Short hairstyles for fine hair

Short With A Twist And A Touch Of Curl

This cute short haircut is perfect for those who have narrow faces. This can be the best haircut for fine hair and adds volume and bounce to what would otherwise be a limp flat head of hair. Notice the blond highlights that reach to the ends of the hair. Highlighting your hair in this way can give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Waves And Red Lips What A Mix!

Gentle curls and well-applied makeup can go a long way toward making someone with short and fine hair a work of art. Anyone can wear their hair in this style from busy moms to store clerks at Walmart to the tattoo artist in the strip mall. Subtle highlighting makes the natural color of the hair stand out while providing a natural focal point.

Straight Yet Full With Natural Coloring

If you are more interested in a natural appearance for your fine hair consider this just-above-the shoulder haircut. Those with oval faces can benefit from this plain and simple yet beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for all those who want a sweet and pretty best haircut for fine hair.

Pastel Pink Short Hairstyle

Our next hair idea is another one with a bold color! Here we have a short bob with relaxed waves. The hair is colored in a pretty pink pastel shade. We love the color because it is so vibrant and fun. It would be perfect for the spring and summer. This cut and color is perfect for the ladies who have been bored with their hair and want to try a stylish and statement making new look.

Textured Pixie Cut

Show off your edgier style with a pixie cut like this. This pixie is short and it is textured. The hair is styled in different directions and it has the trendy messy vibe. You can find tutorials online that will show you how to easily create the textured hair. Recreate this or you can try the pixie in any color.

Chic Blonde Pixie Cut

Next we have another chic hair idea to show you. This hairstyle features a light blonde pixie cut. The icy blonde color looks amazing with the short hair and it would be the perfect way to brighten up your hair and take it from drab to fab. A cut like this will look amazing in any color though if the blonde is not for you.

Classic Short Pixie Cut

The first hair idea we have is a classic pixie cut. This hairstyle has been loved by many and this includes fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn. Not only is the pixie a timeless and chic hairstyle but it is also great for the ladies with finer hair. A short style like this makes hair appear thicker and the choppy cut doesn’t make the hair look flat.

Short Pixie Cut With Bangs

Need no fuss hair that is easy to wear and style? Then this could be perfect for you! Here we have another pixie cut. This one is very short and has a trendy and modern look. A pixie like this will require minimal styling so it is great for busy ladies that need hair that looks beautiful for any occasion. As it does have a choppy cut it won’t make your hair look thin so it will suit anyone with finer hair.

Accessorized Short Hairstyle

Make your hair look unique by adding accessories just like these! Here we have a short bob that has some amazing hair clips. Hair accessories like this are so on trend and are perfect for the summer. These are great for thinner hair because they will jazz up any style and you won’t need to add volume or texture.

A Lion’s Mane For Fine Hair

Hail to the safari with this golden blonde color reminiscent of a lion’s flowing mane. The richness of the colors brought out with the golden highlights makes this the next best thing to an African sunset. Fine hair lends itself exceptionally well to this style by creating a fly-away carefree look. This style would also look good in rose gold hues.

Glam Short Hairstyle With Curls

Next we have a glam hair idea for you. For this look the hair is cut into a short inverted bob that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. The hair is slightly curled at the ends. ding curls to your hair will make it look more voluminous. For an easy to wear hairstyle keep it subtle and simple like this or add more curls. Either way your hair will look chic and gorgeous.

Purple And Rose Gold Combined

Rose gold and purple tints in ahead of natural brown hair create a stunningly beautiful appearance. The color adds vibrancy while the cut enhances the facial structure of someone with fine hair. This style can be held back from the face using a headband or scarf for additional color and symmetry. Wearing a black top will help showcase the colors in the uniquely pretty hairstyle.

Nut Brown With Golden Highlights Haircut For Fine Hair

Keep your inner self a secret with this delicately draped hairstyle that falls gently around the face. The gentle waves add interest and body while the golden lower half adds a beautiful touch of sunshine in an otherwise single-toned appearance. But don’t be fooled. This hairstyle can also be worn in a short ponytail for a sporty look.

Like The Fairy Godmother Herself

Middle-aged women don’t have to give up style just because their hair is turning silver. The light accents along with the gentle bob cut make this a bouncy style for women who are in the middle years of their lives. Fashion does not have to stop when you get your first gray hairs. This modern hairstyle is living proof.

Short And Sweet Modern Hairstyle

This is the new trend for teens with darker hair. Blond highlights combined with a very slight wave give this style a fresh look. Not quite a bob cut this style just barely reaches the nape of the neck and is ideal for hair without much of a curl. Of course you can always put it in curlers to achieve those huge” beach waves” if you desire.

