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Using ExpressVpn to download the Vpn program and use it to access the Japanese servers. And here’s what you need to do after you’ve received a subscription to ExpressVpn. Log-in to your ExpressVpn website account. You’ll be provided to access the Vpn depending on your operating system once you’ve signed in. Also do not hesitate to copy the activation code that you will see on that tab, as we will need it soon. Download ExpressVpn to your pc, and install it. Then open the Program. You’ll be asked to log-in the first time you open it. This can be used by entering your username and password. You can copy and paste your activation code (mentioned earlier) as an alternative. So carry on and sign in. 664 Use the application to connect to any Japanese server. You can press the ‘ three dots ‘ icon and check for servers in Japanese. Once you have found a double-click thereon. Once you have signed in, you can browse the web with a special Japanese Ip. This is it!