New South African Legislation

New South African Legislation Blocking All Access to Cult MaterialByBill Toulas-May 16, 2019 867 New legislation introduced by the South African Law Reform Commission seeks to criminalize minors ‘ access to pornography. It will not allow porn ads or click-baiting and all apps will be blocked by default. A recent draft legislation proposal that the South African Law Reform Commission (Salrc) has released suggests banning porn websites and all forms of adult content material for the country’s netizens. According to the 400-page long document submitted for review, children have a way too easy to access this form of pornographic content that affects the way they think about sexual abuse that eventually leads to an increase in the number of sexual offenses in that country. The draft law recommends criminalizing this type of exposure, as well as promoting and enabling minors to click on portals of this kind. To do this, the Commission is seeking to introduce special blocks on all new and second-hand Internet-capable devices. Through default, those blocks will be active and only South Africans aged 18 and over will be able to bypass them through demonstrating they are adults. This could be accomplished by a variety of ways but the commission does not clarify the means of confirming age. The paper continues to include both manufacturers of electronic devices and communications service providers (Isps) in putting the blockage so that a dual-layered block can exist. Those who purposely disable the machines to allow a minor porn access will face charges of criminal offence. However, the law proposal goes a step further by requiring the adult owners of the electronic devices to monitor their state and be aware of when and by whom the default blocks have been removed. The general context is quite strict and this shows that Salrc is really serious about this and their goal is not just to discuss the problem but to pass the law. The proposal is just a proposal right now, so that the final draft which will reach the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services for final consideration may differ. Nevertheless, the key meaning of the legislation is expected to remain the same as the commission remains ready to place blocks of adult content on smartphones and the internet.

5 Best Disney Channel Watching Vpns Anywhere

We’ve put together a list of Vpns that work with the Disney Channel so you don’t have to do a lot of research alone. Go ahead and take a look, and also check the reviews.

Editor’s Pick Servers3000 + Countries94 AppsWindowsMaciOsandroidLinux Visit Site Save 49% and Get 3 Months Free Parallel Connections5 Rating9.6/10 ExpressVpn is one of the best options worldwide in this field. It works extremely fast and your Internet connections don’t suffer and there are many advanced features to keep you safe. It should also be remembered that this Vpn works as well as Routers on the Windows Mac Linux Android Blackberry AppleTv Amazon FireTv Xbox PlayStation. Installation of browser extensions is even necessary. If you want the full details we have ready for you a sample of ExpressVpn. 2.

Ipvanish Vpn

Ipvanish Parallel Connections10 Servers1300 + AppsWindowsMaciOsandroidLinux Router Visit siteCountries55 + AppsWindowsMaciOsandroid Android Visit Site at TorGuard Rating9.0/10 Next up on our list is TorGuard Vpn a quite big name in the community, particularly since it’s one of the older options out there. TorGuard offers more than 3000 servers to choose from in some 50 countries, and has some strict security policies including a zero log policy. The package includes some cool extra features, such as an ad-blocking tool and anti-malware tools. TorGuard Vpn works with most streaming services and comes with support for multiple devices like Windows Mac iOs Android Linux and more. On the other hand, the interface of the Vpn is not exactly user-friendly, so some people might need to get used to it. If you want all the information we have a long review for TorGuard Vpn. 4.

VyprVpn Servers700 + Countries70 + AppsWindowsMaciOsandroid Router Visit Site Parallel Connections5 Rating6.9/10 Our next recommendation is VyprVpn, a fantastic tool that works on multiple platforms like Windows iOs Mac Android Router and more. There are more than 700 servers to pick from located in 60 + countries so you can go ahead and choose whichever fits your needs – there are plenty of servers in the Us to cover you. VyprVpn takes privacy seriously so it has zero Dns logs and a few tight settings for encryption. Thanks to the intuitive interface, VyprVpn is extremely easy to use so you shouldn’t have any problems figuring things out. If you want all the details read our in-depth review of VyprVpn. 5. SaferVpn

Servers700 + Countries34 + AppsWindowsMaciOsandroid SaferVpn users enjoy using the tool at a time on five computers. If you want all of the info we have a complete SaferVpn analysis for you.


We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about Vpns and how these applications will help to protect your browsing online. Continue reading. How do websites like Vpns unblock?

If you want to watch one of the many Disney channels then you’re going to need a Vpn. These are Virtual Private Networks devices that modify your Ip address in order to make it appear as if you are surfing from another venue. In this case you will have to make it look like you’re in the Us but you can use it from any other corner of the world for other geographically restricted sites as well.

