TATTOOS to cover stretch marks – With Pictures!

Tattoos to cover stretch marks

Having stretch marks, believe it or not, is completely natural. It does not matter your gender, your height, your skin color or your size; all bodies are susceptible to stretch marks. However, there are many people (especially women) who, due to the toxic beauty standards imposed by society, are ashamed of the appearance of these white and / or bruised marks.

Stretch marks, as you well know, are skin atrophies that can appear in various areas of the body, although the most common are the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. If you wonder why stretch marks appearYou should know that there are several reasons: pregnancy, some diseases, rapid weight gain or growth itself. As we have said, the appearance of stretch marks on the skin is something completely natural that we should all begin to normalize. However, there are people whose desire is to cover or hide these marks.

If this is your case, today we want to talk to you about an idea that will make you fall in love: tattoos to cover stretch marks. Whether you want to totally cover a stretch mark or you want to add a little creativity and color to your marks, these tattoos will enchant you. From UNCOMO we discover a lot of original ideas and creative photos of tattoos to cover stretch marks. Pick your favorite!

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the abdomen

One of the reasons why stretch marks appear on the abdomen is, as we have seen previously, due to pregnancy. The tattoos that we show you below are a great idea if you want to hide the marks that appear in this area or on the sides of the belly.

  • flowers: flowers are a design that does not go out of style. It depends on the exact area in which the stretch marks have appeared and on your own taste, you can choose one type of drawing or another. In the first example of the image you can see an illustration in black ink that covers the entire lower abdomen and decorates part of the sides of the belly. If you want to add more color to your body, you can bet on filling the flowers with vivid tones like the ones in the last image.
  • Animals: If you are passionate about animals and tattoos with deep meanings, you can bet on one of the options that you will see below. Do you know what these animals symbolize? The eagle, for example, symbolizes spiritual power, courage and strength to overcome all kinds of obstacles. The deer, on the other hand, is the protagonist of many tattoo designs, as it symbolizes longevity, good luck and rebirth.

The belly tattoos for women and men they are a great option for covering white streaks and adding color and art to each brand.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks - Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the abdomen

Image: Pinterest

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the legs and thighs

The legs and thighs are parts of the body where stretch marks often appear due to growth and sudden weight gain. The tattoos to cover scars and stretch marks in this part of the body they tend to be longer than the previous ones, which is why we propose new ones Original ideas.

Once again, black ink flowers are a surefire option that will make all kinds of tattoo lovers fall in love. However, you can also go for more creative ideas, such as animals in colorful designs that occupy a large part of the thigh or can even be expanded by the hips or abdomen. Finally, we propose the astronomy and astrology related designs, since they are a very attractive and popular proposal. In the last image, for example, the tattoo stars a crescent moon in black ink that, together with the sun, covers more than half of the thigh. Depending on the exact area where the stretch marks have appeared, you can place the tattoo in one place or another.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks - Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the legs and thighs

Image: Pinterest

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the buttocks

Once again, the design you choose to cover the stretch marks that appear on the buttocks will depend on the exact centimeters of skin you want to cover and the illustrations that you like the most. In the options that we show you below, you can discover from the most daring and colorful designs to the most minimalist and simple drawings.

As you will see, flowers continue to play a leading role in covering stretch marks in this area, although to cover the buttocks marks, the japanese style tattoos, as you can see in the first image that we propose. Finally, we want to discover a trend that is booming: that of adding bright colors to each stretch. This technique is gaining popularity on social networks such as Instagram, as more and more people decide to tattoo or paint the white marks to fill the skin with color and transform the stretch mark into a work of art.

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Source Pinterest.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks - Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the buttocks

Other ways to cover stretch marks

Makeup for stretch marks

If you like tattoos but still don’t dare to take the step, you may be interested in applying makeup for the stretch marks you want to hide. There are certain times of the year, such as summer, when our skin is usually more exposed and the areas of our body where stretch marks appear are more visible than ever. If you have stretch marks on your cleavage, buttocks, thighs or any other part of your body and you want to hide them, the stretch mark makeup it can be a great ally. We give you some tips so that you learn how to apply makeup correctly:

  • Choose the right makeup: With this warning, we not only mean that you choose a reliable makeup brand, but that you take into account your exact skin color, since the goal is for the makeup to be natural. You can get liquid or powder makeup to cover stretch marks at the drugstore, a perfumery, etc.
  • Use a makeup sponge: to make the camouflage look natural, use a makeup sponge (also known as a beauty blender) and tap the area until it is completely covered. If you prefer, you can use a makeup brush that allows you to follow the whitish stretch marks well.
  • Don’t forget about setting powder: this product, also called translucent powder, is necessary for makeup to seal well on the skin and to absorb excess moisture from makeup. The setting powder will help to achieve a natural and light result.

Stretch Mark Creams

You should know that eliminating stretch marks completely is practically impossible, although many products promise their disappearance. However, there are a large number of creams that can help you hide these marks now. prevent more from appearing. There are creams that are also very useful for avoid stretch marks in pregnancy.

Ask your trusted pharmacy or a cosmetic store for this type of cream and they will advise you on some of the most beneficial products for skin elasticity and hydration.

Cloaking for stretch marks

The cloaking for stretch marks It consists of a procedure that fills each of your marks with pigments of the same color as your skin. It is a camouflage that undoubtedly provides an excellent and permanent natural result to this problem. The duration of the treatment depends on the size and, above all, on the depth of the stretch mark, although, in general, it does not usually exceed two hours. Cloaking can also be understood as a type of tattoos on white stretch marks, since it is a technique that consists of adding color to the mark until it cannot be distinguished from the rest of the skin.

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Stretch Mark Covering Tattoos - Other Ways to Cover Stretch Marks

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