The Most Magnetic Trend Ever!

If you’ve been slightly bored recently and you don’t like your reflection in the mirror before it’s time to change something in yourself – for example the color of your hair. According to trendsetter accounts from Instagram, one unusual coloring technique has been very popular for several seasons in a row. It’s he who started experimenting with cold shades of silver and platinum rose gold and eventually got odd color solutions and a shiny, almost metallic hair shine. How does the color of the hair look like that? Let’s have a look! In collaboration with Kenra Professional, the hair stylist created a line of metallic hair coloring. Such innovative products offer the impression of a superb metallic shine that can not be accomplished with traditional hair cosmetics. If you want to try the metallic hair trend for yourself then remember that as the metallic dye only works on light platinum blonde hair, you will have to schedule multiple coloring appointments.

The Best Colors of Metallic Hair

Top hairstylists give us a huge selection of ultra-trendy metal colors – steel graphite blue violet lavender smoky purple pearl lilac and others. The main thing is the color should be the cool undertone and elegant metallic glow.

Metallic Balayage

Metallic colors remain relevant for several seasons in new collections of eye shadows and nail polishes. But now the metallic obsession has reached its peak – colorists around the world are hearing their customers ‘ requests for metallic scanning. This is essentially a well-known technique of balayage – a soft color stretching between two shades of contrast. However, in this case, emphasis is not placed on the holographic effect on the hair on some strands and ends.

Metallic Rose-Gold Hair

Almost every pink hue corresponds to a certain> rose-gold color itself blends two glamorous colors into something special elegant and very stylish. It’s so elegant and classy that it has managed to influence the style of gadget interior designs make-up accessories and even hair. The color will acquire noble silvery shades when it is washed out on shiny hair, which can be deepened or corrected by subsequent dyeing.

Metallic Gray Hair Color

Anyone with Instagram or following trends in style today can’t help but notice the big trend for silver metallic hair. The coolness of the cold shades that turn into a metallic shine looks incredible! Gray is a shadow that calls for special attention. Try to be imaginative in selecting makeup clothes and accessories to reflect your new color of hair.

Bronze Metallic Hair

Metallic bronze hair shade will make any girl stand out in a crowd, not to mention the very versatile color. Bronze hair color will look particularly eye-catching and attractive on fair-skinned girls with green hazel and gray eyes. This interesting color suits any hair length equally well, but on haircuts such as long bob and pixie it looks particularly chic. It will look better with tan skin dark pink tones, but light-skinned girls can choose a brighter hue.

Ghosted hair technique

New trend has gained popularity among hair stylists ghosted hair. This is hair toning with multiple shades of cold silver oyster and quartz rainbow. This technique allows the impression of hair glare to be produced and strands to be arranged. With the even lighting the ghosted coloring looks like the familiar> platinum blonde where you can see the texture of the locks but with the bright lighting you can see the complex glowing of the shades. Due to the fact that the coloring of the rainbow hides depending on the lighting it was called ghosted. That’s it. Metallic pastel hair all the time and all the money takes care of all the effort. It’s also the most beautiful thing in the world, though, so it balances out!

Do not attempt to achieve this glowing effect at home you will still have to correct the results of your imagination with the aid of an expert. Whether you want a strong hair color or a combination of colors, the main thing is that a professional colorist who can choose the best shades of color according to your skin tone will conduct the coloring in a salon. Otherwise, the perfect pure and fashionable metallic color will not be achieved. Generally any coloring session in a salon includes such basic steps to get the ideal metallic tone I always stress the pre-toneing process because it’s just so important> Cassie Siskovic Kenra Professional Educator says. It’s all about seeing your canvas and adjusting accordingly!

Senior colorist at> Hari’s King Road Salon> Melanie Halacoglu fo. We are moving to cuts and face shapes along with new fad techniques. You’ll always see bangs in the street on celebrities and women. To highlight your best facial features, you can style them up or down in vibrant shades and create eye-catching angles. Would you like to know exactly how? We’re going to show you some new ideas!

Short Hairstyles with Bangs Best Ideas

Short hairstyles can be an ideal way to wear your hair. This helps you to try a lot of different looks and gives you the ability to change your look at the notice of a moment. Do not styling bangs give you the chance to get ready for the day quickly? In a couple of minutes, you can properly style the front of your hair pulling the rest into a simple bun or pony tail. Check the following examples to find some fantastic tricks!