What about Watching Disney Channel using a Free Vpn? There are many options to choose from in Vpn. If you use Google to search for one, you will definitely find dozens of options, many of which will be ‘ free ‘ to market. However, you won’t see those on our list mainly because free Vpns offer limited bandwidth the downtime of the server is often much more frequent than in premium tools and the security features are not as tight. Hence all the Vpns on our list are premium devices for which you’ll have to pay a few bucks a month. Since they are opening the Internet for you, including geographically restricted sites, and preserving your privacy is a cheap price to pay for.

What makes a great catch on Disney Channel?

You will need to determine which three channels you’re actually looking for if you want to watch content. There’s the Disney Channel full of shows like Austin Ally or Descendants the Disney Junior channel full of cartoons for younger viewers and Disney Xd full of super hero content targeting children over 6. 869 You’ll need to sign in to access any of the three Disney channels. You can do that with a Us Tv provider’s credentials that work if you’re already from the U.S. and moving, and you only need the Vpn to make it look like you’re still in the Us. However, DirectTv is here to help if you live abroad and can give you access to all channels. Which you can watch depends on which one you choose. Disney Xd is home to Big Hero 6 I’m in Secret Wars Rocket and Groot at the Band Lab Rats Elite Force Avengers and all sorts of other goodies from Marvel. Disney Channel is home to programs like the Undercover Hotel Transylvania Jessie K.C., or even the classic Lizzie McGuire. Disney Junior is full of Avalor Sofia’s Doc McStuffins Elena the First Pj Masks and Mickey Mouse Club House just to name a few.

You can get Disney Channel virtually anywhere on Tv. Though, when we think about the online platform, you need to be in the U.S. to watch the content regardless of whether you’re looking for the Junior or Xd classic channel.

What devices will you watch the Disney Channel on?

Sling Tv also supports 28 channels broadcasting to 60Fps. It will also include many popular sports channels pertaining to Fox and Espn networks. Priced at $25 a month, just adding a sports package to your monthly plan will take the most out of this new feature. Sling Tv has just revealed that there is now support for 60Fps streaming on 28 of its channels. What this means is that the videos you are going to watch on these platforms are going to be much smoother and you’re going to see better quality too. As you already know a video is nothing but pictures that travel at a high speed. As standard most channels display 30Fps videos so the frames added per second would obviously make the videos smoother. 871 Figure 1 Image Courtesy of Sling Tv is one of the most common and inexpensive Ott internet television services on the market, and has a good platform. Sling Tv subscription plans start as low as $20 a month and the option to nitpick only the channels you want to watch in case you don’t want to pay for bundled packages is also available. Naturally the subscription plans will become even cheaper if you pick single channels. Now if you’re planning to take most of the latest 60 Fps feature, we’re going to do the best with their Orange package of $20 per month and pair it with a Sports package of $5 per month. That will get you to watch all of your favorite sports in the super smooth, high quality video under a sweet deal. In addition to Sling Tv Hulu, support for 60Fps streaming was also announced just last month-in time for the Olympics. Hulu has currently set up the service on select devices for some restricted channels but plans to expand it over the months. The same can be anticipated for Sling Tv that the 60Fps option will soon be available to more channels. Kaspersky Free Antivirus Review 2018: Complete and Customizable Security

ByVoltaire Penn-January 19 2018 872 Welcome to the Kaspersky Free Antivirus Review. Numerous options flood the antivirus market which can make the situation confusing for the average user who needs nothing but the best malware protection to keep his / her Pc safe online and offline. What further complicates the situation is the presence of free versions of many applications which, however, makes the market much more competitive in our customers ‘ favor! First we’ll capture the essence of the Kaspersky Free Antivirus before delving into the depths of this wonderful popular antivirus tool. To understand the software at a glance, consider the information in the table below: Supported Platforms Windows Mac Android. Antivirus Protection Real-time automated malware blocking blocks hazardous downloads and websites Very deep levels of Cloud-based Web I m Mail Antivirus customisation protection. Av-Test Scores on-screen keyboard ditional features Secure Connection Password Manager. Cost $0 – The antivirus is safe to use. Now that you know what the Kaspersky Free Antivirus is in a nutshell it’s time to look at its key strengths and weaknesses in the table below: Score 9.7/10 This completes a very basic overview of the Kaspersky Free Antivirus software. The question is whether this app is indeed the right one to suit your security needs. We conducted a thorough analysis and review of this utility, and brought out the wisdom pearls for you to make the final decision. Stay with us as we take a detailed look at all features and settings of this software.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus– Review The process starts with installing the software on your computer, so you can start using it. Following the installation procedure, we begin exploring every nook and corner of this utility software and pointing out its main strengths and weaknesses. Keep on tuned!

