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How does Bitcoin Impact Net Neutrality? ByNovak Bozovic-December 19, 2017.233 We should foresee a series of changes with Net neutrality rules no longer in place. The good news is the fight still isn’t over. It seems like courts are going to determine whether the Fcc made the right choice by opposing the set of rules on Net neutrality. And many of us wonder how various aspects of our online world can change. Let’s take a look at how Bitcoin affects the Net neutrality?

Bitcoin’s Growth Popularity

So what has the digital currency to do with Net neutrality and how does Net neutrality affect Bitcoin? Let’s work it out. .234

How does Bitcoin impact Net neutrality?

The best way to describe what could happen is to quote Marvin Ammori, a lawyer at the Fight for the Future advocacy group: “The average person goes to Coinbase to purchase Bitcoin Ethereum or Litecoin. An exchange is the typical on-ramp – and those are easy to block. This means an Isp will agree that there is a preferred exchange of Bitcoin.

Promotion of certain exchanges

As you can see, the cryptocurrency exchange websites will work with Isps. Since there is a lot of money involved it is important to prevent throttling in every trade. That can build a very volatile rivalry depending on their financial power. Without doubt bigger and more powerful exchanges would want to ‘ sponsor ‘ Isps in order to keep their digital doors open. This also has more serious implications off the road and could impact the long-term actions of cryptocurrencies. There’s more subtle predictions too. The Isps wants to block all cryptocurrencies is not unthinkable. That would mean you’d be losing the ability to make deposits or depositors. As you know this also depends on the government of Us and the way cryptocurrencies are treated.

New Cryptocurrencies

Last but not least there’s another way to see how Net neutrality affects Bitcoin. Isps could come up with its own digital currencies to fight back. This could mean considerable financial benefits in the long term by pushing you to use the chosen cryptocurrency. That could also be done in a way that is less than honest. For example, if you pay with the preferred currency an Isp could run a promotion to discount their services.Golden Frog transforms VyprVpn into a No-Log Service with Evidence Claims

ByBill Toulas-December 6, 2018.236 VyprVpn becomes the world’s first audited No-Log Service Leviathan Security undertakes the audit and supports the claims that VyprVpn has been one of the most common Vpn services in the last decade and that when it comes to user data monitoring and retention times we have been able to use it. Following some instances of poor media coverage though Golden Frog the VyprVpn developer decided to make a leap by turning their product to a completely no-log Vpn service. This fundamental change would help them stand out against any other Vpn provider, and strengthen their user privacy stance as well. But claiming something doesn’t prove it and the absolute confidence of your user-base in the world of Vpn services is something especially hard to win. Nobody anymore believes in bold marketing as it has been proven to be groundless in the Vpn field many times in the past. First Golden Frog has agreed over the past year to collaborate with the Center for Democracy and Technology to create a study that serves as a forum for users to understand what a trustworthy Vpn means. But this was just scrapping the surface of what Golden Frog wanted to accomplish so they recruited security experts from “Leviathan Security” and asked them to perform an in-depth independent audit on VyprVpn investigating if their platform gathers any Pii (personally identifiable information). They gave Leviathan full access to their application code and server infrastructure, and asked their engineers to work with them to illuminate any suspicious security and privacy areas. The results of the Leviathan Security investigation report on their blog proudly tooted that fact. .237 Figure 1 According to Leviathan’s Golden Frog Report, these partnership-based audits may not yet be sufficient to convince some, but they promote such practices as the best way to determine marketing claims. That is why they are hoping their latest VyprVpn product will serve as a lighthouse in Vpn’s nasty and untrustworthy sea. Pages to learn the latest developments in the tech world.