Review of the Born Marijuana Cannabis Club

Photo by Yash Lucid from Pexels

There are so many reasons for visiting Barcelona… for its stunning Gothic quarter, live music scene, rooftop bars, street art, for soccer at Camp Nou, and for the famous architecture of Antoni Gaudí. The city never fails to surprise and please visitors. But there is one more reason, which is increasingly becoming very popular – cannabis.

The laws on cannabis in Barcelona are more relaxed compared to what you will find in most cities. Yes, there are restrictions, but if you follow the laws, then the Barcelona cannabis laws allow you to smoke weed. You cannot smoke in public. You are also not allowed to carry weed in public places. Smoking weed is legal in the city if you do it in a cannabis club or in your home. The legal status also allows the residents to grow up to a limited amount of weed in their homes.

Weed Tourism

Barcelona weed tourism has caught the headlines of the entire world. Thousands of tourists are looking to travel from all over Europe for its cannabis. It has become very popular abroad. On arrival, you will also find an airport package that promises weed and that too on a budget. Many operators and tour agents also take people on a weed tour. The industry is worth billions of dollars.

Recreational weed is legal only in your home and at a cannabis club in Barcelona. Tourists, naturally, will only get the weed at a club. As a tourist visiting the city, you can legally buy weed only in these places, which is why there has been a boom in the number of cannabis clubs in Barcelona in recent years. There are 400 plus such clubs at this time here.

Of course, not all of them are the same. There are good and average clubs. The quality and variety of pot also differ. Many of them go beyond just offering weed, so you can do much more than just buying and smoking. You will find so many of them that it often gets very difficult to select the best cannabis club.

Here is one club that stands out in Barcelona – Born Marijuana. In this weed guide, you can read a review of this place and find out why it is so good and popular for Spanish weed.

The Born Marijuana Club

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Born Marijuana or Ribera, as it is also known, is a top cannabis club in Barcelona. The club gets its name from its location – at the “el Born district” in the city’s old town. Inside, you will find the ambiance very friendly and inviting. However, it can get crowded, especially during the weekend, as you will find many locals and tourists who want to come here and enjoy the weed.

It has been renovated only recently, which has made it more comfortable. The club now looks like a restaurant or a lounge bar. The latest ventilation system removes the smoke from weed easily. So it’s never smoky inside.

Born Marijuana is also dog-friendly. So you can even come to the club with your pet if you want. It is also wheelchair accessible. The personnel here will guide those in a wheelchair and guide them to a corner where they can smoke in comfort.

Weed Products –You will find many exotic and classic products here, and also weed edibles. Choose from sensimilla, hashish, five plus types of sativa and indica, and many hybrids. Old hands will find many extracts that have THC in more than 90 percent. The eatables at this club include cookies and sweets. The effect of these edibles may be more long-lasting than just smoking the marijuana. You will also find dietary supplements and cosmetics with cannabis oil.

Don’t worry if you are not an expert. You will be explained everything in detail. You can evaluate the aroma. They will also help you select the marijuana based on what you want. The one you have selected will then be weighed and packaged in an airtight container in front of you.

Apart from the weed, you will also find plenty of wine and champagne to drink at Born Marijuana, if you like.

Devices – You will get all the devices free at this club. This includes papers, TIPS cartons, tobacco, and filters. You will also find many bongs. You can use ice to cool down the smoke if you want. There are vaporizers as well that will protect your lungs.

Born Marijuana Essentials

  • The club is open only for the members. Club membership is strictly by invitation. You can order to get your invitation in the cannabis clubs in Barcelona.
  • The age limit is 21 years.
  • Photography is prohibited inside the club.
  • There is a dress code. You cannot wear flip-flops and beachwear.
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Is Weed Legal in Spain

It is only legal to smoke weed in a Spain smoking club for a tourist. If you are a resident of the city, you can also smoke in your home. Buying weed in Barcelona Spain is illegal from a weed seller or weed dealers on the street. Also, remember, you won’t find a weed café or weed shops here, as you do in Amsterdam.

Tourists can only get and smoke it legally in a cannabis club. And that too, only after you become a member by paying a membership fee for a year.

How old do you have to be to buy weed in Spain? This differs for each club. In Born Marijuana, for example, you have to be 21 years old before you can become a member and get the cannabis.