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ByNitish Singh-July 23, 2018.888 Figure 1 Picture Courtesy of Mic Dmca Notices were given to two Nintendo GameBoy vance emulators, based on JavaScript, which allowed players to play old handheld games on their desktop browsers. Following the Dmca complaint, a GitHub repository which contained the code for the emulators was also taken down. While many gamers love to play the new famous franchise launches, others choose to spend their time enjoying endless classics on online emulators. Nintendo is not overly happy with the rise of online emulators allowing users to access games from consoles of previous generation. Nearly all of Nintendo’s consoles have emulators available on the internet, with the exception of portable 3Ds and NintendoSwitch which still have full functional emulators to obtain. Two fan-made emulators (LoveRoms and LoveRetro) were taken down after Nintendo lodged a Dmca lawsuit against them during the weekend. As comparison to downloadable software-based emulators, emulators were designed using JavaScript enabling users to play some of Zelda Mario’s most popular GameBoy vance games, including Pokemon Legend and more. A GitHub repository containing the simulator source code was also taken down to prevent duplication of the emulators. “The files on the repository page https:/ contain unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video game software in violation of the law and GitHub’s Terms of Service,” the Dmca complaint stated. The organization is considering taking legal action against the creator for copyright infringement of the GitHub server. The emulators and Rom hosting websites have no profit motive and simply exist to give users the ability to play old games which are currently commercially unavailable. This is not the first time that the gaming giant has taken action against emulators or websites that host Rom. In the past similar GitHub repositories were taken down to allow users access to GameBoy vance games. There are lots of similar emulators available on GitHub and the Nintendo is likely to take them down in the near future as well. Though LoveRetroloveRoms deleted from its website all of the Nintendo titles. Grip. Sling Tv announces 2,472 million subscribers In the second quarter of 2019, following Q2 2019

ByGabriela Vatu-July 30 2019.889 Sling Tv gained almost 50,000 new subscribers. The subscriber numbers of Sling Tv sustain it at the top of the food chain. The corporation behind Sling Tv, Dish Network, revealed that, during the second quarter of 2019, the service gained 48,000 subscribers from 2,424 million customers at the end of the first quarter to 2,472 million. Sling Tv has gained 251000 subscribers since the end of 2017 which can be quite impressive considering that some services have a total number of subscribers that are close to that number. In reality, the 2.4 million Sling Tv is far from other live television platforms. Nearly a year ago, Hulu Live Tv announced that they have surpassed 1 million subscribers, but voices in the industry suggest that they may have doubled in the past year. DirecTv Now has 1.34 million viewers in the last three quarters since losing more than half a million while PlayStation Vue has around 800,000 and around 300,000 fuboTvs. YouTube Tv has never disclosed their figures, but reports put the number of subscribers at about 1 million. While we are certain the organization hopes to keep up with the trend they have had some issues with certain networks. In addition to losing broadcast rights for local affiliates Hbo and Meredith, Sling Tv also saw last week Fox Sports Rsns and Yes network dropped from their service. Should the contract not be resolved early we might see subscribers moving to other services. On the other hand, Sling Tv stacked up the great networks adding Discovery channels and even offering discounts in a deal that has been going on for months now for the first month. Sling Tv is one of the most flexible channels available on the market, with a lot of customizatiFew dating sites sell 2Fa and when you change account credentials some don’t even ask for clarification. TechCrunch has been contacted by several OkCupid users to report major user-credential data dumps positive stuffing attacks these reports definitely do not come as a surprise either. Some were able to convince OkCupid to perform a password reset according to the user reportsFew dating sites sell 2Fa and when you change account credentials some don’t even ask for clarification. TechCrunch has been contacted by several OkCupid users to report major user-credential data dumps positive stuffing attacks these reports definitely do not come as a surprise either. Some were able to convince OkCupid to perform a password reset according to the user reports

.895 Showtime is known to have created quite a few amazing shows in-house as well as tons of other material. Our score: 9/10 Showtime’s programming contains a combination of movie pictures that you may have seen on the original big screen TV series sports stand-up shows and other movies that missed the theaters and landed on the small screens. Right now you can watch some really good shows like Shameless or Homeland, or even the classic Twin Peaks series or the wonderful Penny Dreadful show. Now airing on Showtime, Kidding features Jim Carrey.


.896 Showtime works fine on almost any computer as long as you have a secure connection to the Internet. Our score: 9/10 Plus you can also use the app to download content so that you can watch later when, for example, you’ll be on your mobile connection. Programs that are available for download on your mobile devices will be labelled accordingly. Keep in mind that the app will remember the quality of the video you have chosen for your future reference download so choose the one that best suits your computer.

Customer Support

.897 The Showtime app is quite easy to use but there is a detailed support section just in case you need help getting around. Not only will you find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions, but you can also send an email or engage in a live chat directly between 9 AM and 3 Am Et Monday through Sunday. Ideally all the information you need can be found directly in the Help section. It features general info about closed captions showtime for content or programming on-demand movies.


The Showtime bill may be paid monthly or annually, saving some money with the latter. Our Score: 8/10 Showtime is one premium network requiring quite a bit of subscribers ‘ money. The price of $10.99 a month that you’ll see in most places is more than what Starz pays but less than Hbo so we think we’re on the middle ground. There are loads of ways you can get showtime now in the “Sign Up to Showtime” we listed. If you are going to use your cable provider to get Showtime, then the price can vary based on what deal they have. If you get a standalone subscription directly from Showtime you’re going to have to pay $10.99 a month. Now there is the chance to get Showtime from a live-Tv streaming platform as well. The network is quite successful so it appears on DirecTv Now with live TV on fuboTv PlayStation Vue Sling Tv YouTube Tv or Hulu. The general consensus is that the subscription price set by Showtime itself is $10.99 a month for these platforms. Okay, apart from DirecTv Now and YouTube Tv. Until now, DirecTv Now was the only company that provided the service for $8 a month that goes well below the amount we got used to. Yet YouTube Tv recently announced that it will slash the Showtime subscription price to $7 making it the lowest price for the premium network

We hope you will consider subscribing to Showtime. We know that hiking up your bill is yet another premium channel but the content is worth it. Review Overview App Compatibility9 Sign Up To Showtime10 Available Content9 Performance9 Customer Support9 Pricing8 Analysis 9 Overall Rating