The keys to casual relationships

The keys to casual relationships

What if summer comes and the lack of clothes makes us see more attractive, that if winter comes and the need for heat makes us look for company … the truth is that the season of the year does not matter, the truth is that the opportunity for a casual relationship it is always on the table. But do you know how to handle the matter? At we give you the fundamental keys to casual relationships, so that you do not get lost and end up involved in an unwanted commitment. Photo: Google Images

Steps to follow:


A casual relationship arises when for some reason neither of the two people seeks a commitment, so the first key is to be in the same tune. If you want something serious but the other does not, then forget it, you will end up involved in a lot of unrequited emotions and the end result will surely be a broken heart


A casual relationship is characterized by just that: lack of formalityTherefore, the commitment in this type of meeting does not fit. The other does not “have to” do anything, nor does he have to accompany you anywhere, the keys to a serious relationship do not apply to casual sex


Occasional relationships should be handled with relaxation, you have to let them flow, they can be seen when both want and can without demanding too much. Don’t expect a lot of attention, messages or long phone calls either, neither of you are looking for something stable, at least until now.


The fourth key is very important: casual relationships and your friends and family. they don’t go together. You do not introduce your parents to a roll of the moment, nor do you let your close friends meet the guy with whom you know you will not last two months. Reserve those moments for someone you really want to be with for the long haul


If it’s someone you like to share certain things with but who clearly won’t turn into a serious relationship, then don’t sacrifice your social life. It’s nice to spend some time together, but don’t focus all your free moments in that person or you will end up messing up more than you want


Get out there, have fun and experiment, but don’t project your wishes and wishes about that person without knowing if he / she thinks the same. Not all relationships are destined for formality, on the contrary most are temporary, so do not complicate yourself!


Apply the philosophy of Carpe Diem, live in the moment, remember that all relationships start out as casual and there is no need to feel remorse if after a few weeks you realize that this person simply does not interest you enough


If the relationship ends because the other decided so, take it easy and go on with your life. Occasional relationships are momentary company, someone new to meet and have fun with and on many occasions they become a new friend if both have the necessary maturity, that’s why take advantage of what has left you and continue with your life without sadness or guilt

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  • If you are at a stage where you desperately want a serious relationship, beware of getting involved “casually” with someone expecting formality, you could end up with a broken heart