Bright hairstyle Celebrities

Is short types dull to think? Think again! This season. Short hair can be as flexible as long hair if you choose the right cut and colour. When needed for evening events, it can be styled for laid-back activities and polished into immaculate looks. For adding excitement and uniqueness to the hair, details such as highlights, unique cut specifics and unexpected colors can also be used. So if you need something smart and low-maintenance, check out some of these celebrities with short hair styles. Pay attention to the inspiration for the small details!

hot highlights for hunky hugh

The addition of dark ash highlights helps to give extra texture to hugh Jackmans deep brown hair and perfectly capture the sun. This style is a messy Ĺ“bed head look, with a clear, unstructured side section.

Marshall Mathers Style

is an enviable look for Marshall. The darker color of the sorrel gives him a mature feel, while his clipped dos neat lines are still edgy.

Robert Downey Jr. in hip Chestnut hue

Roberts hair has a high peel cut on the sides that has roughly brushed backwards. The top hair is styled and by ironing and twisting small sections of hair, texture has been added.

Brushed Up Look with high Undercut

Justin Timberlake has a high undercut that has been combed and brushed straight up the top hair. The color is a beautiful brown chocolate with just a gray sprinkling.


Sophisticated Urban Style Jude Law wears this messy urban look with such panache! his deep brown chocolate hair was combed back and ruffled to create a sleek style that looks well arranged.
Ryan Knows how to Pull Off Gray

Gray hair can look uncomfortable or distinguishable and Ryan teaches us exactly how to do it. A high undercut was graded to the top of the hair. With only a small wave in the front, the style is short. Sprinkled with dove blue, his fawn-colored hair is soft and mature.

Bright and Short Auburn hairstyle

Brads hair looks perfectly smooth and the color palette is so flattering. The foundation is a dark auburn with well-positioned highlights of amber and chestnut. The hair was swept into a wave, combing the sides down and back.

Tousled Look of Gyllenhaal is Effortlessly Sexy

This palette of nut and amber browns really helps to accentuate the deep blue eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal. his hair was lifted straight from the front while the sides shorter hair was neatly peeled down.

Sleek Sun-Kissed Locks

David Beckham shines in this immaculate hairstyle, seeing the cut sides of the brush gently graded into the longer colored hair. These locks were brushed back in order to keep some strands higher than others!

Prep School Look Channing Tatum

A soft palette of bronze and earthy browns was used to add texture and shine to this smart do. In a flattering short cut that has been brushed to one side, Channing Tatum wears his hair.

Short and defined bowl cut

Will Smiths ultra-short bowl cutting style here. The sides have been shaved into a close undercut as long as the hair is on top and shaped into a precise shape.

Ryan Gosling In Sleek Sorrel

here Ryan Gosling sports a look with short sides nicely graded in the top locks. The color in a rich sorrel brown is lovely and the light copper shades along the temple so well compliment his beard shade.

Razor Detail Adds Interest to Drakes Short Do

Drake has chosen a super short do that looks great to him. With a razor line, he has added some appeal, bent off to the side.

American horror hottie

The silky-looking locks of Matt Bomer were brushed up and back to give this do height. The added golden brown streaks are the right colors for this style over a base color of deep sand.

Walnut Brown Clipped Cut

Tom hardy looks stylish in this close-clipped do. The sides are divided gently and the hair was brushed back and side by side. A light brown walnut hue is perfect for the tone of his olive skin.

Understated 40s Revival

This style was a favorite among the 1940s men and Chris Evans perfectly pulls it off. On the side, his thick hair is split and combed back. This is a truly polished do, ready to engage in dinner.

Soft Style with Ash Gray Sides

Matt Damons hair was snipped very short and fell naturally. On the sides we can see ash gray hints, adding to this look a refining touch.

Star Quality hairstyle

The shadow black locks of John Boyega were cut to the same length all around, opening his face and highlighting his smooth mocha colored skin. Its a professional and refined short style.

Long and vivid amber hair

In this photo, Chris Pratt wears a short hairstyle, styled in waves. On top, the cut is only slightly longer and the base color is amber overlaid with hazel microlights.

Short and sweet

here, James McAvoys hair was cut at a standard length all around and dappled with a touch of light gray in chocolate biscuits and honey blondes. The small wave above the forehead adds interest.

A Choppy, Textured Cut for Benedict

Short hairstyles must never be flat Benedict Cumberbatch shows a classic burnt sienna shade in a textured and ruffled-looking short style.

Teased Then Tamed

In this photo, the hair of Bradley Copper has been crafted with a close allied feel that still looks streamlined. his hairstyle was painted with a palette of dark creamy browns.

Nick Makes Super Short Look Super-hot

Nick Jonas has chosen to cut a super short, low maintenance razor all around. The style is great for busy bodies like him, and against his creamy skin, the deep color looks smooth.

Rosewood Color Over Spiky Styling

This beautiful dark brown hue is ideal for the tanned skin of Taylor Lautner. The sides were slightly shorter and slightly textured, while the top hair was cut and spiked loosely.

Colins Spiky Look has Loads of Attitude

Colin Farrels hair was grown and trimmed to give it shine. The colored locks of the coffee were then styled into a spiky, hip look.

Toms hair is Textured and Tousled

Toms combed fringe textured cut is trend-setting. his copper-colored hair was neatly peeled on the sides while the top hair was blown out and peeled out to lift the style. The color is youthful, and Tom is well carried off.

honey highlights

The combed back locks with only a small wave to add height and a mixed range of golden brown colors make this hairstyle work so well. Zac gives us a style that is equally flexible to work and play.

Elijah Sports a Professional Do

The sandy hair of Elijah was cut to a uniform length and a messy side partition was added. To fall on the brow, the fringe was combed slightly forward.

Dark Bush Cut for Daniel Craig

This photo gives Daniels smooth, auburn-colored hair a standard brush cut with only a small section of the top hair left slightly longer and brushed back. Its a no-nonsense do that works well to open its face and highlight its sharp characteristics.

Short, layered hairstyle