The official Kodi website

The official Kodi website goes offline – now redirects directly to Kodi’s Community Forum!— Kodi (@KodiTV) 25 September 2019 According to the official statement Acquia has described Kodi as a resource-hungry website that does not seem far-fetched. After all millions of people use Kodi and one of the safest ways to download this app is to visit its official website. Acquia is therefore currently asking the Kodi developers to pay for a dedicated server. Kodi’s official website will remain offline unless that happens. That’s why the team behind this application is currently searching for another Drupal host that would help. If you are visiting the official Kodi website right now, you will be guided to Kodi’s community forum. Fortunately, this page also provides a way to download various Kodi versions and editions which means the problem has been temporarily solved. Here’s how to download Kodi while its website is offline: make sure you use your web browser to navigate to. Additionally you can also visit the official Kodi website, where you will see a red-colored message at the end. “3/3.713.jpg” “3/3.714.jpg” Select next platform you want. You can pick OSX (macOS) and Windows from Android Darwin (iOS). Once you have selected the correct version of your platform. For example when it comes to the Windows application, you can choose between 32bit or 64bit. Generally speaking, most of today’s computers and smartphones support 64bit apps so you can go ahead with that one. “3/3.715.jpg” You can download the required file for free. Windows users can download one of the files ‘ EXE ‘ while macOS can download a file ‘ DMG. ‘ Please also note that Kodi’s most recent stable version is v18.4. We sincerely hope that the developers of Kodi will find a new hosting provider very soon. Although this application can be downloaded without any problems, even now this can be an unnecessary complication for many. Finally remember Kodi is made by a non-profit organization and this software is free. The only way to directly support this team is to get the official merchandise from its online store that is not currently available (being a part of the official website). Pages. Pages. Thank you!