Most days the sweetest look you could possibly love is a cool yet easy bangs ponytail. It’s not too difficult, once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time to style, and most importantly it gives you a great style without trying too hard when you try.

Ponytail Variety with Bangs

They will work perfectly for a working day and a dinner with friends or a date later in the evening. Just decide which cute version you want in the morning of this hairstyle and then enjoy it all day long.

Side-Swept Pony

This look is one of the best casual hair>ponytails. To recreate it (whether you’re a brunette or not it still works beautifully) just tie your locks together in a low ponytail that isn’t too tight so you can sweep it to one side. Take one strand of hair and make it easy to wrap around. Clearly it is intended for long hair, but if you want it also fits with a mesh insert or a fringe. Only tie your hair high on top of your head and braid your pony loosely to get this easily doable look. Straighten your long bangs and finish with a short puff of shiny hairspray (on the bangs to keep their shape). This one does not look like a classy updo?


Side Bangs and Pony for Wavy Hair

This lovely pony is one of the easiest ideas for naturally curly hair. It’s easy to do (almost in a minute or two) particularly if you like messy and cute looks. If you don’t really have> natural curls feel free to create them and then tie your hair to the nape and sweep your pony over your arm.


Double Tied Pony

Whether on the side or not, this look is great for long bangs. Perfect bangs with a pony hairstyle can save your look whenever you have a bad hair day or your locks don’t have time to refresh. The hair should also be very long (or you should feel free to lengthen it with a tissue). Tie up half of your hair and tie another low ponytail together. Wrap a strand of hair around the low pony and secure it with a hair pin in place. This style is not meant to be too loose or too clean.


Tall Messy Pony with Long Bangs

Another easy-to-create look can be achieved just by tingling your hair loosely before securing it tall. Just use a little hair spray to keep the effect. Maintain your bangs natural and you’re good to go.



Glamorous Pony with Side Bangs

This perfect elegant ponytail can be your best hairstyle choice when you’re preparing for an out-of – the-ordinary occasion. First straighten your hair, then slightly curl the ends of the root and gently tie your hair to the side ponytail. And at the same time, if you don’t want to complicate your look too much or you’re bored with curled hair ideas, it could also fit well as an easy then classy prom or wedding hairstyle. If your hair is black and you have a portion of it already died blonde all you need to do is straighten your locks flawlessly and tie them up precisely by cutting out your short bangs. Your pony was swept to one side with long hair.


Half Pony with Parted Bangs

Ideal for messy hair that’s just a little curly. Section half of your hair and tie it up tight. Part of your long bangs in the middle. This hair style is perfect if your hair has natural volume or you just love voluminous styles.


In creative hairstyles, unusually colorful ponytails with fringe are now the next frontier. If you’re thinking of pink purple green or turquoise, focus the color on your bangs and the top of your hair. And the fashion itself is as plain as that, everyone knows how to do it. Use a hair wrap or a metallic / plastic ponytail holder if you don’t want your pony to look too thin at the base.


Vintage Curls

If Christina Hendricks is one of your style icons then you’ll love this ponytail with side bangs. You don’t really need to tie up your hair but just use pins to fix it in a very loose side swept ponytail. Sweep the bangs on the side and apply some light spray.

Weaved Polished Pony with Blunt Bangs

If you want to rock something special, this rare stunning look is right for you. Using a weave you can achieve flawless edges and curves with ideal sleekness without any risk of damaging your natural hair.


High Pony with Contrasting Bangs

As you can see, using clip-in extensions is a simple way to achieve a glamorous hair-to-hair look and play with hair colors. This side ponytail with rose gold bangs is certainly an eye-catching

Get the cornrows on the sides only tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail and wrap around the ponytail base using the cornrow tails. Use your long bangs with a curler. If you also have a shadow, for identical ponytails and bangs, it’s even better.


Classy Flower-Studded Pony


Pineapple Pony with Whirl Bangs

If you want a change from natural Afro hairstyles and Mohawks it might be the right time to try something fun and creative like this sexy and shaved pineapple pony. We love the cut long bangs in a pattern of whirl pool.