Pretty Dark Purple Pixie

> Long bangs highlighted by color take a classic pixie cut from demure to dangerous and they are also a perfect way to disguise a wide front if you need to conceal it. If you also like dark colors but have grown bored with black hair consider a deep purple shade instead. It’s fun and flirting in a mature way.

The key is to ensure that the bangs are of the right length and blend in as a seamless look with the rest of the hairdo. Instead of working against the texture of your natural hair, ask your stylist for a layered cut to improve it and make your locks look lighter.


Aquamarine Layered Bob

This bob features choppy layers accurately trimmed edges and fun blue hair color with highlights. It’s a great option for fine hair because it makes your strands appear fuller in the back for a voluminous bob with a perfect silhouette.


You also give versatilityslick them to spike themthe possibilities are limitless to redesign your style depending on your mood.


Cropped Cut with Bangs for Fine Hair

Dual-tone styles are extremely popular for women who don’t have enough length to pull off common shade-like dye trends. By adding a lighter color on the front and spicing the crown with a deeper hue, you can brighten the face and have a beautiful darkened effect in your short haircut. It comes as no surprise that the old school mullet hairstyle is being sported again with that being said. The modern take includes dark roots with short bangs of choppy texture and an undercut for a fabulous look of bad girl. 268.jpg” />

Asymmetric Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

The style in this picture is astonishing with the contrast between texture and styling. You can soften the appearance of your crop and frame your face in a beautiful way by keeping your hair long in the front with side-swept bangs. It’s great for a woman who wants a short cut to be simple but likes a more girly look.


Rihanna-Inspired Short Style

This short hairstyle with bangs is the exact copy of the style once worn by Rihanna. If you have a great bone structure you have to show it off with a sexy fringe that reaches right at the cheekbones. And nobody can deny the appeal of dark hair and red lips.


Using what you need to maximize your imagination by allowing everything to be your canvas, from the patterned undercut to the front bangs. Offset intricate tattoos with equally unique> shaved designs and strategically placed highlights.


Embrace the Blues

Any forward fashion person knows that there are many other shades outside of the six main colors that we learn in grade school. This isn’t just any ordinary blue; it’s a nice mix of cerulean and periwinkle with a creative crowd that will earn you major points. A bowl cut works well with straight hair, as it gives you the option to wear your strands in your face without worrying about them.


Extra Short Stacked Bob

How to wear short hair bangs? Brushed on your forehead swept back or in a peek-a-boo fashion depends on the length of your bangs. These extra short bangs do not need any special shaping. Note how beautifully they are balanced by the angled nape. That’s what makes a distinctive bob. Instead of sticking to a bland look, try to find a style that can be worn from day to night differently. This sly shaved model can be concealed at your desk in the back, but it can be shown after dark.


Crazy Crimson Cut

Color is a great way to lift every hairdo and show off the intricacies of a funny cut. Red hair looks particularly impactful against light complexions as the bright color offers a striking contrast. It will definitely help you turn heads for a memorable moment.


You want to make sure that with too many elements you don’t overwhelm your look. This style is interesting because it will look like two completely different wild hairdos on one side, tame and sleek on the other, depending on how you look at it. 276.jpg” />

<img src="

Black Angled Bob

For black women with relaxed hair this is a great option. An A-line cut produces fullness by chemical treatments or heat in strings that may have been weakened or over-processed. Also if you are attached to the length of a short to medium cut is your best bet because for a less drastic look it still holds some hair around your face.

Red Rat Tail

A rat tail is not for the weak heart, making it the perfect look for the ultimate insurgent. Contrast your segment of jagged nape in the back with red local highlights in the front. The whole look says you’re marching to the beat of your own drum and being able to afford less exposure to what others think. Even a round face flatters this theme.

Super Magenta Moment

Amp with a stunning color to your short hair. A bright rosy purple color contrasts drastically with dark hair. It’s a modern take with full bangs on a bowl cut. What a beautiful look for a woman to please!


Rugged and Relaxed

Undercut hairstyles are now madly popular with men and women. If you have large eyes and a triangular or oval face you can go for a cute undercut like in the photo.


Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Jagged Bangs

And the last example of short hair with bangs is this fun pixie with its own character. It’s going to look great on a girl in the gamine. We love the layers of asymmetry and the beautiful side bang.


Add Depth and Angles to Your Bob

Here’s Kellie Martin’s photo of the TCA Event. The actress managed to get a chic feathered short hair look that almost every face shape can pull off. This style is great for those who go with a solid hair color like Kellie’s. It adds depth and angles that you would usually get from the hue.

