Rosetta Stone Earnings: here’s3. In-flight Wi-Fi is still a monopoly

Gogo is not adding to its networks anytime soon Gogo has a large monopoly on Wi-Fi in-flight. (Bloomberg estimated in mid-2015 that Gogo commanded 80 percent of the “overburdened” marketGogo systems struggled to keep up with increasing demand but the original network “hasn’t had a significant upgrade since its launch in 2008.” The infrastructure was designed over several years from 2006 before the smartphone era and provides speeds of about 10Mbps to a plane. Anyone watches will intercept what goes through the wireless access point. 5.

The NSA is monitoring your in-flight phone usage

Your phone operation is not private on the plane / g-stockstudio Joon Ian Wong recently reported to Quartz that if you care about your privacy, you should not connect your phone to a cellular network in-flight. That’s because “American and British intelligence agencies have been tracking the use of telephones on board civil aircraft since at least 2005.” Just turning on your phone when the aircraft flies above 10,000 feet would disclose your location to the NSA allegedly. The authorities will collect from your phone a range of details and then compare it with evidence such as the passenger list of the plane to identify different users. They can see on your phone, too, what you are doing. 6.

With a bit of advanced planning you can totally avoid in-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi is not worth it for most people John Moore / Getty Images It is not worth it for most people to have a costly sluggish and unreliable Wi-Fi link. That’s particularly true if you consider the fact that you can download anything you need to your computer with a little advanced preparation and avoid the issue of whether you should shell out absolutely for an in-flight connection. You can download documents and tablets to work on locally or to queue up a list of posts that you wanted to catch up on. You can even download some content on Netflix or save your favorite music locally so you don’t have to stream it.


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