Minaj Pony with Arched Bangs

This is another super-easy ponytail with bangs perfect for long and sleek black hair. It works particularly well with arched point cut bangs but even short bangs would do well if they flatter your face shape.


If you have highlights of balayage or shadow, it fits very well. If you’re thinking of a classy formal hairstyle, one of the best ponytails!


Side Pony with Fishbraids and Long Bangs

To start working on this ponytail, first plate your hair in several fishbraids and a loose French braid as a headband. Then tie everything in a low side ponytail and also brush your long bangs to the side.

Braided Headband and Twisted Side Pony

This loose and messy style works especially well for blonde hair but the color is not compulsory. Section a strand over an ear and braid a thin peach braid. Sweep the whole hair and braid to the other side. In the headband braid, split the unbraided locks into two sections and braid a few inches of a fishtail braid. Fix it with a clear elastic and wrap it with a pony strand. This style of ponytail bangs should be light and wispy.

> We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration in our collection of cool bangs ponytails. The beauty of this style is that it can make you look all casual and comfortable but you can also glamorize it for a truly romantic and classy feel when the occasion calls for it. Let your coming weeks consist only of good hair days! It was even defined by an article published by GQ as the final frontier of grooming. While a large number of men are the man bun’s ardent fans and have been rocking it for years only recently, it has gained such immense popularity thanks to celebrities like Jared Leto Brad Pitt and the hottest guy of the Instagram, Brock O’Hurn, who rocked with exceptional ease the disheveled or polished knots on their faces.

What is a man bun

A man bun is a male bun twist. It is simply a bun hairstyle that is worn on the head’s crown or low on the nape or can even be personalized to match one’s tastes and likes. It is created by pulling all of the hair or just the top of the hair into a pony looped into a bun. It has a lot of names like the bro bun or the hipster bun; sometimes even called a mun.

How to Grow a Man Bun

A fairly long hair length is one of the most important factors for a bun. You’re looking for a full bun of eight to nine inches of hair, which is rising for about seven to eight months. At the same time, you could sport a semi-bun on the top of your head or on the nape with just four to five inches of hair. Taking care of the hair while it is still growing is a crucial step, a well-groomed hair mane is a perfect candidate for a bun that is not only convenient but appealing in terms of esthetics. So make sure your hair is conditioned and the right products are used for your hair type.

How to do a man bun

There are two styles of man buns, a full bun and a semi-bun that can be shaped further in several ways. An elastic band is the only necessity for a simple man bun. Depending on your preferences, you can build up from there using hair creams and wax for different texture and shine levels. But just like the woman bun, the no-fuss way to wear the man bun is to gather all your hair for a full bun first and put it on top of the head’s crown or nape and tie it into a single big bun. This is the perfect long hair bun style. The semi-bun is perfect for someone who has hair of moderate length. Collect half of your hair and pull it into a bun on top of the crown. This hair> fade haircut. Put all your hair in a bun in this situation. A more thorough guidance on how to make the bun sort of a tidy guy = Wash your hair and blow it dry (straighten it with a good heat protective if necessary).> Smooth your skin with a small amount of pomade wax or favorite oil.> Take all your hair on top of your head or on your nape.> Loop the hair brace-times more.> Take the hair elastic and tie the ponytail first.> The last stop halfway to create a ‘ loop ‘ bun.> Take the excess hair piece and wrap it around the bun.> Watch a video to get more useful tips

Man Bun Styles in 2019

Hipsters celebrity Caribbean and Asian men tamed the flow of their gorgeous locks by pulling them into fashionable-artsy buns and now you can too. Keep tuned.

Man Bun with Fade Line Up

A very confident style is basically a top man bun and shaved sides all the way around the head. A dry, well-groomed round beard and a blunt line-up suit the overall appearance perfectly.

Classic Full Bun for Long Hair

Hardcore bun connoisseurs will gladly admit that a single tied-up full bun is the most popular man bun trend out of the lot. Clearly this style doesn’t need much effort if you really have long hair.

