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Why ‘Parasite’ Is Only Available to Watch on Hulu Robert Yaniz Jr. More Articles February 25, 2020 This is a very poor time not to be a fan of Director Bong Joon HoIMAX screensDonald Trump has weighed in on the popularity of the South Korean film during the awards season. So it’s easy to see how omnipresent Parasite fever really is. Nevertheless, one place viewers won’t hear a peep about Bong’s film is recently announced on NetflixHulu that it has acquired exclusive streaming rights for Parasite. The movie will be available to subscribers starting April 8, 2020. Here’s the full story behind why Hulu will have to sign up for Parasite fans to download the Oscar-winning film.

‘ Parasite ‘ made history of Oscar

Before we describe the facts behind Hulu’s taking home four major releases of foreign films in the USA. Bong’s movie, too, is one of the most talked-about 2019 movies. Parasite has rode a wave of massive critical raves all the way to the stage at Oscar. And while most of those who’ve seen the movie love it, there are a lot of other filmgoers who are definitely still waiting to catch up. Hulu’s exclusive rights to Parasite are then placing the streaming site in an excellent position as audiences try it online. Hulu has exclusive streaming rights

While Hulu’s exclusive rights to the Oscar-winning movie form part of a multi-year licensing agreement. Hulu struck a deal with Neon in 2017 — the Parasite distributor. All of Neon’s material will only be available on Hulu under this agreement. Neon was only formed in 2017 but has already had considerable success. The company has produced or distributed critical darlings such as I Tonya Three Identical Strangers and Apollo 11 in just three years. But 2019 was its best year with Oscar winning focus on Honeyland and Parasite. In 2018, Neon landed delivery to the latter across North America. 2020 is already turning Neon into another major year. Horror film The Lodge plays out slowly, with several more launches planned for the coming months. Like Parasite they wind up on Hulu after their theatrical runs are over. — Hulu (@hulu) 24 February 2020 ‘Parasite’ fans will need HBO So Bong’s Oscar-winning film fans may want to renew their Hulu subscription if they want to watch Parasite-inspired HBO limited series. We still have no concrete details on the plot. Yet sources say that instead of wanting to broaden the universe of Successioncreator, it won’t retell the same story—Adam McKay (The Big Short) even helps Bong transform his film onto the small screen. There’s no telling at this early stage whether the HBO series will stay true to its characters and setting in South Korea. An approach that applies the basic premise of the film to a more traditional American tale is easy to imagine. We just hope that the show stays true to what made Parasite resonate with so many.