Pure Elegance with Asymmetric Twist

KarineVanasse took a short edgy bob as the basis for creating the pure elegance hair inspiration we see in the photograph. You create the perfect silhouette of an asymmetric A-line bob by giving your hair a subtle wave and tucking the short pieces behind one ear. As you can see, Karine pulled her hair from her crown back to imitate a side-swept bang’s look. This is a great way for an elegant evening to ease an edgy bob.

Helga Esteb /

Short Hair with Bangs “Pixie Version

Halle Berry shows us just how fun bangs can be. If you’re a lady who doesn’t like to mess with her hair and still likes to be fashionable, and having the finished look will work well for you with this short cut with elongated edgy bangs. With a cut like this you can easily and quickly style your locks. Apply a root volumizer and use your hands to clean your locks with no comb. With a brand, describe your bangs. Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.comv

Deep Side Part

Courtney Palm has fixed her hair in a quick sleek style that will look great with shorts and flip flops as well as with a cocktail dress like you see here. If you’re prone to frizz, throw some serum into your locks before you begin styling this short, light, clean look.

Helga Esteb /

Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

Helga Esteb / Miley Cyrus has set the short hair trend over the past couple of years and has really given a name to the super short look. You can see that her blond platinum locks are cut from the boy and paired with a long side fringe starting on the crown somewhere. This is a great style for those who love short hair as a way to go from punk rock to classic styles with a few simple styling tricks.

DFree /

From Choppy to Smooth

In January’s ‘ Good Kill ‘ premiere, Jones gave a brilliant, smooth look to her short choppy cut to accompany her elegant dress. Blowing backwards with a broad round brush will help you achieve this easy but elegant high bright night look. Style your bangs on the forehead and use a hair spray pump to fix everything.

andersphoto /

Short Hair with Angled Bangs

Kris Jenner looks pretty amazing with her dark brown pixie angle and beautiful red dress. Do you know a lot of women who in their hairstyles can choose a solid hair color and get some real depth and fashion? The one is Kris Jenner. Pass some pomade through the bits that form the ends of your hair. This is a fast, sweet style to the stage.

Helga Esteb /

Color Adding Depth

Helga Esteb / Keri Hilson has darkened most of her hair with little dark downlights below to add depth around her bang line. This is a great way to use very little product to show off a choppy look in your hair. You don’t skip over this style if you have heavy hair that tends to lay flat and look blocky.

DFree /

Short Thick Hair Bangs

Elizabeth Vargas has thick hair and she loves to keep it short. When you want to go with such a cut, make sure that you hold the sides long enough to tuck your ears. When a round brush is used to give a boost to the roots and create the perfect tapered silhouette. Debby Wong /

Short Hair Light Curls

Kathleen Rose Perkins went with a messy touch for a sweet short style. To get the look you need to move your part away from one side to add a nice volume to some waves and height on one side. Including highlights and downlights increases the scale and emphasizes the haircut layers.

DFree /

Short Hair with Soft Diagonal Bangs

Charlize Theron chooses to pull most of her hair forward to create the illusion of a heavy bang sprinkled with light wispy pieces. For someone with a large forehead, this is a great style. By blowing your hair forward, you can easily create the texture. Try drying with your head upside down for added volume.

DFree /

Quick Classy Knot

For those with straight bangs, Rita Ora rocks a fun style. This is a great example of a trendy hairstyle that you can make when you’re short but willing to look stylish and artistic. Turn your hair into a tight top knot and straighten the bangs around your forehead. Give girls a try this easy style on the go!

JStone /

Sleek StraightShort Hair with Bangs

Juliette Binoche wears a straight bang with super sleek straight sides across her forehead. This is a trend that has existed for years, and in the future we will continue to see it. With a flat iron on the base of a perfectly cut blunt bob, the look is easily achieved.

Debby Wong /

Short and Edgy Pixie

Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut can easily be done with loose curls in an elegant way, but it’s also very messy and stylish. You should dry your hair with your fingers to create this look and add a bit of styling product so it keeps the necessary appearance. Drag your bangs in the right direction and mess up the crown’s hair. With just any face shape, this looks great!

Tinseltown /

Short Two-Tone Bangs Hair

Dev presents a truly unique punk style with a pink platinum top and darker bottom. You attract attention to your face when you wear a textured bang cut around your forehead.

Helga Esteb /

Shapely Hair Bangs

Mary J Blige keeps her bangs long and flowing. The contrast between angles of lengths and soft lines really distinguishes this chic style. This is definitely for you if you have a good bone structure.

