20+ Men’s Ponytail Hairstyles

Man ponytail haircut starts to become famous in the 1980s. It remains a popular man
haircut today and some women have also incorporated the style into their
haircuts. Man ponytail is tied by first diving the hair into 2 equal parts and
then weaving them several rounds before ending it with a knot.

Bad Boy Ponytail

Top 20 Trending Men Ponytail Hairstyles

The following is a compilation of the 20 best pony hairstyle. It is important to
make sure that the style you select matches with the hair and face.

1. Clean Man Bun

Clean Ponytail

The male ponytail hairstyle features the long hair being gathered into a ponytail
and tied to a knot around the neck level. The hair is kept longer than the
shoulder. This technique of tying a ponytail give it a clean appearance.

2. Men Long Hair Ponytail

Long Hair Ponytail

This is a man ponytail that is tied at a high level like a woman ponytail. Some of
the hair at the bottom is not long enough to be gathered into the ponytail. It
is a common ponytail for men who want to look macho.

3. Silky Mocha Ponytail for Men

Soft Mocha Ponytail

To look exactly like this, you must first dye your hair into silky mocha colour.
After the hair is dyed, you must gather all the hair together into one bunch
with a comb and tie into a knot to form a ponytail. The hair will hang down.
The tips of the hair have been dyed to a light flaxen blond colour. There is a
beard that complements with the base hue.

4. Men Long Ponytail with Matte White Hair

Matt White Ponytail

It is one of the most creative ponytail hairstyle for men that can give a vintage
look. Long hair that passes the shoulder line is required for the haircut. You
must dye your hair to matte white colour. A few strands of the hair will be let
down on the back.

5. Men Ponytail for Silver Gray Hair

The Silver Gray Ponytail

This long hair ponytail is ideal for men with silver grey hair. The hair is tied to
a bun at the back and secured with a hair clip. Some of the short hair that
cannot be tied will fall down below the ponytail.

6. Ponytail with Thick Facial Hair for Bad Boy Look

Bad Boy Ponytail

The long hair on top and the sides are pull back tightly and tie into a ponytail.
The long bushy moustache and beard match with the hairstyle. This is a great
hairstyle for men who want to have a bad guy appearance. It can also give you
a serious look.

It is not unusual to see guys with man ponytail hairstyles around nowadays. A long
time ago, it was a standard for men to keep long hair and they used to tie their
hair into a bun. In modern days, there are some men that like to keep long
hair and show off with a bun. The following is a list of cool male ponytail

7. Casual Ponytail Guy Hairstyle


This is a casual hairstyle for the ponytail guy who likes to visit the beach. The
hair is dyed to chest brown at the base and some strands are highlighted in
dark ash blond colour. The hair at the back is tied loosely to a ponytail style.

8. Medium Men Ponytail for Blond Hair

Blonde and Medium Ponytail

The barber will dye the hair to blond first before using scissors to cut your hair.
Because it is a medium hairstyle, some of the hair in front will fall down over
the face when you tie the hair into a small ponytail at the back.

9. Men Headband Hairstyle with Ponytail for Dark Hair

Dark Hairstyle Men Ponytail with Headband

The men ponytail is ideal for men with dark hair. The hair is pulled over to the
back to tie into a ponytail. A headband is worn to give the top hair a comb
pattern. The sides have been cut in layered and the beard is joining to the

10. Long Top Men Ponytail with Undercut

Side Undercut Ponytail

This is a common undercut ponytail man hairstyle for men who like to have a bald
appearance. The sides and back feature undercut that is shaved to the skin.
The hair on top is tied to the back into a ponytail bun. It takes a lot of time
to maintain this hairstyle as you will regularly have to shave the sides and
back when they get long.

11. Amber Ponytail for Curly Hair

Ponytail with Amber Detail

The men ponytail hairstyle requires hair that is longer than the shoulder. The
natural look of the curly hair on the ponytail adds a cool appearance. For this
hairstyle, you must dye the top part amber colour while the base is dyed into
sable colour. The ponytail is tied using an elastic band.

