Havana Twist Hairstyles

Havana twist hairstyle gives you a sophisticated look by tying your hair into braids. To attain Havana
twist hairstyle, you must use hair extensions. The extensions are made from
synthetic fibre that resembles real hair. You can give your hair a complete change
by using Havana twist extension.

 High bun Havana Twist Hairstyle for black girl

Carefree Havana Twist Hairstyles for Women

You may be planning to abandon your old haircut after deciding
on a Havana twist hairstyle. Wearing Havana twist extensions will completely
transform your hairstyle. The following is a short list of hairstyles that
requires the Havana twist extensions. You will find hairstyles that feature
elegant buns and wild ponytails. Hair extension is for you if you are fed up
with your current hairstyle and don’t want to have to go through the process of
dyeing your hair.


1. Braided Bun for Havana Twists


Once you have attached the twists extension, you can start to
experiment with different types of Havana style buns. You can divide your hair
into two symmetrical parts and tie them up into two buns to get a 16th-century


2. Havana Twist with Side Swept Bang

Side swept bangs hairstyle for black young girl

Havana twist hairstyle is easy to maintain and customize. If you
want to have a side swept bang, you must cut your long locks.

 Tutorial Havana braided

3. Havana Twist with Single Large Bun

 High bun Havana Twist Hairstyle for black girl

Havana twist hairstyle consists of a large volume of braids
hanging own from the head. In this hairstyle, the braids are all tied up into a
single large bun to give an attractive look.

4. Havana Twist with Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyle for girl

Havana twist is useful for styling your hair into dreadlocks. If
you are not skilled, you can go to the barber and ask him to have your
extensions form into dreadlocks.

The Havana twist hairstyles in this list can give you ideas on
creating a creative hairstyle. Whatever idea on how to tie your hair
extensions, they are sure to look good on them. Therefore, you should not be
afraid of attaching the extensions.

4.1 Havana Twist with Cornrow

beautiful Cornrows hairstyle you like

Havana twist is also useful for creating cornrow hairstyle.
First, you must style your own hair into cornrows. After that, you can attach
the extension that hangs from the head. The result is that you will look great
in them.

5. Havana Twist with Bow


Havana twist extension
allows you to tie a braided bun neatly. In this hairstyle, the braids are tied
to a single bun before being divided into two parts to look like a bow. Visit
this link for the best chignon bun hairstyles.

6. Havana Twist Bun for Medium Extension

Medium-length hairstyle for cute girl

There is a varying length of Havana twists. The medium hair
extension is ideal for people who don’t prefer long hair. The medium extensions
can also be styled into a creative Havana twist hairstyle. For instance, medium
extensions can be styled into a high voluminous hairstyle.

Educate yourself
on how to style your hair into Havana twist like a skilled barber.


7. Havana Twist with Ring Top


You will need certain hair accessories to get your hair done
like this. The rings are styled to a crown shape and do not feel tight on the
head.The Havana twist extension is best for those
who find it hard to maintain their curls. If you are thinking of using
extensions to spice up your hairstyle, you can go through the following list
and select the style that suits your taste.

8. Take the Long Twists Down


You don’t need to style your hair too complicated for a Havana
twist hairstyle. You can just let your braids down and it will continue to
look cool. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the braid from the bun on
top falling off.

9. Havana Twist with Bright Colors

Wild colors hairstyle for black girl

You can get creative by highlighting your hair extensions into
many different colours. In the photo above, the extension has been dyed to
burgundy which contrasts nicely with the original black hair in the base.


Best Mutton Chops

Overview of a Mutton Chop Beard

There are a few mutton chop beard styles that become popular in the 19th century.
Back then, politicians like to have this type of beard style. They are also
popular with bike gangs.

List of the Top 20 Mutton Chop Beards

1. Elvis Presley King Mutton Chop


The photo shows the late Sir Elvis Presley with a king mutton chop beard style. As
you can see, the most obvious part of the facial hair is the thick triangle
sideburns. The hair on the rest of the areas of the face has been shaved to
almost no hair. There is only a small amount of facial hair below the chin.

2. Boomerang Mutton Chop


Keeping this beard style will give you a sleek looking face. To attain this beard
style, you must shave away the goatee first. The chop is to be groomed thin
starting from the bottom and the thickness of hair can be gradually increased
as you groom upwards to the sideburns.