Helga Esteb /

Short Hair with Bangs and Cute Flicks

With this short textured style, Molly Ringwald looks adorable. With a light lift at the roots and a soft texture interpretation, she opted to blow her hair dry. With a blow dryer and a round comb, you will achieve this hairstyle. Helga Esteb /

Hiding the Bangs

Nicky Whelan went for 25 shorter brunette locks for a cool, edgy look. With a deep part, she pinned her bangs to the side. She tucks the locks into her beautiful neckline and cheek bones on one side behind her eardrawing attention. That’s really a great short look!

Helga Esteb / A short haircut with bangs would you try? Bangs are fun and versatile with a short hair cut in particular. You can easily use them as a side or back side accent of your style or brush / pin them. Having a short cut does not mean that you have one way of styling your hair. Look around and try something new and fun to see what makes you stand out and feel great. You can re-create any hair style on a celebrity to suit your needs and complement your personal style. Prev1 of> Next —> —> Related Posts> Short Baby Bangs That Are Trending for 2019> Buzz Cut Girls That Really Rock Short Hair> Statement Androgynous Haircuts for Women> Best Bangs for All Children’s Face Shapes> Quick and Easy Hair> Wispy Bangs to Completely Revamp Any Hairstyle Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style.


In order to be trendy, a hipster beard does not need to be long. This stubble defines the jawline well and it’s really epic the combed over wave on top! Get your attitude ready because you’re going to have long conversations!


Choppy Side Part for Thick Hair

This short version of the pompadour blends with a chiseled fade. It’s a glamorous look that we think deserves to live on in history books! Styled with wax or glue, this look won’t move long. Trust us!


Pompadour with ‘ Stache

Many cultures have now adopted it once reserved for men who wanted to stand out in their class. It creates a timeless look with a traditional pompadour. And a nose ring always gives the perfect accent of the 21st century!


Curly Top and Tight Sides

If you want all lazy hipster hair look no further than this style here. Back and sides are almost gone leaving a pile of messy curls that can be brushed backwards or allied and left alone!


Textured High and Tight

Wear dignifiedly!


Curly-Q Dan

This cool and funky style offers the idea of men’s sleek vintage hairstyles with a modern quirk. Pair with a strong hold product and wear at any time for a pure WOW factor!


Silver Blonde Undercut

Now for the young guys and girls it’s a light. Pair the haircut with your favorite undercut and wear an allled cover.


Fade with a Wavy Top

A hipster haircut should be trendy and twisted, but it should also take into account the texture of your hair. If you naturally have wavy hair this fade is a great idea. Styling these smart flicks will not be a problem with a good textured haircut.

Evolved Caesar Haircut

Appropriate men’s haircuts are a challenge to modernize sometimes, but this one does a great job! Keep the back at least one inch or two long with the top. Combine forward and build a slightly rounded bang line that is illuminated above the ears by a short fade.


Duck Tail Pompadour

Searching for modern versions of hipster hairstyles is really easy. Implementation? Better leave it to the experts. This one needs some precision so don’t be discouraged!


The New Classic Man Bun

This male hairstyle has been seen by tribes and warriors for thousands of years. There have been many reasons to leave a growing topknot honor to be one and culture to be another. Keep a tight fade all around allowing you to pull in a small knot or bun enough length up to the top.


Creatively Styled Long Top Short Sides

Here’s a nice idea about how to style a long top short sides haircut for guys. Parting the long middle section at the back of the head isn’t a big deal but it’s a new thing to see. Go ahead get creative!


The cut features a tapered fade that makes the long loose curls quickly swept up and back in the center stage.


Highlighted Pompadour

The concept of this hipster hairstyle is the play of contrasts dark and blonde hair shaved temple areas and sideburns that suddenly stop pointing to the lips. Such styles are anything but hackneyed so that they can give you a lot of new confidence and height!

Plus there is a fresh idea of an undercut that blends in the V-cut nape along the sides. If your hair is black or dark brown, this style would certainly look more impressive. ‘

‘> ‘

Full Hawk All-Star Player

Another common hipster hair cut started many years ago in tribal cultures as a very different style. Nowadays it is adopted by every subculture and dressed in a more or less unique way. It’s quite a hipster-esque feel.

> As you can see, there’s plenty of room to work with your own unique style and sense of expression. While several begin similarly, they all end up with their own personal touches like highlights fading smooth lines etc. It’s clear that hipster haircut variations are here to stay! Regardless of what your hair type is, we will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> > Home> Hair Cuts> Bangs