Medium Natural Hairstyles For Ladies

These days more and more African American women are beginning to appreciate the special charm of natural black hair and styling oppor. Thankfully, there are stars who, based on the principle, remain normal and look amazing. The first to come to mind was Solange Yaya Da Costa Lupita Nyong’o Esperanza Spalding, but there are many more! We are willing to share their ravishing new natural looks for inspiration with you. Here are the new ideas for medium-length natural hair. These are elegant and easy to do on your own.

Best Natural Hairstyles in Mid-Length

Soft And Fluffy Like Cotton Candy

Esperanza Spalding is an ardent fan of natural hair. She prefers medium-length natural kinks because they look pretty feminine and neat especially when combed out carefully. The design and shape of the hairstyle of Esperanza are in harmony with her strapless dress with the silk rose. That’s how to create the most harmonious looks!

DFree /

Tiny Distinct Spirals

Brandy Norwood often plays with hairstyles, but if the songstress is real, she makes every effort to get the perfect ringlets. These are trimmed to feature an impressive rounded shape that is the most appropriate for natural hairstyles of the mid-length.

s bukley /

Natural Hairstyle Medium With Wispy Curls

A natural medium that covers your ears is a nice way to accentuate your glamorous neckline without having to lift your locks up into a hairstyle updo. However, if it’s not long, it’s easier to maintain the health strength and good natural hair appearance. Sophie Okonedo retains her little wispy curls ‘ incredible texture. We love it! Featureflash /

Curly Smoothie

Going shorter on the sides and at the nape while having elongated locks on top produces a new and unhackneyed individual style. Kelis sports the short ringlets with the beautiful texture which blends well and gives a stylish look that is super cool.

Featureflash /

Permian-like Layered Waves

Now Jennifer Hudson likes to embrace her black hair but there were moments when she was so pretty with her natural wavy locks! Such lovely perm-like waves feature the smooth ends on the sides of Jennifer’s head and beautiful size.

s bukley /

A Halo Of Natural Curls

Normally we see Naomi Campbell with straight black tresses of poker. It’s really a rare opportunity to see her show with natural hair in public. But at the GLAAD Media Awards, the happy day happened. Wow, her hairstyle’s rounded form accentuates her stunning oval face and lovely pointed nose! It really flatters her!

Helga Esteb /

Hat Updo Pillbox

Like Naomi Campbell Yaya Da Costa is a devoted admirer of natural hairstyles. She likes medium-length waves and playing with sleek updos doesn’t mind. A cool idea is the trendy elegant updo with a bun wearing a pillbox hat. The bun’s texture and Yaya’s dress print are also in harmony. We love that idea!

Featureflash /

A Pile of Polished Black Curls

An updo with a mass of glossy curls hanging on the crown still works as a hairstyle concept for the evening. With the polished finish for the curls and the elegant jeweled hair piece that looks like an exquisite hair brooch, Shingai Shoniwa made her unique.

Featureflash /

Natural Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Asymmetry

Teyonah Parris demonstrates a simple natural hairstyle which looks extremely stunning and works for a special occasion. A deep side section and a mix of smooth texture and kinky coils make an impression of mind-blowing!

Featureflash /

Extravagant Roll Above The Forehead

Janelle Monae provides a stylish natural hair updo variation that looks extremely trendy and helps you to expose your beautiful black hair’s texture. The hairstyle principle is much the same as with a French knot only shifting the knot to the forehead this time.

JaguarPS /

Twist Braids Hairstyle

Jessica Williams prefers twisting braids which are a good base for making intricate hairstyles easy to use. This hair construction looks quite sophisticated but it’s actually a front-framing fishtail braid and a knot with freely hanging braids on the nape. HelgaEsteb /

Delicate Bun-like flowers

Thandie Newton’s floral asymmetric curly bun looks very delicate. The elegant vegetal lace dress improves her romantic mood. If you want a very soft feminine look to be influenced by the image of Thandie for a special occasion. In its delicacy and beauty, it is irresistible!

HelgaEsteb /

Bright Tree Braids For Natural Hair

Kim Cole loved all the advantages of tree braids that are not only an excellent way to protect your natural hair, but also an opportunity to enhance it with some pretty colorful stripes. Kim opts for stripes of bright red. With her warm brown eyes and delicate golden chocolate skin tone, these are a perfect compliment.

s bukley /

Popular shoulder length natural hairstyle

Many African-American girls do not like the idea of big hair all around the face. Okay, while it looks very cute, you might want to look for diversity. Kelly Rowland says that your kinky coils should be balanced and elegant on top. For elongated face shapes, this hairstyle is particularly flattering.

vipflash /

Two Face-Framing Twists As A Nice Adornment

Beautifully shaped black angled ringlets such as Kimberly Elise’s are a trendy hairstyle already. You may want to finish your hairstyle with two face-framing twists braided from the locks that keep falling on your forehead if you want to keep all your locks off your neck.

s bukley /

Adorable Kinks

Solange Knowles is well aware of her natural hair charm. This is one of her hairstyles that, despite its simplicity, looks brilliant. We love the kinky look that doesn’t seem frizzy and untamed, smooth and fluffy.

PaoloBona /

Classy Top Bun

Try to achieve the perfect sleekness around the pony base if you want to replicate the chic bun of Tracee Ellis Ross. And the bun will expose the texture itself. This hairstyle will flatter oval-faced girls.

Helga Esteb /

Adorable Natural Hairstyle With A Headband

If your medium natural hair is too voluminous, you can manage it with a trendy piece of hair like the chic headband of Oprah Winfrey. On days when you need to look good, it’s a great idea but you don’t have time for more complex hairstyles.

JStone /

Cicely Tyson prefers comfortable black hair but sometimes we get a glimpse of her beautiful natural curls. The distinct spirals like these are a stunning ornament that makes Cicely’s hairstyle’s long outline and texture perfect! JoeSeer /

Natural Voluminous Waves

Ross looks fantastic at Diana’s age! Her big black hair is part of her image, to which she remains loyal over the years. A natural complement to her strapless floor-length dress and the feather cape is the sloppy fluffy voluminous waves.

The natural hair of DFree / is a blessing. You’ll love it even more as soon as you find out how to style it in different ways. Let our review be like a guide to hair styling. Pin the pictures you like the most and don’t be afraid to try your new looks with different doses! Related Head-Wrap Tutorials for Natural Hair Medium-Length Hair Tutorials Even Beginners Can Perform Ways I Nowadays Famous Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads Most Effective Ways to Avoid Shrinkage in Natural Hair Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas for hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeBoys and Men’s