3. Bushy and Curly Mutton Chop

   The Retro Style

This is a retro style mutton chops that feature bushy and curly chops on two sides.
There is some slight stubble that grows out of the chin in between the two
chops. You must go to a professional barber if you want to attain this mutton
chop. You can ask your barber to cut your beard any one of the mutton chop
styles in the list.

4. Statue Style Mutton Chop

This mutton chop beard style requires you to let the moustache grow long. Once the
moustache is long, you can trim it to the desired length to give you a wild

5. Curtains Mutton Chops

Side Curtains

The beard is allowed to grow long and combed down. The chin hair is shaved clean so
that they look like two rows of curtains.It never goes out of fashion even after more than 100
years later. Mutton chop hairstyle hides a receding hairline and can give you a
macho look.

6. Wolverine Style Mutton Chop

The Wolverine

This mutton chop is trimmed to the style of Wolverine superheroes like X-Men. The
moustache and some hair just above the chin have been shaved to allow the mutton
chop to frame around the jaw.

7. Smart Looking Mutton Chop Style

Neat Mutton Chops Bear Style

In this mutton chop style, there are sideburns on both sides that link to the
moustache. The sideburns and moustache must be trimmed to ensure that look smart.

8. Whiskers Mutton Chop

The Side Whiskers

The mutton chop features two rows of bushy sideburns growing up to the chin. There
is a small portion of hair just above the chin. The moustache also links to the

9. Classic Style Mutton Chop

Classy and Clean

This mutton chop requires a fully grown beard. Once your beard is fully grown, you
must shave off the goatee so that the area on the chin is clean and without
hair. When trimming the beard, make sure that both sides are of equal length so
that you can attain a masculine appearance.

10. Working Guy Mutton Chop

Mutton Chops for Working Guy

This is a working guy mutton chop that looks best on people who must go to the office
to work. It features the moustache joining to the beard.

11. Mutton Chops for Bald Head

Mutton Chops with Shaved Head

The mutton chop beard style is designed to look nice on a clean bald head. The
thick chops extend from just below the ears up to the lip in a U shape.

12. Thin Mutton Chops

Flattering Beard

The thin mutton chops are not joined to the moustache. It tends to offer a smart
appearance on the person.

13. Short and Wide Mutton Chops

T Chops

The hair of the mutton chop is trimmed short and wide along the cheek. There is a
thin line of moustache that connects to the chops on both sides. The hair near
the chin is longer. The mutton chop style may not be good looking but it is
popular with celebrities.

14. Bushy Mutton Chop and Thick moustache

Bushy and Unruly Beard

The mutton chop style looks messy and is designed to add a rebellious look. The
chops on both sides are thick and busy. There is no hair on the chin area. The
mutton chop beard style looks great on someone with a thick moustache.

15. Mutton Chops with the Separated moustache

The Fiery Mutton Chops

The red chops have been allowed to grow thick and bushy to give a fiery appearance.
The chops are linked to the moustache. The moustache consists of 2 slanted lines
that have been separated.

16. Country Style Mutton Chops

The Country Style

The mutton chop continues from the sideburns halfway to the chin and The moustache
is separated from the chops. The tousled hairstyle complement with the country
style chops.

How to Grow Mutton Chops Beard

  • Depending on how fast your beard hair grow, it will take at
    least a few months for the beard hair to reach the ideal length.
  • The correct shaving technique must be used to shave the beard
    based on your face shape.
  • Before shaving, you must apply a high-quality cream on the
    beard. To prevent it from curling, you just need to use a comb to comb the
    beard regularly.
  • You can apply some beard oil to strengthen the hair and prevent
    it from breaking
  • If you have a moustache, you must make sure that it is joined to
    the sideburns before starting to shave.
  • All the chin beard must be shaved completely
  • You must shave all the tiny stubble on the grains on the chin to
    ensure it is skin clean of hair.

Trimming Your Mutton Chop Beard Short

The two most popular types of mutton chop beards are the regular and friendly
mutton chops. Regular mutton chop does not have any chin hair while the
friendly mutton chop has a moustache. Regular mutton chop is best for adding a
bold look to the person. Friendly mutton chop can get people to pay attention
to your jawline. In both types of mutton chop beards, the side joins to the
moustache and thus forming a triangular shape.

