Quiff hairstyles

Since the 1950s, Quiff hairstyles have been around, and they are among the few haircuts that never seem to be out of trend. This hairstyle combines flat top, pompadour elements and sometimes even gets some Mohawk inspiration. One of its greatest benefits is its ability to look clean and polished when you want a casual look for formal wear or messy. And so if you want to switch your look with something classy and funky, the Quiffs following 80 images will inspire you on what you can do.

Charming and Chunky Blonde Locks

This haircut also refers to the volume and the additional height of the strands. It also has a beautiful blonde shade and you just need to offer a slight side sweep to the long crown locks to produce it. Then you should create a soft side part and taper the underneath strands.

Simple and upswept

This style looks very simple and can be done by anybody. All you need is to leave a couple of inches of hair on the front and sweep it up. Finally, you can taper the sides to the same amount as the hair on the head.
Messy Faux Bangs

These bangs have a decent length and an amazing texture that makes them look really stylish. And besides that, the style also has a fancy faux inspired design with short shaved sides, and the bangs swept forward to create a polished look.

Strong Disconnected Quiff

When making a quiff, disconnection is also fine, with some textured and voluminous locks that make it look dense. Also the fade on the side is great, and it helps to create a stylish casual look that makes a man stand out.

Disheveled gray hair can look any way you want. Even if you choose to make it a bit messy and give it a fresh gray hue, its still going to look great. The short hairdo, while the gray tone and disheveled appearance at the top make it edgy, makes this style look understated.

Upswept Classic Quiff

The special feature of the classic quiff is that it keeps some hair on the sides and back to create a good balance. however, this one takes things a little higher by slightly upsweeping and rolling the longer strands on the crown.

Subtle Fade and hard Spikes

Quiffs are very versatile, making them attractive. This one blends a few slight spiky strings with an imaginative fade. To create a stylish and adorable headdress, you should enhance it with a hard side part.

Drop Fade with surgical line

An easy-to-create quiff but what you do with the sides and back will determine how well it looks. Its voluminous and layered in this style, but the surgical line and cute drop fade take on a notch higher appearance.

Extra Long with Buzz

The buzz cut on the sides of this hairdo is fantastic and helps to highlight the beautiful little but extra-long quiff. It stretches the head, making it perfect for people with smaller eyes.

Punk and Spiky

Although its a new haircut, it contains classic rockabilly quiff elements. This holds a few spiky strands on the crown and a side line while the rest of the head has an elegant skin fade style.

Beautiful Feathered Bangs with undercut

This hairstyle will be perfect for you if you prefer to keep an extra length at the end. This includes holding on to the crown some long feathered bangs that you should model by making them messy and sweeping them over the undercut.

Appealing Windblown Quiff

It looks like the haircut wearer was caught in a windstorm, but its a skillful and creative styling product. This bold look comes from leaving the front of some thick locks. And by having them wavy, you can style to create the windblown look. You should also press the sides to ensure that the trendy quiff stays attentive.

Elegant Pompadour with a Modern Touch

This haircut is mostly inspired by a classic pompadour, but it has a few changes that make it look modern. These modifications include the hard side part line that looks very inventive and the stunning high-fade design that gives the style a balance.

Messy and Lovely Bangs

This hair looks like what you feel like when you get out of bed and try to brush your hair with your hands. Thats what makes it look amazing though, and if you have long or medium hair, you can build the look easily.

Stylish Blurred Fade

In this model, the blurred fade is beautiful, making a man look quite elegant. The quiff is also magnificent apart from the fade on the edges, and although it is just a few inches long, it has some lovely spiky strings.

Messy Faux hawk

A fake hawk may still be a fake hairdo, depending on how you cut and style it. This one has on the sides a few choppy bangs and a fade. You just need to lift the bangs and make them messy to style it.

Smooth And Classy

Zayn Malik is a trendsetter, and there are always new looks coming up. he has short hair in this style with a quiff that makes him look very sexy. It is relaxed with gel and then, with a smooth fade on the sides, it enhances the appearance.

Golden Quiff

Colors can also work for men, which is clearly demonstrated by this golden hue. The model is fun to look at, and for a perfect finish it has some messy bangs at the top and tapering on the edges.

Traditional Tapered Quiff David Beckham brings out the best of this modern version of the quiff. he holds a longer top which he blends to create a sleek gentleman look with perfectly tapered sides. his presence is also given by the subtle brush back of the longer top hairs.

Edgy and Messy

On the sides of this hairdo there are some excellent razor cut lines which help to give it some edginess. Nevertheless, the main attraction focus is the short messy and upswept hair on the crown. There are also a few silver gray streaks on the messy hair that help spice up the overall look.

Fancy Messy Cut

hard side line accuracy is impressive and helps to separate the faded area from the top design. The messy quiff is also very fancy, though, and it has some beautifully textured short bangs and an attractive color that makes them look elegant.

Skin Fade

This hairdo can be described in many ways because it may also be a fake hawk, but it is a quiff with an original cut and styling. You should have some thick bangs of the crown and style to create it by inventively pushing them back to create a V-shape on the crown. Skin Fade is also supposed to finish the look with the rest of the chest.

