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Cellulite is a skin condition, which causes small dimpled, lumpy flesh on the skin. It is quite harmless and extremely common. But it looks bad, which is the reason many people with cellulite wish to remove it. Cellulite is known by many other names, like cottage-cheese, skin like orange-peel, mattress, hail damage.

Many people will try to lose weight, they will apply creams, massage the area, exercise for eradicating it. The result, however, is not always positive, if the right treatment protocol is not followed.

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Women, men, can both have this condition. It is, however, much more commonly seen in women because the way their muscle is distributed, connective tissues, fat. In fact, it is estimated that 80-90 percent of all women may have cellulite, at least once in their lives. It’s that common all over the globe.

Where Does Cellulite Appear On Body

There could be these lumps on various areas, such as your –

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach
  • Breasts
  • Back
  • Calves

What Are the Symptoms of cellulite?

Are you seeing lumpy, uneven areas on your butts, thighs, the hip region, and even perhaps on belly or on calves? This is probably cellulite. You will find cellulite symptoms appear in many areas. It is most common in the butts and thighs, and in females.

You can pinch the area’s skin where you see these growths if your cellulite is mild. However, it will be extremely difficult to pinch if you have a severe case. In severe instances, cellulite will look like bumpy and rumpled areas with valleys and peaks.

Causes of Cellulite

There are various factors that can cause cellulite, like –

  • Poor diet
  • Hormones
  • Accumulated toxins
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Weight gain
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Inactivity

It is usually caused by fatty deposits under the skin. It seems interaction between dermatological layer (or the layer under the skin), its connective tissues might cause this.

In females, their connective tissues, fat deposits are arranged in vertical position. It will look like cellulite when deposits of fat jut out into skin layer. In men, on the other hand, these tissues are placed in a crisscross way. So, the cells of fat don’t protrude that much. This is why men don’t have as much cellulite compared to women.

In females, the fat distribution is always more visible. Collagen fibers that are between muscle, skin, separates fat into several pockets. Also, there can be these cellulite bumps the skin over some fat areas that get pulled down into your deeper tissues, which makes the surface appear uneven.

How much cellulite you have depends on the percentage of body fat, genetic factor, and your current age. It has been observed that the lumps appear more with advancing age because the skin will lose its elasticity, becomes thinner, which will expose connective tissues from the inside.

How thick your skin surface is will also determine whether you will get cellulite or not. However, individuals with different weights as well as body types may have this.

Best Cellulite Treatments

Luckily, there are different cellulite treatments available to cure. This includes both topical applications and other therapies.

Topical Applications – Do They Work?

These applications might help you reduce their visibility. But their effect, at best, will only be for the short-term. You will probably have to use the product every day for maintaining the result. There are creams that can tighten your skin, making it appear firmer and smoother. These products will add moisture as well, reducing its appearance.

Creams cannot remove your cellulite. They will only temporarily reduce their appearance. Because, caffeine, which is one common element in these creams, will increase flow of blood, working as diuretic. This will alter the fat’s water content, reducing their appearance. Your under skin fat cells will still be present.

Products with 3% retinol may also reduce their appearance by condensing your skin’s outer layer. However, the product needs to be applied for 5-6 months every day. Retinol may also cause several skin issues, like redness, some peeling, and excessive dryness. This may make the skin more sensitive to sun’s rays too.

It is best to get professional help from a clinic or medical spa for your cellulite. You can approach Novuskin at 8200 E Belleview Ave #100E Greenwood Village, CO 80111 or call tel: (720) 779-3392.

Medical Procedures

Dermatologists or doctors can perform many medical procedures to cure your cellulite. Work with a professional to find the right line of treatment that will be suitable for you.

Cryolipolysis – Also called coolsculpting, it’s a non-surgical approach for eliminating cellulite. Here, your under skin fatty layer will be frozen and eradicated in the natural way. Several sessions may be needed for dissolving the fat. However, in the end, you will notice a noticeable difference.

Ultrasound – Here, sound waves are used for targeting and removing the fat, usually in the thighs and abdomen. You will get results in 2-3 months with this non-invasive procedure. Ultrasound is applied also to determine how effective your coolsculpting has been.

Cellfina – A needle will be applied here for breaking up bands under the skin. The cellfina treatment is usually applied for buttocks, thighs. You may get results in only 3 days. Follow-up sessions are required after three years.

Acoustic Therapy – This treatment takes a different approach. Connective tissues are vibrated using waves for reducing cellulite. This will cause stimulation to boost collagen production. Appearance, texture, your skin elasticity, will improve. Here also, you will require several sessions.

Radiofrequency, Laser Treatments – The tissue is massaged, and it also combines diode laser therapy, infrared light, radiofrequency for curing cellulite. Heat, as well as suction, is used. There are various kinds of laser cures. Cellulaze is where the bands below your skin will be broken up. Your skin may also get thickened. You will see an improvement after many sessions. It might last for six months, sometimes longer.

Carboxytherapy – Here, carbon dioxide will be inserted into your skin for boosting blood flow to the target area. Many believe, this approach reduces cellulite. This process, may however, cause bruising. It can cause discomfort for many. You may need 7-10 treatments before you see the results.