17. Bushy Sideburns

Fluffy Sideburns

The sideburns are left to grow thick. It is combed backwards regularly to produce a
puffy look. This is a creative and unique sideburns style.

18. Men Chin Strap Mutton Chops

The Thin Strap

This mutton chop is popular in the old days. The barber will trim the thick
sideburns until they are in the shape of a neat curve line that connects to the
moustache like a chin strap.

19. Mutton Chop with Round Bushy Whiskers

Holy Mother of Gaul

This is a big mutton chop hairstyle that features fully grown mutton chop and shaved
chin hair. The beard is styled to round bushy whiskers to give a stylish

20. Mutton Chops for Curly Hair

Curly Mutton Chops

Step by Step Instructions on Trimming a Regular MuttonChops:

  • Allow at least 1 month or more for the beard to grow long
  • Regularly comb the beard to keep it straight
  • The hair on the chin and neck should be shaved down so that you
    only have to groom the moustache
  • The right equipment must be used to trim the beard
  • If you want to create a slant line, you can use a Wahl shaver to
    create this line. There must be at least 1.5 inches of hair on the sideburns.
  • When trimming, make sure that you don’t trim too much so that
    the moustache is detaching from the sideburns. The moustache and sideburns must
    create a triangular shape.
  • It is important that you regularly trim your moustache to keep it
    in shape.

You can apply the cream to the facial hair to make it softer and
easier to trim.

Step by Step Instructions on Trimming a Friendly Mutton Chops:

  • The beard hair on your neck and chin are to be shaved clean. On
    the other hand, you must not trim your moustache but let it grow long.
  • You must let your sideburns grow longer than the jawline. It
    should only be halfway to the chin.
  • If there is hair beneath the cheekbone, you must shave them away
    so that it forms a sloping line. The Wahl shaver is recommended for the job.
  • Carefully trim the moustache to the friendly mutton chop beard

The mutton chop style is great for people with some silver hair. The moustache has
been trimmed shorter than the hair on the chops.

When people talk about Tom Hardy, they will think about how good his acting is in
the British films. Besides acting, Tom Hardy is also creative in his hairstyle.

Tom Hardy did not cut his hair to the latest hairstyle but he always tries to get his
hair in a unique way that will describe his acting especially as a role of a bad
person in movies. His fans are always eager to copy all his haircuts from bald
hairstyle to hairstyle with beards.

He had a variety of straight and curly hairstyles – all of which are designed to
accommodate his bone structure.



57 Mullet Hair Ideas

Mullet haircut has remained popular until today ever since it was first introduced
decades ago. This hairstyle used to have its heyday in the 80s when people
like to cut their hair to rock style.

1. Emo Mullet for Teenagers

Emo Mullet Hairstyle

Emo mullets may not be suitable for working adults but they can be an attractive
haircut for young people. The hair on the side is kept as long as bangs and swept
across the ears. Some hair is combed upward to the forehead while the rest is
combed downward to cover the neck.

2. Mullet Haircut for Asian Men

Asian Style Mullet

Mullet hairstyle also looks nice on Asian. The mullet haircut for Japanese and Koreans
men have a choppy appearance. The choppy style of the mullet can add a youthful
energy to the person.

3.Subtle Modern Mullet Haircut

Subtle Mullet Haircut

Some people feel that mullet hairstyle look rebellious and don’t want to cut their
hair to the original hairstyle. If you are this type of person, you can let the
hair grow long enough to cover the nape. The top part can be styled in any way
you like.

4. Men Rattail Hairstyle

Rattail Haircut

Every article that discusses mullet hairstyle will talk about the rattail.
Rattail haircut features a long tail of hair in the middle of the nape. It
looks like a tail at the back of your head. Rattail haircut is a fun hairstyle
for men who prefer to have a shorter top and long hair.

5. Curly Mullet Haircut

Mullet Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Many sports professionals like to keep the mullet hairstyle. For example, many
players of ice hockey like to keep the mullet hairstyle. The mullet haircut in
the photo above is ideal for people with naturally curly hair.

