Short hairstyles

Hairstyles For All Face Shapes

Long Pixie Cut

A lot of women worry about styling their new short hair. However you shouldn’t be. There are so many cool looks that you can create and this is one of them. The hair is shaved on the side with a side part and the rest of the hair is long. There is also a beautiful braid too. The braid looks trendy and you can add a braid to any short cut that is around this length.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut

Next we have another glam hairstyle to show you. This is a light blonde pixie cut with a side part and volume. It is a stunning idea that has an old Hollywood glamour vibe but with a modern twist. This hairstyle is one of our favorites and it would look amazing on anyone. You will look like a like a trendy Marilyn Monroe.

Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Got a special occasion coming up? Then you need to see this next idea. Here we have a cool short cut that has been accessorized! The hair has been styled with gorgeous sparkling hair glitter. Hair glitter is stunning and will look amazing for parties nights out and more. You can use hair glitter on any hairstyle and you can buy it online.

Light Pink Haircut Side Bangs

Our next idea is another short cut in a funky color. Here we have a cute light pink hairstyle. This is another undercut but with side swept bangs. The bangs look so pretty and stylish the color is amazing too. A beautiful pink shade like this will suit all haircuts and will look gorgeous for the spring and summer seasons.

Blonde Short Cut

Our next idea is another stylish blonde cut. The hair is short and layered around the back and sides and gets a little longer on the top. We love this idea because the hair is sleek straight and the cut makes the whole style look modern. This is a cool hairstyle and it is another hair idea that would look fabulous in a bright color.

Trendy Short Cut With Side Swept Bangs

If you love the short haircuts with bangs then this is another style for you. This is a short pixie cut with long side swept bangs. The bangs here are subtler than the ones we featured earlier and a hairstyle like this will look stunning on everyone.

Cute Short Pixie Haircut

Next we have cute hair idea. The hair is shaved a little around the back and sides but then the hair gets longer towards the top. There are also straight across bangs too. This is a simple but super stylish look. It is perfect for the ladies who like their hair very short.

Blonde Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Next we have a stylish short haircut. The hair is short at the back and is longer at the front. This is a cute and chic look that will suit anyone. You can recreate this hairstyle or choose side swept bangs you can also have shorter hair at the front to create straight across bangs. Either way it will look gorgeous.

Chic Short Blonde Haircut

Next we have a super chic hairstyle. For this idea the hair is longer on the top and shorter around the back and sides. What we really love about this look is the swept back hair and wavy style. It is such a trendy and pretty idea! Short haircuts like this will be great for the summer.

Cute Short Textured Haircut

Want a no fuss style to wear every day? Then this is for you. For this look the hair is short around the back and sides with longer hair on the top. The hair on top is textured with subtle curls which gives the style a relaxed and casual vibe. Cute short haircuts like this one will look beautiful on everyone.

Simple And Stylish Short Hair Idea

Looking for a simpler hairstyle? Then check out this idea! Here we have a stylish short layered cut. It is a chic hairstyle that looks both modern and classic. This is perfect for the ladies that want short hair that is easy to style and wear.

Short Haircut With Curls

First up on our list of gorgeous short haircuts for women is this glam hair idea. For this style the hair is very short around the sides and long on the top. The hair on the top is textured and curly. It is such a beautiful hairstyle and it will give you an edgy and trendy look every day.

Icy Blonde Haircut With Undercut

If you would like to completely transform your hair then this short haircut could be for you. Here have a blonde undercut. An undercut is where the hair is long on the top and shaved around the sides. This is such a trendsetting hair idea especially as the hair is any icy shade too. Recreate this hair idea or try a similar cut in a different color.

Edgy Short Haircut

Looking for an edgy short haircut? Then this is for you! The hair has been shaved around the back and sides but one side has been left longer. This creates a side shave style. As you can see the longer curls look amazing and you get the best of both worlds – a gorgeous short cut and longer hair that can be styled too.

The Best Hairstyles for Face Shapes

Have a glance at our ideas of hairstyles for face shapes if you want to glow up your entire look. A face shape plays a paramount role in the process of picking a haircut. If you are not taking it into account you risk getting some hideous results. You can even become a laughing stock. A haircut can make your face bigger or smaller with very easy tricks. From now forward choose the best hairstyles for face shapes including haircuts for heart shaped faces haircuts for long faces haircuts for oval faces haircuts for round faces and haircuts for square faces. Keep in mind very simple truth: if you don’t want to attract attention to some undesirable face part like a very broad or very small forehead don’t opt for a fringe. It will make your situation even worse. Try accentuating totally different face feature for example your jaw line.

Super Short Haircut With Bangs

Want hair that makes you stand out from the crowd? Then you need to check out this idea! For this look the hair is short and shaved but it is a little longer at the front. The hair has also been dyed in light grey shade. Grey is a super stylish color and can be worn with any short cut.

Short In The Back Long In The Front Haircut

Our next idea is another undercut. The hair is short around the sides and back with longer hair on the top. We love this version of the short cut because it has been styled straight with texture which gives the hair an edgy look. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who like to look trendy.

Very Short Haircut Side Swept Bangs

Bangs look amazing with short hair. Don’t just take our word for it check out this next look. Here we have hair that is very short and shaved around the back while the top is longer. The longer hair on the top has been styled to create statement side bangs. As a lot of hair has been swept over it makes the bangs really stand out. This is a chic and trendy look that will suit everyone. Recreate this look or opt for shorter and thinner side swept bangs.

Short Sides Long Blonde Top

Our next hairstyle is trendy and chic. The hair is dark and shaved around the back and sides while the top layer of hair is long and blonde. We love this hair idea because of the color combination and the layered look. It is a cool and edgy style that will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or choose any color for the top layer of hair.

Cute Medium Short Haircut

Another popular short hairstyle is the bob and next we have a beautiful bob to show you. This one is just a little longer than chin length it has a side part and has been styled with curls too. It is a chic haircut that will suit everyone. A bob is a great choice for the ladies who want to try short hair without going too short. You can also try bobs in shorter and longer lengths too.

Modern Short Haircut

Next we have a modern and trendsetting hair idea. For this look the hair is very short and shaved around the back and sides. Then the hair is a little longer on the top. It is more choppy and textured than some of the similar styles which is what makes it stand out. Short haircuts like this would look amazing in a bright color like light pink or blonde.

Gorgeous Short Grey Haircut

Earlier we featured a grey hairstyle. If you love the grey looks then check out this next idea. For this one the hair is simple and short with a side part. The hair has also been colored with a metallic grey shade. This grey color is darker than the last one we shown you and it creates more of a statement look. It is the perfect hairstyle for the ladies who like to be bold. A grey color like this will look great on all short haircuts.

Stylish Graduated Short Haircut

If the short shaved looks are not your thing then try something like this. Here we have a short graduated hairstyle. A graduated cut involves layers in the hair that start short and get longer creating a cool finished style. Here we have a gorgeous example of a graduated cut. It is giving us Victoria Beckham vibes so is perfect for the ladies who like to look trendy every day.

Sleek Short Pixie Cut

The last hair idea we have to show you is this stunning pixie cut. It is a sleek and chic hairstyle with a side part. Hair like this looks effortlessly beautiful and is easy to wear and style. With hair like this you will look stylish and glam every day!

short haircuts for women that we think you’re going to love. We hope you have found a stylish short haircut to try!