Installation Process

873 873 To start downloading the installer file, click the ‘ Download Now ‘ button on the official Kaspersky Free Antivirus website. We found the installer exe to be pretty small and it takes a few seconds max to complete the download. Once the download is complete, we recommend running the installer file as an administrator to grant all required privileges for successful installation of the program. Installer software would connect you to the Kaspersky Lab Server. 874 To start the installation process click on ‘ Continue ‘ button. 875 876 The software would now start downloading the files necessary for installing the software on your computer. The size of the files is moderate and will take a few minutes to download. Make sure you have stable internet connection to accelerate the process as much as possible. 877 Once you have completed the installation you will see the screen below. To finish installation click on ‘ Done ‘ and open the Kaspersky Free Antivirus interface. 878

Ease of use

879 The Kaspersky Free Antivirus UI (Free Antivirus User Interface) is easy to use and to navigate around but could have been improved with all features packed in the Ui front seat. Our Score: 8/10.The Kaspersky Free Antivirus offers top-notch protection against malware with multiple security folds. We were really impressed by the antivirus coverage period-kudos for the developers! Our point:. Antivirus software provides users with two security mechanisms: automatic protection that ensures that the files on the device are protected in real time with the antivirus software taking a proactive approach to keeping them safe with minimal user intervention and manual protection that includes scanning manually scheduled by the user. Let’s look in detail at the two components contained within Kaspersky Free Antivirus.

Automated Security

882 To bring up the Preferences tab, click on the tiny cogwheel icon at the bottom left of the Ui.

Security Shield

883 For example, click on the option ‘ Default Settings ‘ to select the desired security level. There are three choices: Maximum Optimal and Minimum. We recommend that you leave this setting at ‘ Optimal Safety Level ‘ unless you suspect you are living in a highly infected environment.

File Anti-Virus Shield

Navigate to the Settings screen’s ‘ Protection ‘ portion and you’ll be able to see the File-Antivirus shield that checks all files that are ever accessed running on or saved. Click the ‘ Anti-Virus file ‘ option to further customize its controls. 885 You’ll be able to set the level of security from High Recommended and Low and set the action the software would take to detect threats. If you want the system to automatically make the best choice for you, you can either leave this setting to ‘ Select action automatically ‘ or choose ‘ Block ‘ ‘ Disinfect ‘ ‘ Disinfect if not possible- delete ‘ or ‘ Delete ‘ for full manual control. The configuration level is one of the best items we’ve ever seen that experienced antivirus users can enjoy and appreciate greatly.

Web Anti-Virus Shield This shield ensures that your computer stays secure online. It will scan the incoming web traffic in real-time and will prevent malicious scripts from running. We suggest that you leave this ‘ on ‘ switched power. You could press the control again to fine-tune it.

I m Antiv-Virus Shield

This shield scans all incoming and outgoing messages to detect and control malware on your I m apps. We suggest dropping this ‘ On ‘ regulation. 886 You can monitor the effect of automated security on system performance and resources by using the Kaspersky Free Antivirus. When running on your battery, you can disable scheduled tasks, or disable notifications. There is even an alternative that we highly recommend to keep on looking for signs of malware in intentionally hidden apps-the infamous rootkits-activated. The software shines once again in the very deep levels of customization it offers which are so utterly lacking by many of its peers. To set a time when this automated shield would be disabled, the user can click on the ‘ Pause File Anti-Virus ‘ option It may also be deactivated when starting other pre-listed applications! 887

To bring up this control, click on the ‘ Scan ‘ option in Settings. Here users can choose the security level they wanted the action to be performed on threat detection as well as set advanced calibration settings. 888

Divtional Automatic Security Function Controls


Clicking the ‘ Optional ‘ button allows optional automatic security settings to be triggered on the Settings screen.


The setting determines the installation of the updates. We suggest that you keep it set at the maximum. You can also monitor the sources of updates that are scheduled to secure Kaspersky servers. Threat and the


This feature allows the system to have the main mechanisms of self-defence. This will block malware attempts to change or remove critical Kaspersky Free Antivirus files and processes so it can keep protecting your Pc at all times. We strongly advise to always keep this setting enabled.

Network Protection

Network shield will monitor web traffic as web pages interact to detect malware. If you are comfortable adjusting device actions according to your needs, you will be able to fine-tune controls here, and even access advanced settings. Here, too, we can manage exclusions.



These monitor the user’s displayed alerts. We recommend that notifications be left on to remain up-to-date with security updates and alerts.

Reports and quarantine behavior


This setting controls the behavior of the reports generated and the objects quarantined. If you want to monitor how long infected files live within the quarantine, this is where you can do it. You can also self-manage the scale of the Quarantine vault.


