Roberto Bautista details his heartbreaking story

Roberto Bautista, 31 years and eleventh in the world ranking, and Ana Bodí They will debut paternity in August. A reason for happiness for a couple who got married days after the death of the Castellón’s father, Ximo Bautista.

A death that occurred when ‘Rober’ was in Madrid competing in the Davis Cup Finals . He left the concentration, buried his father, and returned to help the Spanish team to be champion in the final, in which he lined up winning Felix Auger-Aliassime.

His help to teammates, decimated by injuries, caused tears on the track of Rafael Nadal acknowledging their effort.

Bautista has been formed by blows, such as the sudden death of his mother, Esther, worn out by the serious and unfortunate accident suffered by Ximo Bautista when he was working in the tennis player’s horse stables, his other passion.

Roberto Bautista himself explains in detail this heartbreaking story, of misfortune but also of personal improvement. Has come to Behind The Racquet (Behind the racket, and hence the photo with the tennis player behind the strings of it), a kind of personal blog to explain personal issues that occurred off the court. The American professional tennis player is in charge of it Noah rubin.

He has made his racquet colleagues open their hearts. Turn for Roberto Bautista, who even shares a photograph of adolescence with his parents. This is how he relates it:


“My mother passed away in 2018. I was at the club where I used to train when I got a call after training. I found out that my mother went to sleep and no longer woke up. It was 100% unexpected. I was very young, only 52 years old, but I endured a lot of stress taking care of my father.

“My mother was very young, but she endured a lot of stress when taking care of my father”

In 2016, my father had an accident. My father fell while cleaning our horse stables and was paralyzed. It was days before Rio Olympics, which I almost decided to avoid but ended up going. My father was in the bed in the next room when my mother passed away. It was an incredibly difficult four years. Due to the accident, my father was left quadriplegic, he could not move from the neck down. He needed an artificial respiration machine since he couldn’t do it himself. We had two people, plus my mother, who looked after my father 24 hours a day. Then when my mother passed away, my wife and I worked hard considering that I needed help throughout the day. We added a few more people to the team to help him. “

“Due to the accident my father was left quadriplegic, he could not move from the neck down”

It was extremely difficult. He knew that during this time he could not stop playing. I had to help my father. At first we did not know how much the treatments or all their operations would cost. I had to keep working. I know that besides money it is what my father wanted for me. My parents wanted me to make my dreams come true no matter the situation. I kept playing and fought harder than ever. That was my way of making it count. It is during this horrible moment that I played some of my best tennis. I’m sure people can’t understand that. I was there for my family as much as I could, but I couldn’t throw away what I have worked for all my life.

“My parents wanted me to make my dreams come true no matter the situation.”

I wanted to keep working, and harder than ever. I never gave up. It was November 2019 when my father passed away. I reached his last minutes and played a game 24 hours later. It was what my father wanted for me. His passing was a bit unexpected, but my family knew it could happen any day. Although I knew this, once your father passes away, you are faced with it. You are faced with the loss of another parent and there are no words. These difficult times made me stronger. It gave me a strength that others did not have. In all the difficult moments that I had at home and I did not want to travel because I was very tired, it made me who I am. It made me more focused and motivated. I did everything I could to fight on the court and show my mother and father that their hard work paid off. “

“I did everything I could to show my mother and father that their hard work paid off”