12. Messy Men Ponytail for Long Hair

The Long Hair Ponytail

The ponytail hairstyle looks nice on men who do martial arts. Hair that is long
enough gathered to the back to tie into a ponytail. Some hair in front that is
not long enough hang loosely on both sides.

13. Thick Man Bun Ponytail Hairstyle with Side Part

Men Ponytail with Side Part

This is one of the best ponytail hair examples for men with thick wavy hair. The
hair is parted into two sides and then tied into a ponytail at the back on a
high level. The sparse beard joins to the sideburns.

14. Beach Style Men Braid Ponytail with Undercut

Beach Braid Ponytail

This is a creative ponytail hairstyle for men who like to hang out at the beach. The
top is divided into 2 parts of hair with each one tied into a braid. Both
braids are then tied together into a French-style ponytail. The sides have been
shaved down to as short as possible.

15. Men Ponytail with Bright Curls

Tight and Bright Curls

The curly hair is pulled to the back and tied into a ponytail at a high level.
Because the hair is naturally curly, the ponytail will look like ringlets of
hair. The ponytail is dyed into a bright colour which contrasts with the
original dark chocolate colour of the hair.

16. Ponytail in Laid Back Style for Men

Laid Back Ponytail

This a laid back style men ponytail where the hair is loosely tied into a knot on a
low level at the back. A few strands of hair is allowed to hang over the face
on the side.

17. Messy Ponytail with Bang for Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Messy Ponytail

To get this ponytail style, you must cut your hair to medium length and tie it
into a ponytail at the back. There are bangs hanging down on one side to give a
messy look. This is a smart hairstyle for guys who want to look cool.

18. Dark Blond Spiky Ponytail for Men

Biscuit Colored Manly Ponytail Hairstyle

The the top is parted with the sides and pulled up to form a high ponytail like spikes.
The top is dyed into a dark blond colour. Both sides are taper faded slightly
giving a cool 3 parts look when seen from the front.

19. Common Men Ponytail

Cool Basic Ponytail Style

This an ordinary ponytail hairstyle for men. It requires a medium length haircut.
You can tie the ponytail with a rubber band.

20. Messy Casual Ponytail for Men

The Messy Ponytail

To get this hairstyle, you simply pull back your medium length hair to the back
and use a rubber band to tie it into a ponytail. Some hair will fall out on
their own as they are not long enough.

How to Tie a Men Ponytail

  • Tilt your head to let all the long hair fall down.
  • Apply shampoo on the hair and massage evenly until the shampoo
    has settled in all parts of the hair.
  • Gather all the long hair with one hand and tie it into a knot.
  • Use a comb to give the hair a few combing until there is no more
    entanglement in the hair.
  • If you prefer short ponytail, you can get your hair cut short
    and use a rubber band to tie it.
  • If you notice a split end, you can use scissors to cut off at the
    part when the split starts.
  • After tying the knot, you can rub your cheek to loosen up the
    tightening feeling of the knot on your skin.

It is a simple thing to do for guys to tie a ponytail. All you need to do is to
gather the hair into a bunch and tie it near the end. For the long version, you
must let at all the hair down. If you prefer the short version, you must first
cut it short before tying a knot and trimming the ends to become even. You can
refer to a tutorial if you need some ideas on the ponytail hairstyles. There
are many different types of men ponytail hairstyles.

  • Sophisticated Ponytail Hairstyle
  • Quick and Easy Half-up Half-Down Men Ponytail
  • Men Braid Ponytail with Side Undercut
  • Top Knot Men Bun Ponytail
  • Men Horsetail Haircut
  • Messy Low Bun

21+ Odell Beckham Hairstyles For 2019

More and more people like to cut their hair like Odell Beckham every day. His most popular hairstyle is fade and faux hawk but checks new his styles for 2019.
It is not really a faux hawk because it looks close to the Mohawk hairstyle. This hairstyle has helped him to become
famous as a role model of the blacks haircuts. The haircut he wears is usually long and dyed with colour.

