of the Arkansas University football team. Mrs. Jones on the other hand was just a normal college student.

Intimate Marriage

Eugenia and Jerry exchanged their marriage vows in a private ceremony in January 1963. They married after three years of college graduation. The information concerning their wedding ceremony at that time never made headlines because the media was not so common. However some of their d college friends and family members were expected to attend their big day. Finding success after the marriage

When he was married to Eugenia, Jerry was struggling in his business. Yet he entered his father’s insurance company after some failed business and went on to do an Mba in 1970. After that he found his foot in the business world with years of hard work and support from his pretty wife Jerry. He currently owns $8.4billion of his net worth, according to Forbes. On the other hand Eugenia always made her name by participating in acts of charity. Her interest in young age social work, Mrs. Jones contributed to a trust fund to support the needy students in medicine. Her philanthropic work and dedication to making the earth a beautiful place has won the people around the globe much respect and admiration.Jerry Jones Controversy

A viral pic was leaked via twitter in 2014 that stirred up Jerry’s controversy. Because of this, Jerry and Eugenia’s happy marital life was in trouble as reported by tabloids online. Two younger girls who later identified as strippers were spotted in the picture Jerry. Jerry broke his silence on the matter and said the picture is misrepresented by the third party for extorsion. During this tough time Eugenia helped her hubby and now the couple is still together in the news for five years. Recently in 2019, as part of respect and love for his wife, Jerry purchased a yacht and named her Bravo Eugenia. The yacht cost the billionaire businessman about $250 million and goes to collect his other expensive toys. Dont miss out with us for a moment.