SHAGGY Cut – How to do it and STYLES 2021

Shaggy cut: how to do it and styles

The shag cut, popularly known as shaggy or like swag cut, has become the latest trend in terms of image. This is a versatile haircut that suits almost any face type, making it a safe bet if you want a makeover without taking unnecessary risks. The shag cut is not defined by its length but by its style, and you can find it in multiple versions: short hair, long hair, with or without bangsā€¦ The base of the cut? They are the length of your capes.

Do you want to know more about this cut? Next, from a HOWTO we explain everything you need to know about the shaggy cut: how to do it and the best styles of 2021. You will look amazing!

How to do a shaggy cut

The shag, shaggy or swag cut is, as we have already advanced, a very versatile style that is characterized mainly by being a cut to well defined layers that in addition to giving more movement to the hair, define and mark the features of the face. The shaggy is a light, fresh, simple, young and informal cut that will allow you to play with both the length and your hair type.

If you wonder how to do a shaggy cut at homeYou must bear in mind that defining the layers of the hair well is essential. These layers are shorter at the top of the head and longer as we descend, which allows you not to sacrifice inches if you like your hair. While the cut tends to go down to the jaw or shoulders, the layered can be tailored however you like depending on your style.

Here are some swag cut examples that you can take to the hairdresser if you want to try this new style. Let’s go there!

Shaggy Cut: How To And Styles - How To Do A Shaggy Cut

Shaggy bob

Although it may seem like a daring cut, the truth is that it is an option subtle, timeless and sophisticated. This cut, which is very easy to maintain, will allow you to show off casual waves and will give more volume to your hair, making it perfect if you have straight or wavy hair. The shaggy bob usually goes down to the jawline or shoulders, but can be tailored based on your hair.

Shaggy bob straight hair

If you want to give your hair more volume, the shaggy bob is a perfect option for you. This is a layered cut that will subtract weight from your hair and will give you more volume as well as greater texture at the ends to achieve a casual and avant-garde air. For straight hair we recommend marking some waves in the hair to add natural movement to the hairstyle.

Shaggy bob wavy hair

The winning combination is a shaggy bob with waves, either natural or with curlers. The casual cut and layers will allow you to give it a natural movement to your waves, without an established order. The more disheveled and carefree they appear, the more attractive the hairstyle will be.

Shaggy cut: how to do it and styles - shaggy bob cut

Shaggy cut with bangs

As we have discussed, the shaggy bob cut is so versatile that it accepts any variation, however, bangs are essential If you want to give your hairstyle a more casual air and complete the look with a detail that will make you look perfect on every occasion.

In terms of bangs, the cut admits both a straight and short one as well as a longer and open one, although you can also bet on a half-sided bangs cut, as we will show you below. Do you want to know what kind of shaggy is more in trend in 2021? The shaggy haircut with messy blunt bangs.

Shaggy Cut: How To Do It And Styles - Shaggy Cut With Bangs

Long shaggy cut

If you are not willing to put a lot of hand to the scissors and do not want to give up your long hair, take note: the shaggy cut is also an option for you. It is a trend inspired by the 60s That triumphs whatever your style is, so if you are looking to give your hair movement and volume, this is yours!

The idea is to create unstructured layers That add life to your face, especially the oval or angular ones, as it will balance those features. It is also a safe bet for those who do not want to waste a lot of time with irons, tongs or dryers, as this style is easy and quick to style.

Shaggy Cut: How To And Styles - Long Shaggy Cut

Short shaggy cut

Beyond the shaggy bob and the long cut that we just mentioned, if you are a lover of pixie cut, We have the perfect answer for you! The short shaggy It is more fashionable than ever, because it is an extremely easy cut to wear, elegant, fresh and very youthfulSo if it fits what you’re looking for, you can rock this look on a daily basis without wasting time or money on expensive products.

We offer you two examples of a shaggy haircut short in different sizes.

Shaggy Cut: How To And Styles - Short Shaggy Cut

Shaggy cut for curly hair

Who said a weathered cut doesn’t work on curly hair? The curly shaggy cut offers movement, freedom and naturalness to create a spectacular vintage look. If you want to focus attention on your mane, frame the shaggy cut with a bangs and highlights… you will increase the volume and your hair will be the absolute protagonist of the cut! This look with bangs, also called morrison cut by the singer of the group The Doors, it is one of the latest trends.

We offer you two different examples of the Morrison cut below, but first, say that if your hair tends to frizz, with this shaggy look you can keep frizz at bay No problem. If you want to discover more Haircuts for frizzy hair, take a look at this other oneHOWTO article.

Shaggy Cut: How To Do It And Styles - Shaggy Cut For Curly Hair

Shaggy cut for fine hair

Maybe if you have a medium hair and you have fine hair, you will not end up with your perfect cut. Well, shaggy will not disappoint you, because while weak and light hair usually lacks character and density, this cut will provide you with everything you need.

Add a fringe to the cut and show off volume, movement and a rejuvenated image. In addition, it is one of the easiest hairstyles to style, so with a single blow dryer and a brush you can be ready in a matter of minutes. A modern and cool look for any situation.

If you have a medium hair and want to discover more fashionable haircuts, do not miss this other article on How to style wavy medium hair.

Shaggy Cut: How To Do It And Styles - Shaggy Cut For Fine Hair

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