Ryan Ochoa’s body

Ryan Ochoa’s body and relationship status

What is marital status of Ryan Ochoa? Single Who in Relationship with Ryan Ochoa? What’s Ryan Ochoa’s Height? 165 cm How much does Ryan Ochoa weigh? 64 kg

Young artist like Ryan Ochoa is an example of young visionaries. He is an American actor and musician who started his career when he was 5. He is also best known for playing Lanny’s character on the ‘ Pair of Kings ‘ Disney Xd show. Likewise, viewers have recognized him as Chuck Chambers on the ‘ iCarly ‘ Nickelodeon series. Ryan, 23, began his career early in advertisements and later in feature films like A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey. Now let’s know his personal and professional life in detail. Figure 1 Image: Ryan Ochoa was born in San Diego California, United States, on May 17, 1996, with his mother Ryan Ochoa. His age as of 2019 is 23, and his birth sign is Taurus. Ryan was born to father Robert Ochoa and mother Deanna Espero Ochoa. Ochoa comes from a mixed background and is of an English and German descent from the Mexican Italian Jewish Russian Filipino. Ryan has four siblings all of whom are actors. He is Rick Ochoa’s younger brother, and Raymond Robert’s older brother and Destiny Ochoa’s. At 8 Ryan was cast in a nationwide Dairy Queen commercial. He made his debut with the 2007 film Nostalgia and has appeared on TV shows including iCarly. Similarly Ryan has starred in Disney’s ‘ Friends for Change ‘ and Disney Xd’s ‘ Pair of Kings ‘ show. Figure 3 Image: The Ochoa siblings Currently Ryan also serves as a film producer and music video director. His musical group also collaborates with his 3 brothers, ‘ The Ochoa Boyz, ‘ and other musicians. Divtionally, Ryan has a production company called ‘ Triple /R ‘ Productions. ‘

At the age of 23, Ryan Ochoa now seems to be enjoying a single life without any romance. It seems he actually doesn’t have a girlfriend but he hasn’t disclosed his relationship status either. However in the past he’s dated pretty girls.


by Ryan OchoaRyan Ochoa has a net worth $1 Billion as of 2019. Ryan had accumulated a large amount of net worth from his acting career. He has worked on several hit movies and television shows. His film A Christmas Carol at the Box-Office received $325.3 million. In addition to playing Ochoa, brands such as Beats by Dre Mercedez Vlado Footwear can be seen endorsing, among others. Hence he receives an immense amount of money. Ochoa is also the founder of a production company, and also creates music videos and movies for other artists. Even tours around playing their music gigs along with his siblings Ochoa. The Ochoa Boys still have much to do in the days ahead.