Easy And Short Makes Life Simple

Rose and silver combine with white-blonde to create a dignified appearance that any woman can be proud to wear. Going long in the front while keeping it short in the back is the perfect combination for ladies who want to keep their hair from becoming too heavy back but still want to take advantage of the gentle waves that are common with short fine hair.

Silver Is In Vogue Way To Go!

Silver hair is one of the new trends among women today with even younger ladies jumping on the bandwagon. Silver hair adds a unique atmosphere to a person and can give them the appearance of professionalism and strength. For fine hair this color can be especially attractive when it is a shortcut. Consider an even shorter cut if you don’t want your hair touching your neck.

A Little Frizz Can Go A Long Way

The tighter curls in this short haircut add a bit of interest. Darker brown roots fade gently into lighter ends creating the popular two-tone look. Try this style for fine hair that tends to “fly away.” Unless your hair is naturally frizzy a good styling gel will help keep the curl in place.

Pink Blunt Cut Bob

Next we have blunt cut bob. As you can see the hair looks fine and this really adds to the sleekness of the hair. We think the finer hair makes the angle and bluntness of the cut stand out too. This is a modern and trendy hairstyle. For a bold look recreate the pink hair or try the bob in any color of your choice.

Pretty Silver Accents With Dark Undertones

Dark hair is especially pretty when it is touched with silver accents. This silvery short hairstyle beautifully showcases the natural beauty present in ahead with a few gray hairs. The fullness of the cut adds body to the hair and makes it appear to be thick and lush. Just because your hair is graying does not mean that it is ugly. Silver hair has its own unique beauty.

Dusty Rose With Platinum Accents

Dusty rose with platinum highlights is one of many short hairstyles for fine hair that is both empowering and liberating. The colors blend nicely together to create a look that is just barely two-toned while maintaining a sense of continuity through the hair. Those who like to color their hair but do not want something too dramatic can take advantage of this dusty rose gold color. Be sure to keep up with your hair appointments to maintain that lovely look.

Chin Length Bob

Our next idea is another bob. This one is longer at the front and shorter at the back with the longest of the hair being about chin length. A cut like this will give you fuller looking hair and if you like the chic and sleek hairstyles then finer hair is perfect for this. You could give the hair even more volume by adding some waves. The color would be a great choice for the summer too!

Short Bob With Subtle Waves

The next hairstyle is another easy to wear bob. This one is chin length and is styled with subtle waves. The short cut will give your hair a lift and the waves will add more volume. This is a a chic and gorgeous hair idea that will never go out of style and it will suit everyone.

Rose Gold A Beautiful Sunset

Easy peasy this unique color features pink strawberry blonde with dusty milk chocolate accents for a particularly stunning look. Touching the shoulders and delicately framing the face this style is perfect for those who possess high cheekbones and a high forehand. Try this look in different metallic colors to see how you like it. Be sure to go with something that matches your skin tone. Rose gold looks best with a slight tan.

Straight With Sunglasses: Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants?

For those of you who like it really short this bob cut is for you. Gently cupping your face this hairstyle for those with fine and delicate hair will appreciate the sense of body this style brings. It is uncomplicated and natural not too hard to care for and is perfect for busy moms and active teenagers.

Pixie Cut With A Boho Vibe

Want a new hairstyle for the summer? Then this could be perfect for you! Here we have a short and choppy pixie cut. As the hair is textured and relaxed it does have a boho vibe. This is a great alternative for the ladies who want to look summer ready but don’t want the classic beach waves. This can be recreated in any color. d some blonde for a sun-kissed look.

Silver Blonde With A Little Bit Of Wave

Enhance your natural curls by adding blonde highlights to silver-toned hair. The gentle curls add bounce and flair to thin hair and give the added benefit of making your hair look nice and thick. With gold or silver jewelry this hair color and style is cool enough for the teenager yet mature enough for the office professional.

Cool For School Work And Play

This variation of short hairstyles for fine hair is heavy on the blonde while going light on the natural hair color. You will probably do best if you keep up with your regular hair appointments to keep this style looking good. Your hair will need to be managed on a regular basis in order to keep the highlights in place as the roots grow out.

Beautiful Short Bob

Next we have a beautiful short bob. The bob has an inverted cut and it is a gorgeous color too! Having finer hair with a cut like this is an advantage because it gives the bob a sleeker look. A bob like this is also great because finer hair can be difficult to style but this look is easy to achieve and maintain. You can recreate the trendy and bold color or try the bob in a color of your choice.