The Mohawk Afro Curl Haircut

Odell Beckham Jr. is even more famous for his
hairstyle than for his football career.

How to Transform Your Hair into Odell Beckham Hairstyle

If you want to have Odell Beckham haircut, it is best that your hair be naturally
curly. If you do not have naturally curly hair, you will go to the barber to
have your hair curled. They will apply something on your hair to make it curl
easily. The top, sides and back must be taper faded with a clipper that is set
with a small gauge. Facial hair like beard and goatee matches well with Odell
Beckham haircut.

List of 20 Most Popular Odell Beckham Hairstyles

The following are the 20 best Odell Beckham haircuts that have become trendy among
the blacks around the world.

1. Buzzed Afro Hairstyle with Chin Beard

Smooth Buzz Cut with Small Part

hair is cut to the shortest with a razor. The front hair is shaped to a
straight 90-degree line. A small chin beard matches the buzzed haircut.

2. Curly Blond Haircut with Long Top

Golden Curls with Headband

Odell Beckham is always in a good mood when he is seen with this haircut. The curly
twist hair above the headband is dyed in blond colour and the sides are taper
faded. A full-grown beard matches with the haircut.

Odell Beckham Hair Tutorial

Check this amazing tutorial how to make odell hairstyle in 20 minutes it’s step by step process can be easily done.

3. Afro Mohawk with Shaved Side

The Mohawk Afro Curl Haircut


hair can be customized into a hairstyle that capture people’s attention. The
photo above shows Odell Beckham in an Afro style Mohawk haircut. He was seen
with this haircut in many circumstances. The sides have been taper faded and
the curly top is styled into free flowing twists like a mohawk. A thin mustache
and medium length chin beard match with the Afro haircut.

4. Long Hair Mohawk for Afro

The Long Mohawk Odell Beckham Hairstyle


Beckham always have this hairstyle when he is in a football game. It is called
the Afro style long hair mohawk haircut. The sides feature clean undercut but
razor. A full grown beard that reaches up to the ear matches with the haircut.

5. Afro Vintage Sponge Hairstyle



is a vintage Afro American haircut that features a curly top that is puffy like
a sponge. The curls on the top are twisted with a twist brush. The twists are
formed after the hair has been cut.

6. Tapered Afro Sponge with Goatee

Tapered Curls with a Goatee

Beckham had this haircut when he was at a formal party. There is an inch of hair
above the forehead has been taper fade. The haircut features an abundant of
standing curls like sponge. The sides and back are also taper faded. The thin
mustache and goatee make the hairstyle look cool.

7. Afro Blond Sponge with Pattern Haircut

Blonde Curls with Back Design Haircut

hairstyle is created by a professional barber for Odell Beckham. The curly top
has been highlighted with blond color. The sides and back are taper faded. The
back has a 3 stripes pattern created with razor and styling tool.

8. Tapered Sponge Curls with French Cut Beard

Tapered Curls Haircut

Beckham keeps a French cut beard that matches with his tapered curls haircut.
The beard is trimmed by a professional barber. The tip of the hair on top is
highlighted with blond. A product has been applied to keep the sponge curls top

9. Mohawk Burst Fade for Afro American

 Wide Mohawk Odell Beckham Haircut


The mohawk
curls cover the entire width of the top. Burst fade hairstyle is seen on the
hairline. The sides feature high fade and the hair is dyed to light brown to
add some style to the haircut.

10. Frosted Tips and Taper Fade Sides Afro Haircut

Frosted Tips Odell Beckham Haircut


hairstyle features long hair with tips that are frosted in lighter color. There
is a goatee style beard that complements with the haircut. Some of the hair on
the front edge are not trimmed short and has the same length as the standing
curly hair on top. This makes it look like they stick out of the forehead which
add a cool appearance.

11. Afro Bleached Curls with Full Beard

The Bleached Curly Afro Haircut


hair is versatile and can be customized in different creative ways just like
Odell Beckham. The hairstyle features a full length beard and a bleached top.
The sides and lower part of the hair at the back are taper faded. The full
black beard contrasts with the blond top.

12. Afro Mohawk with Faded Sides

The Mohawk Fade Odell Haircut

sides are taper faded leaving a middle row of blond tip hair that has been
styled like Mohawk. You must frequently pay visit to the barber to maintain the
sharp edges. You can also have the barber use the razor to sculpture a pattern
on the taper faded part.

13. Blond Curls on the Back Haircut

Blonde Curls Hanging Down the Back Haircut

seen from behind, the haircut looks like a bunch of blond curls hanging from
the head. The blond curls only cover the back up to the neckline. The beard
complement with the blond Afro curls haircut as usual.

14. Afro Bi-color Curls Hairstyle

Mohawk Burst Fade Haircut


bi-color hairstyle features a layer of black hair on the lower part and a layer
of reddish brown hair on the upper part. The naturally curly top looks spongy.
The long chin beard matches with the bi-color haircut.

15. Afro Mohawk with Medium Curls

Medium Length Curls


Mohawk haircut features medium curls that have been bleached to light brown
color. The top must be kept long to attain this hairstyle.

16. Afro Sponge Curls

The Curl Sponge for the Streets Haircut

is the twist sponge haircut where the hair is twisted to curly style. From the
top, you can see the hole in the twisted curl. You will have to use a twisted
brush to twist the hair into the right shape. The hairstyle is also called
dreads sponge.

17. Afro Spike Hairstyle with Skin Fade Sides and Full Beard

The Skin Fade Spikes with full Beard

attain the hairstyle, the hair must be bleached first. After that, the barber
will style the hair into thick spikes. A product is applied on the hair to
achieve the thick spiky look. The sides are taper faded as short as possible to
the skin. There is a beard that accompanies the hairstyle. The beard is join to
the taper faded sideburns. Odell Beckham frequently do his hair to this style
when he is attending a fan press.

18. Afro Curls with Goatee

Curls with Extebded Goatee


the photo, Odell has a head of neat curly top that matches with the long
goatee. The hair gives him a nerdy appearance. The hairstyle is ideal for
people who are attending a casual event or an event that requires wearing
the tuxedo.

19. Curly Bleached Top with Stubble for Afro American

Colored Curls with side fade and stubble beard

the curly top has been bleached to give a casual appearance. The sides are taper
faded and a full grown stubble beard matches with the haircut.

20. Odell Beckham Messy Platinum Mohawk Haircut

Platinum Mohawk Odell Beckham Haircut

curly top has been bleached to a platinum color. It features faded sides and
back with a full length beard. There front and back hair have sharp edges
created by razor.


Silver Blue Hairstyles for 2019

List of Attractive Silver Blue Hairstyles that You Will Love

Have you ever find silver blue colour hair cool? When you are younger, you probably
did not think of dying your hair to silver blue colour. But, now that you are
grown up, you want to go after fashion.


Tips on Silver Blue Hair Maintenance

You can play the video at the bottom to learn how to obtain silver-blue hair.

Look Bold with Silver Blue Color

beautiful silver blue hair color

It is easy to dye your hair to silver-blue but harder to maintain it in long term. The colour
will fade and not appear silver anymore over time. This is the reason why it is
recommended that you only dye your hair partially or just highlight a few
strands of hair. You can dye your hair to silver blue on special occasions. If you only want your hair to be
silver blue temporarily, you can use semi-permanent dye instead. If you like
the colour, you can choose the permanent option.

Top Silver Blue Hairstyles


You can carry out the hair dyeing process for silver blue hair yourself. But, if you want to
add wild colours to hair, it is recommended that you visit the hair salon. The
hairstylist at the saloon will use the right tools and products to apply the
dye on your hair so that they will stay longer. You can go through another
procedure to lighten the hair colour if you dye it too dark.

Continue reading “Silver Blue Hairstyles for 2019”