The Curly Girl Method

As much as women and girls want to show off their curly hair, they all know it comes with several downsides. There are split ends besides the constant frizz and flyaways, tangles of greasiness and breakage that keep coming back regardless of what you do. What a lot of people don’t realize is they can do too much to keep their locks. Naturally curly hair needs a simple but successful routine to keep it clean and shiny without damage. That’s why many have been swearing for years by the curly girl method and are thrilled with the results.

How the CG Process Came About

In December 2001, hairstylist Lorraine Massey published her hair care manual Curly Girl The Handbook. It was considered revolutionary to embrace curls at a time when pin-straight hair was the ideal look for all women. Yet once again became common just a few years after the CG approach caught on wavy and curly hair. Ideal for those with healthy and unrelaxed hair, this approach does not rely heavily on sulfate-free conditioner and styling gels. The effect is beautifully moisturized hair and full-bodied waves. If you’ve been considering giving up shampoo or are just looking for a way to really bring your curly hair to life then read on for some great tips from Lorraine Massey hair stylist.

Before starting the Curly Girl Method

Remember what not to use before you start. Moisture is crucial here so there’s no question of anything that dries or hurts your hair. Remove shampoos and styling products containing alcohol scent sulfates and silicones that are not water-soluble. Brushing your hair when it’s dry is what makes you crack the most, so you’re going to want to stop doing that. For very specific circumstances, combing and heat styling should be reserved. Use a clearing shampoo to extract all dirt oil and product residue from your hair and prepare your hair so that your hair will be completely clean by the time you start the CG process. Because you will only use this shampoo until you obtain either a bottle of travel size or a sample to reduce waste. Next get rid of your old shampoo and start looking for sulfate-free conditioners and gels for styling. Then finally remember that no amount of moisturizing will bring back to life your dead ends. Trim them off to start fresh and save money on your own. You’re ready to start once you’ve taken all of these steps. Related Game-Changing Curly Hair Products

Wash and Go CG Process!

Distribute the conditioner throughout the scalp after you have wet your hair and massage it with your fingertips and not your nails. It activates the follicles of the hair and strengthens the roots. It also removes any sweat oil and dandruff that sticks to your scalp and makes it easier for you to wash them off. Then completely rinse out the conditioner. It can be performed as rarely as once a week depending on how dry the scalp is. Next distribute the conditioner over the rest of your hair and slowly and gently untangle your hair with either your hands or a wide-tooth comb. Start your way up at the ends as you through all the tangles. When done, rinse most of the conditioner with cool water as it will seal the cuticula and reduce friction. You can also use the comb to separate your hair at this stage. Massey suggests a side part to prevent the uncomfortable triangle shape but it works perfectly well with whatever you want. jpg” />

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Styling Your Curls

Depending on your hair type, this step is special. While the hair is still soaked, those with curlier hair can apply products immediately. Wavy hair needs to dry at least five minutes in advance. It is also advised to use a leave-in conditioner as a first move. Make sure that it is nice and emulsified by rubbing it between your palms before applying the gel. Then use your hands to brush it gently. Once all of your ingredients take the time to make your curls really form. You can either scrunch them up in the palm of your hand or twirl them around your finger individually. A wash and go without coloring or heat is recommended for those with more coily hair. While it’s drying, do not touch your hair as tempting as it may be. Not only will this kill the curls, it will also cause frizz. Wrapping an old T-shirt or microfiber fabric around your head for a few minutes is a good way to cut back on drying time. If you’re in a big hurry, use a diffuser to prevent serious damage until your hair is mostly dry.

Maintain Your Curly Hair

First of all, it’s very important to adjust your hair for a couple of weeks. Years of improper care can not be fixed immediately, and for some time the hair can look even worse. Be patient and remember not to give up cold turkey shampoo. Use a little less each time you wash and combine to make the transition easier with the conditioner. Once you’re comfortable, take the time in case of emergencies to find a great hair stylist. Do your research before making a decision and ask the right questions. Make sure that they are properly trained to cut your hair type and ask them what products they are using on their customers. An experienced stylist will know that curly hair is better for long rounded layers and that razor cuts can often lead to split ends. Eventually, make sure that every four to six months your hair is trimmed to avoid any dryness or harm that might weigh down your hair. If you regularly style your hair, or if it just grows abnormally quickly, get it more frequently trimmed. Consider also the advantages of dry trim as it is more difficult to determine how your hair curls when it is wet and straightened out.

Showing Your Natural Wavy Locks

When your hair has completely adapted to your new routine and your curls are now healthier and more complete than they have ever been, the only thing left is to show them off. Remember that although each hair form has its own unique set of challenges, in their own way they are all beautiful. The beauty industry has been spending countless amounts of time and money for far too long urging people to change their appearance entirely. With more and more media empowering women and girls to accept and even improve what inherently belongs to them, the Curly Girl handbook has proved to be an invaluable tool to help them gain the trust they deserve.

Curly Girl Process Products Approved

Any silicone- and sulfate-free material is approved as a CG process. Because finding what works best for your hair can take some time, we have compiled a short list at The Right Hairstyles to aid you in your quest.

How to test if the CG approach is appropriate for your products?

Don’t worry if you use a brand not mentioned above. There’s an easy and fast way to check for CG approval of your goods. All you need to do is use this page to enter the complete list of hair product ingredients separating each with a comma. Once all the ingredients have been entered, Apply hit and the decision will be on its way! Now that you have all the tools you need to get the best out of your curls, enable The Right Hair> this blog and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on brand new posts.

