When it comes to natural curly hair styling, whether you are a novice or a pro, we all need the easy and practical styling. The beauty of curly kinky and coily hair is the versatility it makes possible. Here are various natural hairstyles that you can wear every day!

High Puff

Due to its super low maintenance, the high puff is the go-to style for most natural hair women. This style is perfect for those who don’t like taking a lot of time in the mornings to style their hair. It needs only one headband device! How to


If you’re on the move and have no time to update complicated braids and grooming devices like flat-irons and curlers, a basic style of washing is great. A Quick Tip Before adding any gels or curl-defining cream, make sure to clean and thoroughly condition your hair for added moisture.

Curly Bang with Bow Scarf

Watch this post on Instagram at 42am PDT Curly hair is a lazy day blessing. Even if you don’t feel like styling your hair at all, a curly bang can be produced and a colorful bandana or headscarf added to keep the look quirky and enjoyable. A Quick Tip In vintage stores and on eBay you can buy beautiful headscarves. You can also shop at your favorite high-end street stores, such as H&M Primark and Accessorize, for more modern styles. Braided Headband View this post on Instagram on June 2019 at 47am PDT This sweet and easy style is quick and budget-friendly, close to a high puff. You will need bobby pins hair gel hair extensions (Marley braid) and a pick comb. How to High Bun A high bun can work with after-work drinks for every occasion you can think of formal events running errands. A bun is a wonderful multifunctional hairstyle! A Quick Tip Put your hair in a bun really carefully; as we all know natural hair requires a lot of love. Too much manipulation can cause breakage, especially if you put your hair in the bun incorrectly! French Braid Updo For different occasions, this French-braid updo is pretty and perfect. It is also a hairstyle that is very low-maintenance. How to Braid Out

Braid-outs are the best friend of a curly-haired woman when you’re fatigued with shrinkage and want a stretched-out look. It’s a great alternative to a twist-out or Wash regardless of the Go. How to view this post on Instagram at 32am PDT Curly ‘ Fro Hawk on Apr 2019 is one of my favorite summer styles. It’s super easy to do and by adding braids and accessories you can customize it. How to view this post on Instagram on June 2019 at 32pm PDT This timeless style is my go-to for going to the gym and doing some errands. How to Quick Curly Ponytail with Weave This look is for you if you want to add a little glam! It’s a great look to have a fun night out or just want a bit longer and more volume during your working day. All you need is your favorite curly hair weaving hair gel bobby pins and a hair band to achieve this look. Through adding various braids and twist patterns, you can also replicate this look. A Quick Tip Instead, choose a drawing ponytail if you want to achieve the same style without much effort. Braidless Crochet Half-Up Half-Down View this post on Instagram at 12 pm PST on November 2017 Can’t decide to wear a ponytail or let your hair down? Okay, you don’t have to do this hairstyle! If you’re not sure how to braid I’ve covered you, don’t worry! This sweet and stylish semi-down look is one of my favorite styles to create because it’s so versatile. A Quick Tip Recreate similar appearances by changing the crochet braids ‘ color and style. Low Bubble Ponytail View this post on Instagram at 05am PDT on October 2018 A bubble ponytail is a cool, creative hairstyle that suits everyone. How simple yet stylish it is, what I love about this bubble ponytail! It took me a few minutes to do that. How to Sleek Low Ponytail Despite ponytails being a fairly simple hairstyle depending on the texture of the hair getting sleek the hair requires great products and the right technique. For a smooth and sleek finish, I love combining Eco Styler Gel with my favorite edge control. To figure out what works best for you, make sure to play around and explore. A Quick Tip You can jazz up your ponytail by inserting extensions if your hair is short or medium in length. If your hair is long, however, you can braid the ends and unravel later to create waves of mermaid. A great alternative to cornrows is Flat-Twist Low Ponytail Flat twists as they operate with two twists instead of three. It makes getting the hang of them much easier for beginners! It’s much faster, too. A Quick Tip Some women find their twists on dry hair to work better, some consider wet hair better. If this is your first time, don’t worry about playing and exploring to see what works better and which way is easier for you. Side-Swept Bun A side-swept bun is a very flattering style because it is enjoyable and very flexible. There are so many ways a side can rock, but it all depends on the opportunity and personal preference. How to Finger Waves on Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) It’s certainly going to turn heads! Since the 1920s, it’s been around and stayed here. When my hair was shorter, this was one of my go – to styles. How to Master Natural Hair> Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get daily tips and join our lovely community. Related posts How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps How to Fake Bangs in Easy Steps How to Make a Ribbon Braid in Easy Steps How to Make a Pierced Ponytail from an Infinity Braid How to Make Cute Bubble Braids in Literally Minutes How to Make

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