White Blonde With Gold And Silver Accents

Rich is the word that describes this hairstyle. With darker roots fading to white blond ends with golden highlights this style is to the point and practical. If you are trying to hide gray hairs or are just looking for a way to add some light to your otherwise dark hair try this short idea. Your hair will love it!

Platinum Blonde For Pretty Pictures

Platinum blonde is one of the most popular hair colors of the current trend because of its striking appearance. A shortcut for fine hair lends itself perfectly to this trend creating something that is cute attractive and practical at the same time. This look is perfect for those who work in professional settings and those who simply want a quick and easy style.

A Karate Chop Is Not Always Harsh

A straight cut of the hair to form a level line with the neck is not always a bad thing. This style can be made to look sweet and appealing by using a good shampoo and allowing the hair to dry naturally after washing it. A quality conditioner will prevent split ends while maintaining the natural beauty of a healthy head of hair.

Fiery Short Cut For Fine Hair

If you want a trendy short cut and want to try a new color then you need to see this hair idea. Here we have a beautiful short hairstyle that is colored in a fiery red shade. The cut is gorgeous and the color is so bold and vivid. Hair like this is perfect for those who want a dramatic hair makeover.

Hello Little Pixie Where Are You Going?

Pixie cuts are one of the best styles for short and fine hair. The shortness of the cut prevents the weight of the hair from pulling itself out of shape while adding volume and lift. The style frames the face as well adding softness and femininity. Leprechauns and fairies of the world unite!

Short Hair With An Asymmetric Cut

. This one is so trendy because it is asymmetric which means the hair is longer on one side than the other. As it is only the front section of the hair it creates side swept bangs too. This is a cute and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone.

Tomboy Cut Still Looks Cute And Chic

This hair idea is often seen on men in a shorter cut but it can also look just fine on women. Eyeshadow and large earrings bring focus to the face while an infinity scarf can help balance the look. The mild blonde color used in this picture adds softness to an appearance that could otherwise appear harsh and severe. Short is sweet!

Rivers Of Mahogany Fine Haircut

This haircut is ideal for those with round faces and is a cute hairstyle for girls. The cut adds personality to the hair while at the same time keeping it out of the way and contained. This is a good style to maintain at home because of its simplicity. The highlights can be professionally touched up or maintained on your own if you are good at that sort of thing.

Short Haircut With Bangs For Fine Hair

Like the inverted cuts? Then check this out. Here we have a dark brown hairstyle that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. This is such a cool and modern hair idea that suits thinner hair. Recreate the look with or without the bangs.

Highlight The Natural Luster Of Mahogany Locks

Touching up the ends of mahogany hair can add interest to an otherwise single-toned hairstyle. The shortcut gently wraps itself around the neck keeping your ears covered while still maintaining the shortness required to give fine thin hair the most attractive appearance. The gentle waves add bounce and flair to your hair for a beautiful look.

Day Loose And Lovely Wins The Day

Carefree summer days and cool autumn afternoons are called to mind with this simple and stylish haircut. Those who have larger waves in their hair will find this style attractive and simple to maintain. Keeping the hair short is a good way to minimize breakage and split ends while maintaining a professional and neat appearance.

Could It Possibly Get Any Easier?

This pixie cut takes advantage of the layering that can come so naturally with a short haircut. The hair is swept back gently from the forehead creating a balanced look without a whole lot of glam. The more conservative styling is perfect for those quiet reserved types who are not interested in a lot of color or curl but want something easy to maintain and care for.

Rich In Darkness Lustrous In Light

Rich dark hair naturally has a luster all its own. This cut allows the hair to frame the face while remaining off the back of the neck. Some people do not like their hair touching their shoulders and prefer something that is practical while remaining girly. Try this cut for a new twist on an old style.

Nice Short Attractive Fine Hair Cut

For those whose hair has a little more body and lift this “teacher’s cut” is perfect. Cat-eye glasses are especially attractive with this pretty hairstyle and can lend themselves to an oval face very nicely. The shortness of the style helps to add volume to the hair while bringing out the natural golden highlights.

Heigh Ho Silver Haircut For Fine Hair

The Lone Ranger himself could not have come up with a more fashionable hairstyle idea for thin fine hair that showcases silver hair with darker roots and highlighted accents. Short at the back with a longer swath covering the side of the face this style is suitable for those who want both the long and the short incorporated in their looks. Don’t try to keep this look up at home. A professional touchup is required to keep it looking its best.