6. Simple Mullet Haircut

Easygoing Mullet Hairstyle

If you aren’t a fancy man, you may prefer the simple mullet hairstyle above. It
gives you an easy-going appearance. The hair at the nape is only 1 – 2 inch
long in this hairstyle.

7. Gothic Style Mullet Haircut

Goth Mullet Hairstyle

It is created for you to use a mullet hairstyle to show off your personality.
Mullet haircut is suitable for people with an interest in rock music. It is
also great for people who are attracted to Gothic stuff.Its popularity dwindled soon but it
becomes popular again in the 90s. Nowadays, people like to blend mullet
hairstyle with layer haircut or rattail haircut. You can take a look at the
list below to get some ideas on how to customize your mullet hairstyle.


8. Short Mullet Haircut for Men with Thick Beard

Discrete Mullet with Full Beard

Some people have a lot of beards and they want the mullet haircut to complement with
their beards. In the photo above, you can see that the man has a mullet haircut
and a thick beard. It is important to always keep your beard trimmed and look
neat so that it gives you a clean look.

9. Men Feathered Mullet Haircut

Feathered Mullet

We have already discussed layer haircut matches with mullet hairstyle. You can
try different types of layer haircut and see which one fits your mullet haircut
best. The photo above is an example of a feathered mullet haircut.

10. Men Slick Mullet Hairstyle

Slick Mullet Haircut

The photo above shows Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in mullet hairstyle. It is proof that
you can still look cool in this hairstyle regardless of your age. He acts as
Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. The mullet haircut looks slick with a few
bangs drooping over his forehead.

11. Hard Part Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Haircut with Hard Part

A hairstyle can look great depending on what details you customize on it. Adding a hard
part is one way of influencing how your haircut looks. A hard part can add a
modern look to the mullet hairstyle.

12. Bohemian Mullet Haircut

Bohemian Mullet Haircut

Some mullet hairstyles do not have a sleek appearance. The above mullet haircut is
ideal for young people who want to look wild. Bohemian men may like the messy
mullet haircut as shown in the photo above.

13. Mullet Haircut with Choppy Layers

Choppy Mullet Haircut

Many people like the edgy haircut. This is especially so for people with such
personality. To look like a rock star, you can customize your mullet haircut
with choppy layers. Having lots of short layers in your hair will create a
choppy appearance.

14. Mohawk Mullet Haircut

Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut

You can integrate a mohawk into your mullet haircut to add a macho appearance. You
can try different shapes of a mohawk and see how it goes with your mullet
haircut. To create a mohawk on your hair, you simply shave the sides all the
way to the ear. The hair on top and back should not be shaved but let it grow

15. Football Mullet Haircut for Men

Soccer Mullet Haircut

David Beckham haircut is a timeless haircut that serves as an inspiration for men. He
has also contributed a lot in promoting the soccer sports in Europe. This
hairstyle is ideal for athletes or those support the soccer sport.

16. Mullet Haircut with Textured Look

Textured Mullet Hairstyle

The photo above shows Orlando Bloom in a modern mullet haircut. As you can see,
there are lots of choppy layers that create the texture look in the modern

17. Artistic Men Mullet Haircut

Artsy Mullet Hairstyle

This mullet hairstyle is ideal for people who want to follow the trend. The hair
looks like a piece of art. It is short and does not require much effort to
maintain. The choppy bangs help to add an attractive look to the hairstyle.

18. Vintage Mullet Hairstyle

80s Mullet Haircut

The original mullet hairstyle is not as popular as in the 80s today. However, there
is no need to follow fashion. You can select original mullet haircut if you
feel that it fits your personality. As seen in the photo, the vintage mullet
style can add a cool look to men.

19. Mullet and Beard Haircut

Mullet with Beard

Some men like their bears to have some small hairs coming off the edges. This type
of beard style can add masculinity. It does take some time for the beard to
grow and it also requires a lot of efforts to keep the beard look edgy.

20. Mullet Haircut with Quiff

Quiff Mullet Haircut

There are many reasons why you should like the mullet hairstyle. For one, it can be easily blended
with other types of hairstyles. In the photo above, the mullet
haircut has a quiff that adds a vintage appearance.

