70 Pictures of Man Buns

Guy bun hairstyle

Athletic Man Bun

If you have lengthy hair and are a sports enthusiast, you are likely to have to use a man bun for practical purposes. An athletic take on this hairstyle has reversed the top cleanly, with the hair tie safely wrapped.

Bicolor Bun

Man buns look remarkable when the bearer has distinct hair colors.
Many dreadlocked boys, for instance, colored them about halfway down. The contrast between your root color and the top will be fascinating when you style your hair in a man bun.

Bold Man Bun Hairstyle

On the other side, if you are not restricted by your setting, you can go for a wild man bun. Whether you’re shooting a photo, filming a music video, or just wanting to express yourself creatively, don’t restrict your hair styling choices.

Braid Into Bun Hairstyle

Braids are temporarily mixed into your man bun. You can bring a few locks on one side and French braid them halfway as soon as your hair has a good length. Wrap the remainder of your hair as usual in the bun.

Braided Man Bun Hairstyle

We believe it’s a great idea to rock a complete head of lengthy braids, particularly when pairing them with a small undercut. All you have to do is wrap them in a guy bun hairstyle when you want to maintain the braids out of your manner. To maintain the thicker strands together, you should use a stronger hairstyle.

Braids and Man Bun

Remember what we said about Harrys bun-owned styles? To demonstrate our point, heres another instance. With his appearance, the singer is open-minded, never hesitating to explore methods to produce distinctive hairstyles that capture attention.

Braids, Bun, and Pomp

You can see in this picture the most complicated hairstyle of all the ones listed. No less than three styles are mixed, but all in a harmonious way. On the side there are two braids, a top in a pompadour style, and in the back there is a brief man bun.

Casual Man Bun Hairstyle

Do not hesitate to relax with a casual man bun hairstyle if you have nothing fancy planned. You don’t need to meticulously style your hair; just bind it all up and leave some stray locks in the front to increase the hairstyle effect.

Colorful Man Bun

Finally, we can all agree that in our entire choice this is the most colorful man bun hairstyle. We admire how the top stands out, particularly on tiny corkscrew curls, through an electric blue hue. The final detail is the creative undercut which makes the hairstyle unforgettable.

Cornrows and Bun

The cornrows style is another braiding technique that you can use to highlight your guy bun (and the other way around). Choose as many braids for men as you want for the top and braid your hair until you reach the bottom of your head.
In a bun, bind the ends together from there.

Creative Man Bun Hairstyle

Fill your eyes with this amazing instance of bun bun hairstyle. The design is complex, with slender braids starting at the top of the head from tiny boxes. After that, there are some shaved lines here and there in the undercut that accompanies the look. We like the beads used in braids as well.

Curly Man Bun Hairstyle

In males with curly or wavy hair, man buns look incredible. The hairstyle with an effortless edge will immediately become textured and easy. you’re not going to come off as trying too hard to look cool, and all day long you’re going to be comfortable wearing the look.

Double Buns with Braids

If you have two braids as your hairstyles primary highlights, you might believe of using double buns as a manner to complete them. Make sure the braids are produced vertically and as parallel as feasible to prevent an impact of pigtails. Thus, instead of on the sides, they will end at the back of your head.

Dreadlocks Bun

Dreadlocks are a great way to express your hairstyle culture, lifestyle or incredible taste. A guy bun will assist you cool down during the summer or alter your look every now and then if you have longer dreads.

For Big Day

Things have began to change in recent years, even though weddings used to be official occasions. Now it’s all about having fun with the happy pair as it should be with their friends. This change will enable you on the big day to wear the guy bun of your dreams.

Formal Man Bun Hairstyle

Whether you’re attending your best friends wedding or business party, you can count on this man bun hairstyle. it’s a formal assumption of the classic heavy guy bun, with reduced styling for a slick and polished result.

Half Up Man Bun Hairstyle

Would you like to take it easy and not wrap your entire hair? You can attempt bun hairstyle half-up, half-down guy. Divide your hair in half horizontally to get this look and use only the top portion to create the bun. Allow the remainder to flow down your shoulders and back naturally.

Headband Man Bun Hairstyle

Former One Director Harry Styles is one of Man Buns undisputed kings. Most of the moment he locks his shoulder-length and is not scared to style them with a man bun. He occasionally adds accessories such as headbands to spice up his look.

High Fade Bun

You can integrate a fade into your hairstyle in different ways.
You can look into a elevated fade apart from the mid fade we submitted previously. Starting with the upper sides of your head, your hair will gradually be trimmed with a longer top in a mans bun hairstyle.

High Man Bun Hairstyle

Unlike mid or low man bun hairstyles, elevated hairstyles will certainly attract attention from those around you. Nevertheless, it does not imply that your lengthy hair is not a stylish option. You shouldnt worry about choosing a bun sitting on top of your head if you have an undercut.