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Long Red Hairstyles

Pay attention to the stars of our list if your natural hair color is red or you dye your locks in reddish hues. Both of them without exaggeration are beautiful beauties!

Long Red Hairstyle of Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain still looks beautiful and feminine. She rocks a beautiful downdo with layered copper waves shaped into a side sweep in this photo. The light flicks made to define the layers using a curling iron and your sweet look is set. You’re going to handle this hairstyle at home even if you don’t have any particular hairstyling skills. Jaguar PS /

Golden Glitter Of The Long Red Curls of Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher wears a ravishing mane of golden red curls with a broken texture. Once each lock is curled all of them to maintain the beautiful pattern and texture very carefully. Remember how you taunt your locks from mid shaft to ends at the roots with long hair and form curls.

Simple But Impressive Red Long Hairstyle From Angie Everhart

American actress and model Angie Everhart is ready to shine in the rays of her glory. Her fiery red long locks are a powerful appeal to any look. With a gentle lift at the roots and the nonchalantly thrown back front hair, Angie becomes a sexy beauty ready to win the hearts of her fans at any moment.

s bukley /

Marcia Cross And Her Sleek Mirror-Like Red Tresses

Marcia Cross and her Desperate Housewives protagonist all imitate strict hairstyles. In Marcia’s sleek outfit and accessories, this basic symmetric hairstyle with the distinct center parting looks cool. Choosing neutral makeup is predictable but fair in stylistic terms.

HelgaEsteb /

Sophie Turner’s Hairstyle For Long Red Hair The Pony We All Like

If you need a decent long hairstyle to go out and the least amount of time you need to prepare a pony is salvation. The spontaneous pony of Sophie Turner sits on her shoulder mischievously. There’s no need for the ideal sleekness. On the contrary, the zest of your look can be a messy touch. In 2019, all kinds of ponytails are mega-popular.

Long Red Curly Hairstyle Of Molly C. Quinn

Molly C. Quinn’s lady-like look is adorable. This dress might make a woman look older in her, but Molly pulls off her look with her young face healthy blush and girly natural-looking long curls. There is no need for accessories.

HelgaEsteb /

Bella Thorne’s Red Long Layered Hairstyle

A decent layered haircut is the first thing you need to look great for your long red locks. For a special occasion, a performance long red haircut with layers is a great base on simple casual hairstyles with sexy downdos and sleek updos free-flowing locks. The allled layers of Bella Thorne are a beautiful sight and the hairstyle seems to be straightforward eh? Jaguar PS/

Naughty Red Curls And Alabaster Hair Of Karen Elson

The contrast between her pale skin and bright red hair has given Karen Elson the zest of her personal style. If your long red hair likes to curl, you can just add a bit of shaping to style your locks and wear them to hang freely.

DebbyWong /

Stef Dawson’s Chic Long Red Hairstyles With Bangs

Another easy-to-use hair style for long red hair that fits just as well in casual and evening looks is half down. With face-framing streaks and light eye-brow-skimming horizontal bangs, Stef Dawson has opted for his messy interpretation. For any occasion, you can embrace her experience and come up with a simple stylish hairstyle. HelgaEsteb /

Debra Messing And Her Sculptured Red Waves

Debra Messing’s monumental presence at first sight impresses, and her sculptured waves play a leading role in her image’s showiness. Debra’s long red hairstyle lines highlight her perfect cheekbones and classic facial characteristics.

HelgaEsteb /

Medium Length Red Hairstyles

Medium Length Red Hairstyle With Cropped Horizontal Bangs From Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko’s bun with cropped bangs and side locks is a nice, medium to long red hair style idea. Messy buns have a distinctive flourish for rustic hairstyles on red hair. And even on the red carpet, they’re not a rare thing nowadays.

DFree /

Red Medium Hairstyle Sondra Currie’s Universal-Flattering Romantic Curls

Bright red hair doesn’t flatter every woman but natural redhead Sondra Currie is an exception. Sondra’s curvy copper locks set off her beautiful blue eyes and we sense this beautiful woman’s strength of love. Helga Esteb /

Classy Medium Red Haircut With Layered Ends From Amy Adams

Amy Adams emphasizes the quality of her beautiful red hair, which is cut through the ends in one length with a soft surface. This trick helps to avoid the feeling of immovable heavy tresses with thick hair that can occur. The color range is amazing! Once again we realize how very special all redheads are when we look at pictures like this.

Helga Esteb /

Real Love In Every Stroke From Ahna O’Reilly

The romantic look of Ahna O’Reilly breathes the freshness and carelessness of young people. The beautiful summer frills dress sets the flirtious tone and the nonchalant red pony joins in to intensify the impression. Another example to prove that in the simplest hairstyles red hair looks beautiful. Featureflash /

Medium Length Red Hairstyle From The Most Renowned Hollywood Redhead

The red hairstyles of Julianne Moore are not elegant, but her locks still shine with health and natural beauty so it’s a pleasure to style them. The loose curls at the ends are shaped by a curling iron with a large barrel. It is one of the hairstyles that will never let you down.

Helga Esteb / The red hair magic is incredible! In your look, a plain red hairstyle also plays a major role. Whether it’s a sleek pony or a snazzy downdo with beautiful red waves cascading your back, you’ll never stay unnoticed. Related Posts Medium-Length Hair Tutorials Even Beginners Can Do Party Hair Beautiful Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Long Hair Fun and Flattering Medium Hair Stylish Concepts for a Stay Connected Pageboy Haircut Hair Cuts and Patterns Get inspiration from hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeLengthMedium