Aara Haines and Husband

Aara Haines and Husband Max Shifrin Married LifeIn 2019, for the third time, View co-host Sara Haines became mum. Haines, along with her husband Max Shifrin, bore a baby boy. The pair have now been together for more than five years. Her fun and peppy personality was raised in Iowa, and makes her audience fall in love with her. And maybe that is why she fell in love with her hubby too. Let us get more detail about their married life. The Private Wedding

In an interview with The Brides Haines, she explained that she had no idea whether Max is the one at the time or not. The couple went out for one date and the duo began seeing each other more often with initial spark. Max proposed Sara with Haines saying Yes to his romantic proposal after nine months of living together. The pair walked down the aisle during a private ceremony on November 22, 2014. There are not many specifics about the marriage as the married couple chose not to say much about the marriages.

Haines had enough to lead a single life for many years. Following her other single friends Sara decided to enter the world of digital dating. She lives in New York City where Haines has been able to meet so many people but as she remembers that was not the case for her. Haines has tried dating online via OkCupid with a little help from her brother and her best friend. It’s a community dating site where you don’t have to pay a yearly fee. Mostly because of that, Sara wanted to use it, because she did not want to feel pressure to use it. Fast after weeks of setting up a profile, Haines received a Max Shifrin message. They decided to meet after some back and forth but Sara had to cancel the first date due to her job.

Max persisted in meeting Haines even after their first date was cancelled. He had once again messaged her and they decided to go out for a beer. Haines came with her brother prepared in the event that the date is not going well. Haines brother and his boyfriend came around after some talk and it became a group date. The pair hit it off very quickly and the conversation continued and continued. That evening they stayed for dinner and even after-dinner drinks.

The we did!!! And Sara HainesThe Television host remembers how depressing and rough and emotional the day was. Alec and Sandra; make way for your brother Yes the third-hour Good Morning America co-host is on maternity leave after having given birth to her third child. On 26 June 2019 Sara and her spouse welcomed a son Caleb Joseph to their third child. The couple announced Haines Instagram’s good news. All of their family and friends, including their co-host Michael Stratan and their colleagues Lara Spencer Claire Shipman and Spencer Christian, sent heartfelt messages about Caleb’s birth to name a few. And Keke Palmer will be joining Michael in the daily show as co-host. The fans are also very happy at Keke arrival. They’re sending messages telling the new host all the fun stuff. Don’t miss us for a moment.