The Ultraviolet Spectrum Of The Rainbow

Ready for a cool and sea-toned look? Consider this muted hair color paired with a cute easy hairstyle. This fine haircut is perfect for those who want something super short while still looking sweet and feminine. The large hoop earrings in this image add a focal point while highlighting the stunning shimmer of this haircut for finer hair.

Let It Go Let It Go Fine Haircut

Wild and hard-to-tame fine hair can be made to look appealing with this shortcut. The very shortness of the cut makes it ideal for those whose thin hair can sometimes get out of control yet does not behave well when allowed to grow long.

Layered Bob With Highliights

If you want a simpler cut that is classic chic and easy to wear then this could be just what you are looking for. Here we have a short bob with subtle waves and light brown highlights. It is a beautiful hairstyle that will look great with thinner hair. A bob like this will suit every face shape. It will be easy to style and will look pretty for any occasion.

Chestnut Waves With Mahogany Highlights

“Luxurious” is the word for this style that brings out the natural colors in your hair. If you have darker hair this may be the look for you. If you like the short haircuts without the bother of keeping up with regular hair appointments you might want to try this look. This is only one of many haircuts for girls and women alike.

Textured Short Bob Haircut

We love this next hair idea. Here we have a short bob that is about chin length. The hair is so choppy and layered which creates a chic and edgy style. The layers have texture and the hair has that trendy messy look. This is a great style for the ladies with finer hair it will suit everyone.

Lavender And Luscious Strawberry Blonde

More luscious rose gold hair color combines with a hint of lavender to create a stunning look that is truly one-of-a-kind. The subtle coloring is smooth and unique while enhancing the volume created by this cut. Short hair with professional coloring can give you an extra boost in appearance.

Bob Cut With Rose And Blonde Highlights

This bob cut highlights the waves in your hair while keeping this easy hairstyle simple and sweet. Prominent highlights make this style really stand out. This version of short hairstyles for fine hair does not have the maintenance requirements of more involved colors and could possibly be maintained at home with little trouble.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Like short hairstyles for fine hair but don’t want to color it? Then take a look at this full-bodied modern hairstyle for thin hair. Maintaining the natural color of your hair makes it easy to manage without needing to worry so much about appointments with your hair stylist.

Half Updo For Short And Fine Hair

Just because your hair is fine and short it does not mean that you can’t try cute half updos like this one. Here we have a short bob where half of the hair is left loose and the other half is tied up in a messy bun. The bun is loose and relaxed which makes it perfect for every day wear. Hair like this is quite simple to create and you can find tutorials online. A bun like this will also work on even shorter hair.

From Long To Short: Still Cute!

After wearing your hair long for years you may find yourself becoming tired of it and looking for a change that is easier to maintain while still looking pretty. This picture show just how attractive short hairstyles for fine hair can be if done properly. You might want to trust your hairstylist with this cut rather than do it on your own.

Cute Short Hair Idea With Bangs

Looking for a cute hairstyle? Then check out this next hair idea. The longest length of the hair is just above the chin and the hair is choppy and layered. There are also straight across bangs and the hair is a gorgeous blonde color. This a pretty hairstyle that has a rock chic vibe.

Silver Blonde And Dusty Overtoned Fine Hairstyles

If your fly-away fine hair is a problem consider this awesome short style for hair that is straight rather than curly or wavy. The simple and fenimide cut frames the face with white blonde wisps while the darker dusty roots add depth and dimension.

Unique Is King (Or Queen

This cute easy hairstyle may be considered radical by some but when done by a trained professional it can really look very cute. Smokey blue highlights pair well with a rich skin tone while small earrings add a touch of interest to your overall appearance. With the right hair stylist even “unnatural” hair colors can be made to look attractive.

The Gentle Curl: Best Haircut For Fine Hair

This last hairstyle idea for thin fine hair is perfect for those who don’t want their hair super short but still want something that they can play with. The length of this cut makes it easy to maintain while keeping the appearance of more volume. Try letting your hair dry naturally without a blow-dryer to keep the natural curl that is so attractive.

Gorgeous Dark Hair With Silver Highlights

This oh-so-simple hair idea is anything but dull. Dress this look up with some fancy earrings makeup and an attractive dress for the ultimate in the short haircut trend. Never let anyone tell you it not cool! Fine and thin hair does not have to look unattractive. This mushroom cut is ideal for those whose hair is super-fine and cannot hold body if it is longer.