Hipster Man Bun Hairstyle

Apart from the hairstyle, your selection of apparel and accessories is the secret to having a hipster look. So, if you don’t have them, you should seriously consider getting some old school glasses. Here the high guy bun is just a detail that combines the look.

Large Man Bun

Of course, the longer your hair, the bigger your mans bun will be.
Especially if you want your tips draped around your shoulders, we don’t see this as a disadvantage. If you have dreadlocks of mid-back or waist-length, you should believe about this hairstyle.

Loose Man Bun Hairstyle

you’ll almost always be loose and careless when you see a man bun hairstyle guy. It not only offers a nonchalant atmosphere, but it is also the most comfortable way to wear this hairstyle. don’t think too much about it and go with the stream.

Low Bun

Although most man buns are worn higher up, the option is always to rock your neck backwards. it’s another effortless way to simultaneously style your lengthy hair and free your face.

Low Fade Man Bun Hairstyle

Following mid and high fading,

Man Bun Hairstyle with Hard Part

It can be even more memorable to define a man bun correctly. There are many ways you can accentuate your hairstyle, but we must agree that one of the most efficient is a difficult component. For a sharp impact, shave a diagonal or vertical line around the top of your man bun.

Man Bun Hairstyle with Shaved Design

If you have undercut hairstyle, let your imagination go wild and venture into shaved design concepts. We suggest you get a heavy fade undercut so you can, so to talk, have more space for your canvas. From there, make some brainstorming about the designs you can get with your barber.

Man Bun Hairstyle with Temple Fade

Would you like to emphasize your hairstyle generally? Take a tip from the pros and consider using your man bun to get a temple fade. The sharp angles around your hairline will highlight the longer portion that follows, producing an eye-catching silhouette as well.

Man Bun Short Hair

Contrary to common belief, guy buns are not just for long-haired men. If you’ve lately began growing your hair out, at the top of your head, you can tie the tips in a tiny bun.
To avoid a rooster-like result, make sure you don’t tie it too high.

Man Bun Undercut

If you often intend to sport a mans bun hairstyle, why not make a haircut to complement it? A common option that looks highly good is a disconnected undercut. It let’s you wear both up and down your hair and adds cool points when wrapped up to your appearance.

Manbun with loose beaches

Loose beaches are often the icing on the cake for a guy buns allure. If you’ve layered hair, some locks on their own will fall out of the bun. HoWe’ver, even if your hair has the same length all around, you can take out a strand or two.

Man Bun with Thick Beard

It is crystal evident why man buns and dense beards go completely hand in hand and can often be discovered worn together. Consider shining the spotlight on it by removing the rest of your hair from around your face if you succeed in developing a complete beard. The only thing you need to do is a guy bun.

Man Buns for Little Boys

The creation of a man bun for a little kid is almost poetic.
It takes the hairstyle of a grown-up and puts it on a little guy. But the most significan’t thing is to look up the face of the little dude when he sees himself in the mirror.

Messy Bun

Take yours to the next level with messy styling if a loose man bun hairstyle isn’t enough for you. The hairstyle begins loose, but by softly pulling a few strands out of the bun, you can accentuate the carelessness. Alternatively, from the start, tie your hair messily in the bun.

Platinum Blonde Man Bun

Justin Bieber is another celebrity you can look for. The primary focus here, though, is not how he buns his guy, but the color. As an encouragement to explore other color possibilities for your hairstyle, we wanted to demonstrate you this instance.

Pulled Back Braids Hairstyles

Rapper ASAP Rocky is not only famous for it’s music but also for it’s initial braided hairstyle. Often, depending on how long they are, he pulls his braids back into tiny ponytails or buns. If you are inclined to wear braids, you can follow his style.

Reverse Braid Man Bun Hairstyle

On the other side, for your man bun hairstyle, you can choose an out – of-the-box strategy. Bow your head and begin braiding from your nape upwards to get the inverse braid portion. Once you have reached your heads crown, complete it in a bun.

Samurai Bun Hairstyle

You can attempt a samurai bun for your next hairstyle, whether you’re enthusiastic about Japanese culture or just like it looks. it’s about the same as the guy bun, but it has a much longer and narrower shape. A broad tie of hair will assist you to get this look.

Short Ponytail Hairstyle

If you’re tired of wearing a traditional mans bun hairstyle, you can always switch to a ponytail from time to time. We suggest this concept particularly to males with shorter hair, as well as to those who with their longer tops rock undercuts.

Slick Man Bun

If your hair tends to remain completely straight most of the moment, you can pull off a slick man bun hairstyle in the globe without any care. Your locks texture will allow you to readily smooth them back.
By adding a certain item, you can also play around with a moist element.

Subtle Man Bun

Some configurations call for a separate hairstyle. We suggest that you brush your hair thoroughly in these circumstances and style it in a medium man bun. If you don’t want to draw attention to your hairstyle, make sure it isn’t too big or too low.

Swept Back Bun

Although this is not the most effective way to maintain your hair out of your eyes, it has to be admitted that it is good. Guys with shorter, wavy hair can easily pull this guy bun hairstyle by adding a handful of hair on their nape.