The ‘ Kaspersky Security Network ‘ which uses a cloud-based knowledge base to search applications and websites is located in this portion. This is a smart way to detect new threats to malware and also reduces the instances of false alarms and detections. For the best protection we recommend that this feature be left activated.

This is a comprehensive whole-computer scan. We strongly recommend that users run the ‘ Full Scan ‘ once every couple of days to ensure their device is malware-free. This is especially important for those who extensively download music and movie files to their computers. The first time you run the Kaspersky Free Antivirus software, this check is recommended, too.

Quick Scan

The ‘ Fast Scan ‘ scans all objects loaded into the system memory since the start of the computer. Completing takes just a few minutes, and can be used when you’re short on time.

Selective Scan


External Computer Scan 900

This type of scan can be performed on computer-connected external devices.


Users can schedule scans by clicking on the ‘ Scan Schedule ‘ button at the bottom of the screen and selecting ‘ Full Scan ‘ and ‘ Quick Scan. ‘ Divtional Features

902 The Kaspersky Free Antivirus contains all the core antivirus functionality for free, as well as incorporating features such as Internet and Mail security into core design that many software offers payment to users. Besides these there are several additional features many of which need an update. Our point:. In addition, the Kaspersky Free Antivirus includes the standard antivirus file protection bundled together with Web I m and Mail security that requires updates to other applications, making the Kaspersky Free Antivirus a separate class. Other than these features, the software also includes additional tools for all devices that require an upgrade to use, such as Safe Money Privacy Protection Parental Control and Protection.Antivirus performance

906 In Av-Test results the Kaspersky Free Antivirus ranks high. With a high rate of success it detects both newer and prevalent threats. Our point:. Although antivirus software companies still value their products as the only way to check a software’s actual results is through independent laboratory test reports. Av-Test is a reputed German laboratory whose tests are used for machine testing and benchmarking. Let’s see how Kaspersky Free Antivirus rates according to peers. The Kaspersky Free Antivirus detects 100 per cent of the widely used malware. Total industry: 98.5 percent. The software alerts and 0 false alarms. Total for industry: 13. 907 Therefore the software performs exceptionally well when it comes to malware detection. The output is absolutely unbeatable to say in the least making it one of today’s best available antivirus devices.

908 As with many antivirus software, the Kaspersky Free Antivirus is extremely light and does not leave a huge Cpu footprint. Our point:. Most antivirus software is significantly slowing down the operations of the host systems. The Kaspersky Free Antivirus however holds the device up and down. The Av-Test reports support our observations as far as device output is concerned too. The Kaspersky Free Antivirus slows down file copying operations by just 2 percent (industry average: 10 percent) Slows download of widely used applications by 3 percent (industry average: 3 percent) Slows down famous device installs by 12 percent (industry average: 23 percent) Slows down prominent sites launch by 15 percent (industry average: 13 percent)

873 873 The software is available for download on Windows Pc, and an Android version is also available. Our Rating: 9/10. On the popular Os platforms the Kaspersky Free Antivirus software is available for download. This software’s minimum system requirements are as follows: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter / Home Basic / Professional / Home Premium / Ultimate Sp1 or newer version 909 The Kaspersky Antivirus is available in several versions-the premium versions include more consumer functionality. Our point:. The Kaspersky Free Antivirus does not include any hidden charges and users can use the program at no cost. There are however some gateways for an upgrade to paid versions. We found that the free version includes all of the essential antivirus security including advanced features such as Web I m and mail protection commonly found only in other software versions paid.

910 The Kaspersky Free Antivirus provides great customer service-extensive online services are also available on their website. Our point:. A software is only as good as the service that it provides after download. The Kaspersky Free Antivirus provides the consumers with great customer service. The support section of their website is organized into help sections for small businesses and enterprises in their home.

Believe it or not, this is an incredible tool that packs a powerful punch when it comes to protecting against viruses of many different types and spreading its defense through several layers of security that protects your files mail and web messages. There are few antiviruses to complete that! The free version packs for your basic and advanced security needs in all the essential features you will ever need. Pros: Very deep customization levels-almost all controls can be fine-tuned Multiple security levels-File I m Mail and Web Protection Strong antivirus functionality with powerful detection of threats. Cons: Ui design could improve Dashboard lists with predominantly premium features Important features that are buried deep within settings.

Last Thoughts

This completes our study of the Kaspersky Free Antivirus. Our analysis is focused on in-depth analyzes and tests which we hope you find useful information. Please feel free to leave us a message and we will be coming back soon! Also, you might consider reading our Avg free antivirusAvast free antivirusComodo free antivirusPanda antivirus reviews. Review Installation Process10 Antivirus Protection10 ditional features10 Ease of use9.7 Overall Score