Wrapped Back Long Braids with Fade

The explorer in you will fall in love with these well-maintained long braids wrapped in a half-pony bun showing the creative edge. And the smooth undershave with clean lines just highlights the wanderer knot’s aesthetics.

Artsy Fishtail Bun with Tattoo

This promises a beautiful hairdo to combine natural hair man bun with a fishtail braid.> The high fade gives the appearance of high maintenance and understandably so but looks extremely inventive with a trendy tattoo and bushy beard.

Thick Man Bun with Line Up

Man bun and beard is quite a pair the undercut in this style adds a decent amount of thickness to already dense hair and provides depth of layers while the fade enhances the clean hair.

Swirled Bun in Wavy Hair

There are no fancy cuts in this style for all you busy men out there, just pull your long wavy hair into a messy swirly bun and you’re good to go. It is low maintenance even when paired with a full beard and depicts an extremely stylish and sexy image.

High and tight Man Bun with Design

A tall> skin fade combined with a messy shaggy knot and a unique design feature is a perfect way to express yourself and there are plenty of talented barbers that can build this cool style for you just make sure that you’re doing your homework well.

The well-styled V-cut features sides that are effortlessly buzzed down to the scalp instead of being shaved. With the look, a shapely trimmed beard goes well.

Inverted Braid Faux Hawk

> Braids have become incredibly popular and the undercut in this style enhances the complexity in the overall updo practically emphasizing the high bun. While the braiding style is pure hard work, it adds so much dimension and volume to the already glossy hair color.

Asian High Bun-Tail with Undercut

The undercut combined with long hair creates the exciting texture comparison.

Crown Bun with straight line

This style is a timeless, trend-setting work of art. The line up’s precise contours accentuate the face’s features and form while giving the high bun a good lift.

Semi-Bun Rebellion

Oh the head cries rebellion and how! The intricate design details all around the head add an edge to the> line up at an angle that clearly emphasizes the bun and the outline of your eyes.

Full Beard Textured Bun

This full beard and bun combination is the ultimate man bun style. A very straight loop with no big skills needed for someone with very long and thick hair just the right low maintenance bun.

The Weaved Man Bun

This beautiful genius French braid and cornrows running confidently towards the crown could not have had a better junction than the sweet and compact bun set off by a sleek undercut.> The fade gives the look a polished look but all the attention is still drawn to the eye-catching set of braids and buns.

The Quintessential Bun with polished sides

Looking for a tough elegant and smart all in one bun? Get hooked in this style the shaved sides faded into the beard provide clean lines while highlighting the face. You’ve got to try a lot to find your own. One thing we know for sure is that the one that fits your hair texture is a really sexy man bun. So let any hair strands stick it’ll look really natural from your top knot.

Asian Shaved Bun

Most Asian men have thick hair. That’s why they like to wear braided hair>shaved sides so much. To smooth the hair plait several cornrows in the front start two more side braids from the top section. Complete the hair style with standard -strand braids. Make a ‘ chain ‘ bun and tie the braided ends around its base. Secure all in place thoroughly.

Bun and Long Beard Half-Ponytail

That’s the problem that most men are constantly haunting. If this moment your facial hair is developing rapid savour. Just be sure to find the right balance between your chin and your hair on your face. The best combination of medium locks and long beard is the best in this fashion. Wet impact is the second reason why we love bun hairstyle half up so much. To get the same feel, use some wax. Buns are not reserved for women alone. More and more people are finding themselves equally trendy and can so quickly and gracefully pull off the trend. Use the above styles as a guide to choose which bun hair cut fits your type of face and hair. Unlike other common hairstyles today, the man bun is very flexible, it certainly gives your look an edge and it doesn’t leave you with just one impression, it can be changed over and over again, driven by your changing mood. Related Posts> Fade Haircuts Patterns That Are Trendy Now> Call It A Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending> Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men> Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men> Best Fall Fade Haircut Ideas for Men> Sexiest Men’s Curly Hairstyles Haircuts and Trends Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. Regardless of what your hair type is, we will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> > Home> Hair Care

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