Textured Man Bun

Would you like to add texture to your hairstyle? If you have curly or wavy hair or a layered haircut, it’s simpler. Do not concentrate on perfecting the man bun, but leave lots of loose locks all around. Your primary objective should be to tie only a lot of your hair.

Aidan Turner

Actor Aidan Turner and his smoldering excellent looks became popular as he starred in the epic trilogy The Hobbit of Peter Jackson. In true life, he has dark curly hair that he enjoys maintaining tied up in a man’s bunny hair.

Artistic Man Bun Hairstyle

This one translates into a chaotic yet chic man bun, with bohemian accents that make you look like a muse artist, author or musician. Look pretty convincing, right? Were thinking that way. And that’s what we enjoy.

The head of the bed

Looking casual and careless has never been so sexy since we invented the bun hairstyle guy. You can just get out of bed now, take a fast shower, tie back your hair and leave the house. that’s all the design for the day you need.

Man Bun Hairstyle Braids

The excellent thing about man buns is that everything in one can go. Straight hair, curly hair, dreads, braids, yes. Box braids in this situation. Just look how incredible they are, surrounded in particular by the ideal undercut.

Burnt Caramel

We just enjoy creative men’s hair colors and that’s one of them. it’s a burnt bronde caramel color. It was originally borrowed from the women but gentlemen made it their own as it is the company of no one.

Business Bun

Yes, it implies a company. In other words, it’s a very demure and low-profile man bun that sits low like a tiny chignon at the back of your head. For office hours or when you have an significant meeting, it’s ideal.

Double Man Bun Hairstyle

How about doubling your bun game? You can do that now. And not just that, but by adding the very latest trend in the man’s hair world, the man braids, you can raise the stakes. Whos the towns coolest man?

Dread Bun

A man’s bun hairstyle made of dreads is certainly something wed love to try. it’s comparable to the one we talked about above made of box braids, this time you’re using it to safeguard your valuable dreads.

The Elegant Man Bun Hairstyle

With this look, it’s not about the bun man himself, it’s about the way you’re styling it. That implies you’re wearing clothes and accessories that can create or break your look. Try a woolen overcoat and an easy golden chain for an elegant atmosphere.

The next big thing is the French braid

We had buns from the guy and the top knots, and now we have braids from the guy. They are just ordinary women’s fashion and styling braids that you can pair with your guy bun.

Half Up Half Down

Another casual strategy to man bun hairstyle is half down.
If you have shoulder-long hair, which is also very dense, it operates fantastic.
You can keep it from your face in this manner, but you can still flaunt it.

Harry Styles

Surely this former member of One Direction understands what is going on. He went himself a while ago for the man’s bun hairstyle and he couldn’t look better. The style makes him look more mature, more elegant and more composite.

Heath Ledger

None other than Heath Ledger himself was one of the first Hollywood A-listers ever to give a man bun hairstyle. He had wavy hair that he liked to tie back in a tiny half-down situation sort.

Henry Cavil

Although the crazy British actor Henry Cavil doesn’t really wear a man’s bun hairstyle in true life, he’s played on both big and small screens a number of times. One can’t deny he looks beautiful as well as rugged. What a source of inspiration!

Hipster Samurai Bun

Speaking of samurai buns, here is another instance, coming from the hipster domain, this time complete with a bushy beard, a vintage dandy mustache, very well trimmed eyebrows, and a nose ring.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has a very bohemian appearance with his low man bun and hipster accessories. Not to mention his beards incredibly dense and so well manscaped. This is the way to do it if you’re planning to go for the bun.

Jared Leto

By now, the universe understands and accepts that Jared Leto is a person forgotten by time. He looks like he did when he was twenty today. With just one small exception. He now has a hairstyle man bun that makes him look even more lovely.

Jason Momoa

Heres Jason Momoa talking about cool boys. Having performed both Khal Drogo in the now bigger than life Game of Thrones and Aquaman, he’s a screen legend himself, and yes, he’s wearing his long hair in a man bun. Hear our Khal!

Justin Bieber

it’s large when Bieber does it. So he not only jumped on the trend of guy bun hairstyle as well, but he also chose to add some of his own flairs. He also died as a result of his hair platinum. Hollywood, your move!

The Harrington Kit

The concealed Targaryen, the North King, the other Stark, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. And yet, Jon Snow doesn’t know anything. Oh, but one thing he knows. That in a man’s bun hairstyle he looks smashing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

If King Leo does it, you understand that it’s okay for you to do it. Nowadays, with a slicked-back hairdo and a bushy beard, Leonardo DiCaprio has dabbed the polished kid look and goes for rugged handsomeness.

Long Samurai

We’ve seen a brief samurai bun before, now it’s time to look at the lengthy variant. This really feels like a lengthy samurai bun, finish with a bushy beard. If you’re a fan and you want to try it out, you should understand that the hair accessory is all there.