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9 Things You Should Always Negotiate For a Good PriceChris Reed More Articles June 08 2016 Xbox One and Controller Source: Microsoft

Con: You will spend more money

Nobody has to buy a super-charged Xbox One Scorpio, of course, but if you want to stay up-to-date on video games you need to get one. That’s too bad because most Xbox One owners bought their console with the expectation of having a machine that could play state-of – the-art Xbox games for a good five to 10 years. Further regular refreshments to the hardware means more money for players who want to stay up to date. In negotiations with Oculus, Microsoft is officially introducing the Rift to Xbox One Scorpio Source: Oculus Pro: Improved Graphics

Hopefully a more powerful new console enables games to be improved looked at. Standard Xbox One games look pretty fantastic as they are now, but the Xbox One Scorpio could run games that look even more impressive with hardware strong enough to pump out 4 K graphics and power an Oculus Rift — as reports say.

Con: Xbox gaming would be more difficult One great thing about console gaming is that if you own the console that you know you can play any console game you’ve made. That’s not the case for PC gaming where games need hardware specifications and sometimes compatibility problems with some parts of the PC. The Xbox One market will be divided with a new more powerful Xbox One coming out. Some people will have the original Xbox One while others will have the newer Xbox One Scorpio, which is more powerful. It seems likely games will lose compatibility with the original Xbox One in the future.

Pro: The Oculus Rift will arrive at Xbox One Scorpio

With Sony set to launch PlayStation VR in October, the future virtual reality of Microsoft looks bleak as it hasn’t confirmed anything for Xbox gamers (HoloLens doesn’t count). It would be a big boon for Microsoft and Xbox fans if the rumors are true and Microsoft is looking to partner with Oculus to bring the VR headset to Xbox One Scorpio. @ ChrislreedThe Facebook cheat sheet!

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