21. Rattail Mullet Hairstyle

Long Tail Mullet Haircut

If you are not sure whether you should keep a rattail or mullet haircut, you can
choose a hairstyle that includes the elements of both styles instead. The photo
above is a perfect example of a mullet rattail hairstyle. This type of haircut
is ideal for people with straight hair.

22. Gel Mullet Haircut

Gelled Mullet Hairstyle

Hair products like gel is an indispensable tool for giving men a good look. If you
want to look sporty, you can keep the Cristiano Ronaldo short gelled mullet
haircut as seen in the photo above. You should avoid using too much hair gel.

23. Highlight Mullet Haircut

Colorful Mullet

The same thing applies on highlight hairstyle. Mullet haircut with bright
highlights is not suitable for people who work in the corporation but they can
be great to keep when you are in town. This hairstyle is ideal for an
occupation who is not strict on the dress code.

24. Mullet Haircut with Long Tail

Very Long Mullet Hairstyle

Some men look macho when they keep long hair. If you want to look macho in a mullet
haircut, it is suggested that you keep a long tail. The top part can be
shaved and cut short but the lower part must be allowed to grow long.

25. Rattail with V Shape Neckline

V-shaped Rattail Haircut

This haircut is great for people who want a haircut that doesn’t have a big tail.
Instead of keeping a tail, you can have the barber sculpture the hair at the
back into a V shape. The V shape adds some edginess to the haircut.

26. Office Ready Mullet Haircut

Business Mullet Hairstyle

Not every man like to maintain the classic look of the mullet hairstyle. For
example, people who go to the office to work must keep a neat hairstyle. The photo
above is an example of a mullet haircut that has been modified to give a neat

27. Timeless French Crop Mullet Haircut

French Crop Mullet Haircut

The French crop mullet is also an attractive haircut for people who are fashion
minded. It has been ranking on top of the chart for more than 1 year now.
Blending a French crop into a mullet haircut will definitely make your haircut
look fashionable.

28. Slick-Back Long Mullet Haircut

Slicked Back Mullet Haircut

This is another long hair mullet haircut popularized by Beckham. The top is as keep
as long as the lower part so that it can be slick back casually. The haircut is
great for people who want to attend the red carpet.

29. Layered Mullet for Men

Layered Mullet Haircut

Just like we have said, a layered haircut will look great on all men. Layers can add a
cool appearance regardless of your hairstyle, age, and personality.

30. Messy Mullet Haircut with Modern Silhouette

Modern Mullet Haircut

Keeping a mullet can make you feel young again. Mullet is a traditional haircut but you
can style it with a modern silhouette. Once it has the shape you want, you can
run your finger through the hair to give it a messy look.

31. Mullet Hairstyle with Braided Tail

Braided Mullet Haircut

Did you ever fancy a rattail mullet haircut? We think we know what type of style to
suggest for your hair. You can try a non-traditional look by tying the tail
into a braid instead of letting it down straight.

32. Thick Mullet Haircut

Mullet Haircut for Thick Hair

Men who are not after the fashion may not be interested in having a thick
hairstyle. However, a thick hairstyle will be favoured by men who like to keep
long and messy hair. To get this hairstyle, you must let your hair grow long
and get it cut in layers.

33. Cool Pompadour Mullet Men Hairstyle

Modern Pompadour Mullet

Pompadour is a classical hairstyle suitable for both men and women. Modern pomp is
adapted to has an edgy appearance. The photo is an example of a pompadour
haircut with hair ruffled on the top to give a messy look.

34. Vintage School Mullet Men Haircut

Old School Mullet Haircut

The classic long hair mullet in the photo is from the 90s. In those days, people
like to wear headbands. Today, there are still some people who like to keep
this type of 90s mullet hairstyle. It makes you look young like you are
a teenager studying in a high school or college.

35. Edgy Mullet with Shaved Down Sides

Edgy Mullet Haircut

We have talk a lot about mullet with edgy details. Here is another example of an
edgy mullet haircut which is more special that the others that we have
discussed. The hair is cut in layers, the side is shaved down, and the edge of
the hair is cut unevenly to give a jagged appearance. All these details that
are taken into account give the hair an edgy style.

36. Mohawk Haircut for Men

Spiky Fade Haircut

Spiky haircut is an on and off hair trends. The way you style your spike can
determine how you look. If you want to look cool, you can try the mohawk mullet
hairstyle with taper fade sides.

