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‘ Endgame ‘ had a few ‘ buts ‘

Figure 1 ‘ Avengers: Endgame ‘ cast Steve Granitz / WireImage Absolutely no fan will tell you Endgame isn’t a very good film. Most fans agree that to put a 11 year 22-film saga to a satisfactory conclusion it impressively covers a lot of frames. That said a lot of complaints about “I loved it but” cropped up. Such as “I loved it but I wish they had done more with Captain Marvel.” Or “I loved it but the final choices made by Captain America are questionable.” And “I loved it but did Black Widow have to get such a sudden goodbye? “Tv Rant was one of many sources that pointed out five ways Endgame was better than Infinity War and five ways it was worse. Endgame had better overall dramatic moments, for example, but at the same time people thought about the end of the Infinity War for months that they didn’t have with Endgame.

Why some fans prefer ‘ Infinity War ‘

Another fan said “Whenever that comes up I like to suggest that Infinity War is a movie and Endgame is an experience like your favorite band’s concert. Infinity Wa r has a great plot of one of the best villains of the last few decades, and a surprise ending that leaves us on the edge of our seat. Endgame played all the hits and brought us an absolute culmination of thrill ride that made us cheer and scream and clap and jump in our seats. “A fan in a second thread said Infinity War is more self-contained than Endgame. As Endgame is the second half of the story and wraps up so many threads Infinity War works better as an independent movie.

How are the Avengers films similar to other franchises?

While the Skywalker saga’s end is by no means a financial failure, the Rise of Skywalker will undoubtedly be the lowest grossing in the sequel trilogy. While the film did not appear to have caused as much outrage as The Last Jedi, it may have contributed to more frustration. Some viewers would claim that JJ Abrams has not sticked to the landing. Few will accuse the Russo brothers of having slipped on the finish line. Wherever one comes down on the Infinity War vs. Endgame controversy fans will agree that the two films were a one-two knockout punch. Even critics would admit that Kevin Feige’s achievement and his team is remarkable, however many people argue that Marvel movies are diminishing cinema.


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