Cool Finger Combed Quiff

The length of this quiff and the combination of the finger make it look very easy. Its sides are short, but you can tap them as well. This style works for all ages, so that as a matching hairdo you can have it with your son.

Feathered Blue hair

You can also use some paint to add more elegance to your haircut, using a beautiful blue hue in this feathered quiff. The color has some highlights to make it look attractive, but the cut is also fabulous, leaving an extra-long quiff on the sides and a faded undercut.

Voluminous Wavy bangs

This styles blonde color and dark blue roots are just one of the things making it top notch. The volume and length of the bangs, however, give this trendy look to the quiff. Such locks also have some elegant waves, and to finish the look the sides are tapered.

Perfectly stacked

These short bangs have a fantastic textured look, but their styling creates a fabulous quiff. And it involves piling them by sweeping them forward and then raising the bangs in order to create the front classic quiff. You can taper the edges, but with a razor you can also slice them closely.

Clean and elegant
A modern man will stay clean and sleek, making a haircut such as this ideal. It has a curved side part and a high fade on the sides, but the attraction center is the style at the top. And it comes from relaxing and sweeping the short strands to the side and back easily.

Short Spiky Quiff

Some quiffs like this can feel both casual and formal, making them a unique hairdo. Even though it is shorter than most others, on the sides it has some nice spikes and a sharp fade to create a clean cut that can be achieved without any trouble.

Fashionable Undercut Fade

Some things make this style stand out, but one of the main ones is the undercut fade on the sides with razor cut lines. Also the long strands in the middle of the head are fantastic, and because of their upsweep style and length they create a faux hawk like design.

Sleek and elegant

This sleek haircut is ideal for formal wear because it makes a man look very polished and classy. The top section is longer than the bottom, but the width slowly decreases when the sides have a high fade to create a taper-like shape.

Light Blonde Quiff Perfection

Light blonde is a vivid and fashionable hue that can be used to spice your hairdo and make it look special. The smooth quiff also has a stacked front in this model, while the sides and back are short clipped.

Side Slick and Part

Although most haircuts are always about how you cut your hair, you also need to style it correctly to look polished. The style makes all the difference in this particular headdress, and it includes raising the front and gently sweeping it to the left. To distinguish the long top from the high fade sides and back, you should also build a hard side section line.

Blonde Victory Roll

A little inventiveness helps to give you such a stylish quiff. All you need to do is sweep up and roll the front of your hair into a roll of victory and finish the look with a fade or just shorten the sides and back.

Angular Layering

This styles rounded side part looks fantastic, and its also smooth. It helps to disconnect the layered quiff and the skin fade section. Besides this, the stacked quiff also has a beautiful white hue that provides an enticing contrast to the locks when you lay them.

Dramatic and sophisticated Quiff

This modern haircut is as sleek and elegant as you might want. The attention to detail is outstanding, and the side-part lines accuracy is great. The long wavy front strands have an excellent texture and upsweep style besides this.

Golden Waves

This haircut is another example of how color can make you look. It involves leaving a few long wavy bangs on the front and tapering the sides and back of the hair. Then you should finish by sweeping over the forehead the long waves.

Tall and Voluminous Bangs

If you have long locks, you dont have to cut them off because you can still wear a quiff. This includes the sides and back fading while leaving some long, voluminous bangs on the front. You should then use a product on the locks with a quality hold and give them some height to finish the look.

Sleek and tapered

Although this style has a beautiful cut, its sleek look comes from a generous amount of gel or stylish pomade. The sides are also tapered to give a neat appearance to the style and add some class to the look with its lovely dark tone and shine.

Natural Curly Quiff

This haircut is one of Zayn Maliks many quiff designs. however, because it has some lovely natural curls and color, this one looks very distinct. Despite being predominantly black, he gives a blonde shade to the front strands to add a twist to the look.

Artistic Pompadour with undercut

The majority of quiff hairstyles are influenced by the classic pompadour. This one is no exception, and it keeps on the crown a few long textured bangs. The bangs are slightly messy, and they are framed by an abstract razor line to distinguish them from the skin below.

Contemporary Slick Back Pompadour

Slick back pompadours are very common, but this one gives a modern touch to the design by making the front slightly messy. And so the design of the brush back doesnt start at the front, but the few front bangs create a modern quiff. Also on the sides the model has a zero fade just to spice up the look.

Choppy and Spiky

Whether you keep them short or long, Choppy bangs will always give you a sophisticated look. They have an excellent texture and a spiky look in this style. A styling consists of making a side line and an elegant fade.

high Fade Quiff

This styles elegance is fading due to the pompadour-inspired design of the top. And so it combines a pompadours class and neatness with the stylish look of a high fade to create a neat gentleman look.

Sharp Fade Classic Quiff

In this haircut, the impressive quiff is very polished but easy to make. It is a classic style with a pompadour-like design, but what makes it look distinct is the sharp fade on the side.


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