Copper Pixie Haircut

Love the bold hair colors? Then check out this next hair idea. This choppy and textured pixie is colored in a trendy coppery shade. Colors like this are great to try if you have finer hair because your eye is focused on the color. Copper is a beautiful color to try all year round but it will look amazing in the fall and winter.

Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair: Bronze With Reddish Highlights

If you are the type of person who chooses different hair colors for the seasons of the year this autumn gold will be perfect for the fall season. Of course if you fall in love with this color and style you can wear it for short and fine hair all year round. This hairstyle for thin fine hair is fashionable with just enough control to make it wild and regal at the same time.

Undercut For Fine Hair

have become one of the most popular hairstyles and here is how the ladies with fine hair can wear the trend in style. The hair is very short around the back and the sides with longer hair on top. All of the hair is layered as the hair is shaved and then it gradually gets longer. These layers give the illusion of thicker hair. This is a gorgeous style and it can be recreated in blonde like featured or any color of your choice.

Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair: Rich Gold And Chestnut Roots

This is another one of many fine hairstyles that is good for fly-away hair. The highlights present in this naturally dark hair provide depth and dimension while maintaining a look that can be enjoyed as a hairstyle for women of all ages. This is a variation of the popular style that features a sweep of hair over one side of the face.

Silver with Dark Accents And A Touch Of Sunlight

This bob cut is made unique by the combination of golden highlights over a two-toned silver base. The cut takes advantage of the bounce created by trimming the back of the hair closer to the scalp than the front. ding mystery by partly covering your face can often be a good way to allow your true beauty to shine forth through the crowning glory of your hair.

Naturally Blonde With Rosy Undertones

The tender pink of this hairstyle really brings out the body and volume created by this cut. Again this style is perfect for those who want their hair somewhat long but not so long that the weight pulls all the curl out of it. Longer in the front than in the back this cut is one of the best for both ponytail lovers and those who like to wear this hair around their face.

Dirty Blonde Is Not Dirty At All

An awesome short hairstyle takes the natural curl and length of the hair and turns it into something that will catch attention. This short hairstyle hides the face while showcasing the natural beauty of this hairstyle. Pair this with some flashing earrings and a fancy dress and prepare to dance the night away.

Bowl Cut With A Girly Twist

Bowl cuts are often thought of as being for Amish or Mennonite boys. However a modern twist on this style can create a stunning look for the average American women looking for something easy and quick for daily wear. It will also pass as a cute hairstyle for girls. Blonde highlights in this naturally lighter hair color make this look stand out for being fashionable without being super fancy.

Edgy Shaved Style For Fine Hair

If you are thinking about completely transforming your hair then you need to check out this next look. Here we have a short cut with hair that is shaved around the sides and at the back. The hair on the top is left longer and it is colored in a bright pink shade. This is such an edgy hair idea. It is great for finer hair because the longer hair will look thicker as the shaved hair is so short and the hair has texture too.

Curls To The Side Easy Hairstyle

Curls are the new black with fine hair. The gentle waves of this style make the auburn highlights really catch the eye. With golden undertones and a touch of rose this style is cute and easy to maintain. Girls and women alike can benefit from having a nice short hairstyle that makes maintenance a breeze while still looking fashionable.

Cloud-like With Highlights Of Two-toned Silver

As light and airy as a cloud with the two-toned appearance of dual silver highlights this hairstyle looks good on ladies whose physique is more on the narrow side. The close-cropped style hugs the face allowing your natural beauty to shine forth uninhibited. Stylish yet simple this style is perfect for women on the go.

Rich Reddish Brown Stands Just Fine On Its Own

Rich brown hair color can be a natural look for some. Highlight the natural beauty of your hair with this cut designed specifically for fine hair. The waves in the middle of the length add a bit of curl while allowing the natural body of the hair to reveal itself. This pretty hairstyle style kisses your shoulders and is perfect for those who want their hair not too short not too long but just right.

A Simple Idea Great Results Great Looks

Wild and controlled the same time this haircut highlights that natural curves of the face while at the same time adding volume. This style is perfect for athletic types because of its well it’s shortness! The looks can be enhanced by adding a pop of color with blonde highlights or a simple scarf or headband. The possibilities are virtually endless. Dress it up or down!

Stylish Short Haircut

Last on our list of must-have short hairstyles for fine hair is this stylish short cut. The hair is very short and it is choppy. This is a great style for the ladies with finer hair and it is perfect for those who want to try a very short style. This can be recreated in any color it would look so cool in a vibrant color like red.

We hope you have been inspired by these short hairstyles for fine hair!