37. Mullet Haircut with Long Top and Shaved Sides

Mullet with Shorter Sides

Some men like mullet haircut but they don’t want the sides to be shaved down too
much. There are also those who prefer the sides to be shaved down completely.
If these two styles don’t suit you, a mullet haircut with short sides may fits
your needs.

38. Mullet with Bangs Men Haircut

Side Bangs Mullet Haircut

Side bangs are useful for hiding the some parts of the forehead. It also create a
stylish hairline that matches with your mullet hairstyle. The spiky top add
some more stylishness to the haircut.

39. Mullet with Long Locks

Long Mullet Haircut

If you want to look like Rambo, you can have the longer lock in your mullet hairstyle.
To have a mullet with long locks, you must let the hair at the back grow longer
than the neckline.

40. Mullet with Long Fanned Tail and Faux Hawk

Long Mullet Haircut with Faux Hawk

This is a fancy haircut for people who want their mullets to have long tails. If you
already have a mullet haircut, you only have to get the top cut into faux hawk
style. You can ask the barber to cut your hair as the photo above to obtain the
fanned tail appearance.

41. Angular Fringe with Fade Men Mullet Haircut

Angular Fringe Mullet

The haircut above is a mullet with a modern touch. It has been mixed with an
angular fringes to give it a modern look. After having the haircut, you must
use gel to style the bang on the forehead to the side until it has a jagged

42. Slicked Mullet Hairstyle for Long Hair

Casual Mullet Hairstyle

Bradly Cooper’s slick mullet haircut has gotten a lot of positive compliments from
fans. He manages to convert his haircut into a mullet style because he has an
easy going approach in styling his hair.

43. Mullet with Spiky Top and Long Flowing Hair

Spiky Top with Flowing Back Hairstyle

Mullet haircut is versatile in that you can customize with the length of the hair on
top and bottom. For example, you can maintain a spiky top and let the hair grow
long until the nape.

44. Mullet Haircut for Short Hair

Short Mullet Hairstyle

Jared Leto is another famous person that contribute in making the mullet hairstyle
cool. Like Nikolaj, Jared looks cool in the mullet haircut. The difference is
that his mullet hairstyle is shorter.

45. Afro Mullet Haircut

Mullet Hairstyle for Afro-textured Hair

Kanye West used to have a mullet hairstyle before. Although Afro style mullet is not
as popular as the straight hair version, it does give it an intriguing
silhouette for people with natural Afro texture hair.

46. Mohawk Mullet Haircut

Punk Mullet Hairstyle

Sid Vicious makes history with his rock music and weird personality. He is also a
pioneer of spiky mohawk hairstyles. Many people like to base their mohawk
hairstyles from Sid Vicious’ hairstyles.

47. Messy Men Mullet Hairstyle

Messy Mullet Haircut

Some men like their hair to be messy to show off a rebellious personality. Cutting
your hair in layers and ruffling it to a messy look can help you to avoid that
old school appearance when you keep a mullet hairstyle.

48. Mullet Haircut with Brown Highlights

Mullet with Highlights

We are wrapping up with a mullet haircut that has details of different hairstyle
integrated in it. The haircut features a short top, short side and the prominent
flowing hair at the back. Some areas of the hair have been highlighted in

49. Slicked Back Mullet Haircut

Combed Back Mullet Haircut with Volume

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the slicked back haircut. The hairstyle
looks slick but it is also thick at the same time. If you want your hairstyle
to have a nice shape, you must use a lot of gel and comb the top and side hair
to the back.

50. Modern Mullet with Shaved Line Pattern

Mullet Haircut with Shaved Design

Shaving a pattern on your side can add an unique creative look to your hairstyle. This
type of creative haircut may not be impressive to your boss. But it will be
cool for men whose jobs allow them to have such haircuts.


Mullet haircut has its peak popularity in the late 20th century but it
continues to be popular today. The most important thing is that the readers
will keep a hairstyle that they like. Mullet hairstyle trend tend to change
from time to time but people’s character is usually fixed and does not change
with time. Do you prefer a traditional or contemporary mullet haircut. You can
let us know by leaving a comment.